Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Here We Go Again


February wants to go out reminding us that it is still winter.  We went from storm to nice to storm to nice back to storms again.  Stay safe coast to coast people.

The H2H is being temporary run this year by Mari At the Academic Quilter.  If you don't follow her blog, please sign up for her newsletter or put into your feed.  We appreciate her taking on this huge task and want to make it another successful year of giving.  You can find the post on dates, sign ups, specials, give aways, etc.. HERE .

And the next hop is coming up.  Love these hops as they offer such inspiration.

Stay Safe and Keep Stitching,

Sewingly Yours,


Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Happy 2's Day


Yes, celebrating 2's Day here - 2.22.22 is the phenom which we will never see again.  And it happened on a Tues (2's)day!  Progress on the scraps and it's just two simple blocks.

 I piled them up to sew along with our Monday stitching group and even got not only the rows together, but two halves of a quilt top.

Later I put the two halves together and the top is done.  I was going to go with a scrappy border, but it just made it too jumbled.  So no border.

I decided to use up those scraps for a double 4-patch.  All the patches are done and once all pressed. I'll  cut the white patches.  Two quilts from that zip bag of left overs - gotta love it on a 2'sDay.

Sewingly Yours,


Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Scrappy Wednesday


Going thru some more re-org, I found this baggy of flannel scraps left from a commission a few years ago.  The flannels were yards of various prints that were used to cover hay bales for an out doors  farm wedding (seating).  I made a quilt for the bride/groom (anniversary quilt), one for the bride's mother and one for the groom's mother.  There was a LOT of fabric and was donated to my quilt guild and most was used to make pillowcases for our charity drive.  I saved these incase the family wanted a baby quilt in the future.  Luckily I had tucked the bride's mom's name and number in the bag and called to see if they still would like a quilt.  She said use it as you like.

I'll use this tessalating  design - two very simple blocks thus placed make for an interesting look.  Since the fabric is a 'donation', this will be one of my donations to our guild's charity quilt drive in April.

Using something old, move it along, and it becomes something new - all of my three monthly goals fullfilled.

We are going to have two days of much warmer weather, so I need to get out with the rock salt and chip away at the ice on our walk ways.  Our lane and walks have been sheer ice and we've had to cancel all in-house quilting classes for two weeks.  I'm ready to escape and Mom would like some company!

Sewlingly Yours,



Sunday, February 13, 2022

In The Pink


I'd like to thank CARLA for hosting this Tickled Pink Hop.  Although our Valentines Day is to be back to the bitter cold (and our lane is a skating rink),  it gives way to Spring around the corner.  You have to have some spring in your heart with pinks, reds, roses, and chocolate.

I remembered I had some orphan blocks from a class I use to teach a few years ago.  And I knew I had some scraps left from the fabric line 'More Pink Chocolate'  by Nancy Gere for WIndham Fabrics.

 I made a couple of simple placemats (or you could hang them).  Some blocks now a finished piece and some scraps used up (I have more).

I used  a 'Colonial Pink' thread and just did some simple outline quilting so there are hearts on the back as well - reversable. 

This was the quilt that the scraps came from.  Windham Fabrics offered this pattern as "Chocolate Covered Cherries" to advertise the line. Love the Burgoyne Surrounded pattern and have done three quilts with it - might need to make another.

Please be sure to visit today's other contributing bloggers:

Happy Valentines Day
Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, February 12, 2022



WOW - almost 2 weeks ago I said I was going to be better about keeping my blog to a normal posting schedule as well as reading/commenting on fellow bloggers I follow.  That totally fell away!  I wasn't hiding - just busy with a number of family things that came up, but secret stitching thru it all.


Since it's nice to see some quilting on a quilt blog - this piece is one of my 'new' students work.  She's done a table runner and small wall hanging.  The next step up was this quilt which I plan to get quilted up for her today.

This is the book used.  Her sister (quite the quilter herself) sent the book and all the blocks cut and bagged - note that says she can make this.  Well, a big problem with newbies is understanding the terminology and charts.  Some of the processing we changed up to a little more modern and easier way of doing things.  We found one block baggy was missing a cutting and none of the geese bagged.  So we dug thru my scraps to make up our own kits.  The borders came out of my stash as well.

Each is a simple beginner block and the book has a seperate project you can make with each leading up to the last 'big' project using them all.

Some fun coming up and I am ready for:

Monday, February 14th

Sewingly Yours,