Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

I need to finish off the projects in this under-bed tote.  Scrappy projects that have been around for a while.  BUT.... I can't convince this guy to move to a better napping place.  So I will clear out some scrappy projects that are laying around before I have to knuckle down to FMQ that next quilt.

This is what is left from my Jasmine Jacket project.  I could just throw them in the CW tote or cut them down into my barrel system.  NO - I think I will actually make something with them.  I have a couple of small clutch patterns and think I will turn this pile into some cute bags.

I have this project in the works.  Trying to tame some of those colorful solids.

I just need 10 more of the longer stratas for this project.  The black strips are cut, but I need to pick a few more colors to go with them.  Easy finish and this will probably be packed away for after Christmas play time.  

Using up some scraps with the temperature quilt.  We definitely are moving closer to Winter.  Days are getting colder and when the sun tries to bring a warm day, it just can't warm it up.

38 - 35 - 39 - 48 - 37 - 40 - 36

Take a day to play,
Sewingly Yours,

Bella Solids

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Good friend and Fellow Blogger, Kris @ Lavender Quilts, is having a fabulous Bella Solids sale with great low to no shipping.
Yes, I skipped Black Friday and Cyber-Monday
SO I treated myself to some solid staples

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Monday Making

I'll be joining BETH today with some serious play time.  It's starting to get to be about 'finishing' all those projects that have been in the works thru the year.

I have pulled half of the quilt tops out of the big tub to start cutting batting and matching up backing.  Some were already with their 'match up', but I am stacking these babies up to hopefully encourage me to get them done.

I'll stack them by  size and easy to hard quilting.  Starting with the smaller and easiest to quilt will give me a feeling that I am getting some where.  And hopefully to keep going.

Obviously this one is going into the more extensive quilting pile.  I have a few more to roll that batt out for thru today.  Some of my backings need washing and then a good press.  

I have one more 'sleeve' to piece for the Jasmine Jacket that is a guild challenge.  Hopefully to have this finished by our Christmas Party meeting for our 'run-way' showing.

This is the front/back section laid out with sub-liner and batt to get ready for quilting.  The lining is all together.  I hope to work the quilting and when I need a shoulder break, roll out more batting or wash/press a backing.

This is the Jasmine Jacket pattern, just so you have an idea where this is going.  You really have to search on-line for this as it is no longer available.  One of our guild members was an official teacher for this pattern and has been giving steps over the last 4 month's meetings for our construction. 

It's been a long time since I've made clothing - or a jacket.  There have been some 'duh' moments, but once it clicked and the base pattern sized; the construction and design is really to your own creativity.  It will be fun to see how everyone designed their own Jasmine Jacket. 

Take time to Create today,
Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, November 25, 2017

It's A Mystery

Quiltville's Quips & Snips

It's a mystery to me how people can spend Thanksgiving Day, Eve, and Black Friday fighting crowds for a 'deal'.  I much prefer to spend my time right to home with the first clue to Bonnie Hunter's  mystery.  I'm sure there are plenty of you out there doing the same.

I am going along with Bonnie's color plan - sort of.  I didn't pull these - these are my FQ shoe totes that are stuffed and need cleaning out.  So it only made sense to go with the flow.  My only change is that I will be using a constant 'neutral', because that is what I have.

I plan on making the lap size version so only making half the amount of units.  Once the final reveal comes out and I might need more - easy peasy.  So, that many sub units take no time at all to whip up on a quite day after the Holiday.

After finishing up another small project on the table, I spent Saturday making these cute 9-patches.  Here we can get into a deep discussion on what 'aqua' is, but I don't really worry as variety is what is going to make this interesting.  And they have all gone happily into a project tote waiting for the nest clue.

Please visit to see how everyone is progressing
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Hope you got to play,
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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

While looking thru my shelves for fabrics for those pillowcase cuffs, I kept knocking down the over-flow of solids.  These have to be tamed!  There are three pillowcases sitting there to finish up, but I need a day to play as tomorrow will be a day with family and no sewing.  I'll pull the last of my Kona Black and there will be a play date.

The next temperature rosette has a bit of change in it that makes it fun.  I had a nice sparkly large white on white snowflake fit of fabric for marking our first snow, but it got lost with the background.  Since it was cold, windy, and flakes lofting - I chose the crisp blue with swirls, drifts, and snowflakes.  It's a sparkle fabric, too - the magic of the first snow.

