Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's Time to Vote

No, not all those crazy polititions who have us scratching our heads (and butts), BUT it's time to vote for your favorites cat on quilt, dog on quilt, other pet on quilt, and pet them quilt over at Lily Pad Quilting.  

And don't just vote for a cat or dog because of a buddy's entry - vote for each catagory as so many took the time to post up an entry they deserve some credit.

And even if you didn't have an entry - Snoodles has a way for you to be a winner too.  Not telling - you have to hop on over and visit - and vote.

Since my furkids (kitties) refused to pose nicely for me this year, I showed them!  I entered my puppy quilt in the theme catagory - #32.


  1. Once again it was hard to choose from all the lovely pets! Have a lovely weekend, Sharon. xx

  2. Cute pups. (and they won't leave hair all over the place.

  3. The cats must be shocked that you entered a dog quilt. Sheesh! Good luck! I'm hopping over now...

  4. Hey, Sharon, your goofy friend here can't figure out how to vote on the diferent quilts!! Would you help me out??