Saturday, February 12, 2022



WOW - almost 2 weeks ago I said I was going to be better about keeping my blog to a normal posting schedule as well as reading/commenting on fellow bloggers I follow.  That totally fell away!  I wasn't hiding - just busy with a number of family things that came up, but secret stitching thru it all.


Since it's nice to see some quilting on a quilt blog - this piece is one of my 'new' students work.  She's done a table runner and small wall hanging.  The next step up was this quilt which I plan to get quilted up for her today.

This is the book used.  Her sister (quite the quilter herself) sent the book and all the blocks cut and bagged - note that says she can make this.  Well, a big problem with newbies is understanding the terminology and charts.  Some of the processing we changed up to a little more modern and easier way of doing things.  We found one block baggy was missing a cutting and none of the geese bagged.  So we dug thru my scraps to make up our own kits.  The borders came out of my stash as well.

Each is a simple beginner block and the book has a seperate project you can make with each leading up to the last 'big' project using them all.

Some fun coming up and I am ready for:

Monday, February 14th

Sewingly Yours,


Cheryll said...

It's lovely to see you again. You get a lot of enjoyment helping others to start their quilt career so good on you...
EnJoY the upcoming blog hop... xox

Barbara said...

Glad you’re okay. I noticed you missing, but figured you were busy with family things.

QuiltGranma said...

good to see you here again. Glad that at least YOU are stitching. We'll see what happens here... who knows. I never know!