42 - 51 - 37 - 40 - 41 - 1st Snow - 48

I have just my son and his girlfriend coming for dinner and they requested pot roast instead of turkey - we are not fans of turkey.  This will be easy as it can all be thrown in the crock pot and the house will fill with that wonderful aroma.  I picked up fresh rolls and a pumpkin pie from a local bakery - can't ask for anything easier.

Have a Happy Turkey Day,
Sewingly Yours,

Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday Making

I took some of the yardage from the 'magic' tub and have several pillowcases prepped.  Since these were donated fabrics , they are going back out as donations with our guild's collection of pillowcases to the Community Christmas Boxes.  There are a couple more large pieces to use, but I have to search for the 'cuff' pieces on my shelves.  There is enough here to keep me busy today.

And I am going to have to search for that special little piece of fabric for the temperature quilt to mark the 'first' snow of the season.  We've had bits of flurries with no real accummilation.  This one is taking it's time collecting and I guess is to fall lightly over the next couple of days.  A White Thanksgiving for us.

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Fabric Out-Fabric In

I've been trying to get some projects finished before the end of the year.  This is one of the flower pounding pieces I did at our guild's workshop a month ago.  I hope to get the other two done as well.

The Burgoyne Surrounded is in the final phase - borders!!  My Bane!!  I just have the last large floral border. I am going to have to do some real fiddling to get  the piecing to match up to make the length I need as I only have just so much fabric.  There is a piece JUST large enough for the binding and I have a fabric for the back.  More fabric out.

We were reminded to bring bags with us to the next quilt guild meeting for our swap/share/free night - I brought a tub.  Well, it had a lot of books, magazines, and patterns in it to take for the night - BUT....

I filled it back up with some plushies, flannels, and kid print scraps....

Some yardage that no one wanted.  Yes, I waited until pretty much everyone went thru and selected before I browsed.  We have a pillowcase drive for Christmas and I plan to use some of these with things off the shelf.

My camera batties are low, thus the poor pictures.  Some floral  scraps in about FQ size.

This was a mix of shirting, ticking, and light weight denim.  This fills my basket of a planned project for January.

A baggy of Home Decor weight swatches perfect for small bags and wristlets.

A box of homespuns with a basket project started.  There was a pattern with this, but someone wanted just the pattern - I can figure this out, so let her have the pattern.

A box of American Jane and some 'real' 30's fabrics - oh, boy!!

Three of this panel.  I tried to convince everyome that these make for quick baby quilts - no takers so I took them all.

This adorable panel is going to fun to add borders to for a quick quilt.

A cute tin full of buttons, threads, and I only took one pattern (set).

And these were from my ventures to quilt shops.  The FQ bundle is 'Quill' by Three Sisters (when I had my Juki fixed) - the owl plushie and cute chicken fabric I bought when I took the landscaping class.

I think I am ready for next year with new fabrics and plenty of new scraps (I have all those bags, too).  Oh, and I hit a thread sale on-line - yup, ready for 2018!

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

Since I am in a finishing mode, I want to try and wrap up the Burgoyne Surrounded project.  These were wonderful fabric scraps gifted to me by a guild member.  She wanted to repay me for all the fabrics I have passed on to her and others.  I told her to bring me some uglies.  These are not uglies - I love them!  As they say, ones man's  trash is another man's treasures.

Also, with that saying - our guild had a swap/sale/UFOs/free last night as our guild program.  Yup, we all wanted to glean out!  Since I had already gleaned fabrics, I took a lot of patterns, books, and magazines. Left over fabrics were donated to the church sewing group, the left over patterns to save for our guild table at Empire Quilt Fest, and the left over books/magazines will be donated to the local libraries.

AND YES - I did bring fabric home!  It's still in the back of the car and once I've hauled it in and laid it out for proper storage, I will post up a photo.

The newest rosette for my temperature quilt.  A  color change on my scale.  The Aqua quickly turned to light blues and a dip into the darker blues.  I think I was mourning the loss of my last few flowers with that one fabric selection. 

42 - 46 - 29 - 30 - 36 - 38 - 38

Take time to play today,
Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tuesday Archives

Val's Quilting Studio

I am very honored to have one of my quilts highlighted over at VAL'S for this TA's feature:  Bow Tie Quilts.  If you are new to this venue, please pop over and visit some of the other link ups showing other quilters' Bow Ties.  Maybe even add one of your own!!

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday Making

Today I want to get the other two Burgoyne Surrounded blocks finished and maybe get some of the sashing done using it as leader/enders.  A step closer to a finish on this project.

Yes, the Juki is home and set up.  I am so pleased that I finally found someone who could fix this machine.  Not only fix, but put a lot of little 'polishes' on this baby to perk her up.  She sounds and runs better than when she first came in the door.  All those Geese rows are pairing up and I might lay them out, tab the rows, and then once tucked away it will be in order for a final finish.

We are in an 'Artic Freeze' right now with low temp records for this time of year breaking.  They say we will see a slightly warmer few days which will be followed by more cold, snow, and high winds.  Looking more like Thanksgiving will be a 'stay home' kind of day.

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Sewingly Yours,

Friday, November 10, 2017

Whoop-Whoop Friday

I am pleased to say that the landscape is ready for quilting and binding.  It did change some from the mess I brought home.  Not a top notch job, but I am proud that I stayed with it.

All those geese got sewn together, too.  Now a good pressing and I can make my sets of four which will make putting the top together much easier than each individual goose.  That will wait --  MY JUKI IS FIXED!
I pick it up tomorrow morning and since the shop is close to my daughter, maybe a little Nanna time.

Lovely pictures, but the way life is here.  I spent the first hours of the morning winterizing my front door - it's a no entry/access door anyway.  Covered with heavy plastic, then two old flannel back table clothes - I have a design wall!  A lot of the 'extra' stuff will be moved upstairs into proper storage in the NEW sewing room over the next couple of weeks.  For now - a play ground for curious kitties and an extra blockage of cold air.  We dipped to 18 degrees last night with some furious winds which continued into the day.

To settle the rambunctious felines, a bit of cat nip mixed in some tuna and off to slumper land.  Bella in my project box - next things to get 'finished'.

And Moe didn't get very far (you can see we didn't finish all the laced tuna) and settled in one of the kitchen chairs.  This cat sleeps so soundly, I have to check to be sure he is alive!  BUT, they both snore like a boxer!!!!!

Back to the landscape,
Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

Well, the Juki went off yesterday to the repair service.  I have the back-up machine set up and figured I would pull one of the totes in that grey crate stand next to the table.  The long forgotten Temecula Quilt Co 'Goose' project!  I should be able to chain these thru that little Brother with no problem with breaks taken to catch up on some handwork.

I have these ready for some needleturn work - last couple of month's blocks for the Yankee Diary.  I think I will start with the leaves as they should go quick and keep me encouraged to carry on.

I pulled the few scraps of yellow out of the temperature tote (hmm, could pull the yellow thread, too) and added some blues.  We haven gotten even colder and will be there for a while.  We've had a few snowflakes in the air, but nothing ground sticking - YET.

46 - 58 - 62 - 47 - 52 - 62 - 42 

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Sewingly Yours,

Monday, November 6, 2017

Landscape Workshop

Saturday I attended a follow-up workshop with Bonnie Lindsey of The Quilt Zoo who had done a presentation and trunk show at one of our past guild meetings.  She had adviced to do the first project small to get a better feel for the technique as well as closer to a finish.

Some of the folks went a bit larger!  Sandi brought the most fabulous hand dyed fabrics to use in her design.  Yes, as you can see this becomes a bit of a 'spread out' project.

Edna and Ron  were working from photos from their backyard.  As you can see, we had a lovely room to work in and those big tables were fabulous to spread out  work on.

Martha, Kathy, and Sharon working away.  Kathy has her  camera - we found it was good to photo layouts should some pieces walk away.  My little one down there was not progressing as well as everyone elses.

This is Martha's little piece - her farm even with the little tractor on the field - it's harvest time.  She was the only one who got everything done.  The others got all their layouts set and half way temporarily 'fused'.

Mine - well it came home with bits and pieces laid on the board.  This is the second workshop I have tried Landscaping - not a success either time.  I will play with this one today and probably tomorrow.

My Juki goes off for service tomorrow - new place.  I hope this time it gets the correct 'fix'.  The back-up  machine will take it's place while it's gone.  It's not as heavy a workhorse, but it will be useful for some of the projects that are waiting.  I have a lot of handwork to catch up on, too.

Sewingly Yours,