Saturday, October 31, 2015

November Goals - 2015

I really don't want to say it, but will - were is the year going to?  Wow, November already.  Seems like we were waiting forever for Spring to appear and now we are heading into our Winter season.  Time to start taking stock of what needs cleaning up before the end of the year.

I looked thru  my books, notebooks full of print outs, and computer files saved.  This one came back to me.  I won this in a give away this year and really should give it some love.

 I can use this one for pleasing my desire for something simple, small piecing and to use along with Slow Sunday Stitching as well.

Maybe I'll even work on these a little bit.  I only need 4 more for a three block setting for a small runner.  So this is doable for this month.

Really, that is my Keeping it Simple plan for November - really!!

I have just two quilts in the 'to-be-quilted' tote.  One small and one large - and would like them done by the end of the year.  One for me and one for the long armer - again, doable.

I do have  Kaaren's Mystery  to play with - those darn borders to decide on.  And, I haven't touched my Heritage Stars in some time.  I am in no hurry on these two projects, even if I have to enjoy them into the new year.

Bonnie Hunter announced the new mystery and the button is on my sidebar.  I haven't done one of her mysteries in some time and just might be tempted.

There is a button for a Trunk Show linky - check it out and join in the fun.

I can't remember where I got the first resource for this, but several LQS are hosting Moda's Sampler Block Shuffle from Oct 30th - Jan 4th.  There is no button I could find, but if you google search you can find shops carrying the free downloads each Friday (and only available one week).  I will try to remind you OR if someone knows a better source and/or button - I will put it up. 

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, October 30, 2015

Closing October

These trees are now bare and the corn fields have been harvested.  The Canadian Honkers have been coming in to feast on the freshly cut fields, fattening up and recouping for the next long leg of their journey.  The furkids are spending more time indoors, finding the extra blankets put out great napping places.  Yes, the smell of snow is in the air - heck, we've had snow!

Let's see how I did with my October goals............

The RSC15 monthly color was brown.  Since most of my projects had their block amounts, this was the only one that got visited.  Actually, most of my RSC blocks were shipped off to Sarah's group.  I have plenty to keep me busy and they make great use of those blocks very quickly.

I finished my little project for Let's Book It.  Some fun with little pieces.

 Slow Sunday Stitching

I failed miserably with Slow Sunday Stitching.  I did do one hand stitched binding and the others I finished up with machine.  But I never touched the melon (pumpkin seed or orange peel) blocks

I guess it was because I got distracted in making the 'Country Roads' with Lori at Humble Quilts.  Yup, a little baggy of scraps just took me off into another world.

And Jo @ Jo's Country Junction always has a Bonnie Hunter UFO challenge - finish up one of those projects before the new BH Mystery comes out.  It made me get that lozenges flimsy quilted - finished!!  

I managed to keep some secret sewing from you all.  My wallhanging and pillow for the Halloween Haunts Blog Hop.  Wasn't that fun?  Actually I have another secret project that was done in October, but that won't be shown until Nov 3rd.  And NO, it's not about cats.

This guy - remember he gave us a scare in October - he is sticking to home these days.  Still loves a good box, pile of scraps, or the snuggle blanket now 
on the couch for a good nap. And I will be sure to keep an eye on him on Halloween Night - maybe my furkids need some treats. 

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Haunts Blog Hop Winner

Oct 16 - 28

I am just realizing I am a day late pulling my winner.  I hope you all enjoyed the Hop as much as I did.

The winner of the 'Jeepers, Creepers' panel and yard of 'Happy Howl-a-ween' is: 

Looks to me like you went in the right direction even if it wasn't the original plan. I just LOVE that cat fabric with both of your babies on it. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway! Happy Halloween!

Thank you all for visiting and for all the lovely comments.
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Let's Book It - Oct 2015

This was my project for the month of October - a print out saved so long ago.  It is really hard to photo, but here is the Free download for this pattern.  

These were little blocks and used a few of my small bits and pieces up.

I made less blocks for a smaller piece.  The paisley border was a cut off from another project and the binding was left over from those big quilts.  Even the batt was pieced cut-off and the back trimming from a quilt back.  

I put corner hang tabs on the back, but this could also be used as a table topper.  Finished size:  15" square

This months pin and charm


Monday, October 26, 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Small Quilt

Fall 2015 with Amy

I would like to thank Amy of Amy's Creative Side for again hosting the Blogger's Quilt Festival - a chance to experience Quilt Market and the HoustOn Show as creative Bloggers.  


"Catalicious" is a pattern by Browyn Hayes of Red Brolly Designs and the patterns are still available HERE.  This was a Stitch Along in 2010!  I did all the stitcheries timely and then they got 'misplaced'.  Found and worked up into a quilt top (and I forgot the fabric line) and again 'misplaced'.

The stitcheries were presented as just black floss, but I played with my Pentex fabric pencils, colored floss, and added lots of beads and buttons.

I've owned a lot of tabby furbabies over many years and decided to make all my kitties to represent my wonderful friends over the years.

A few of these fabrics had large flowers, so I used them up in filler star blocks.  This quilt took so long in the making that I had to plan a setting as there was no referrence to that so long ago.  

It was probably good that this sat so long waiting for a finish.  My quilting has improved over the years - or is it because I have gotten braver?  I quilted this on my home machine using my walking foot for the cross hatching of the patchwork and FMQ to fill a number of the blocks and border.

Finished size - 54" x 62"

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween Haunts 2015 Blog Hop

Oct 16 - 28

First I want to thank Marian of Seams to be Sew for organizing this Hop and for the invitation to participate.  Also, to Fat Quarter Shop for offering a daily give away during the Hop (I can't get the RaffleCopter to load on my post, so be sure to visit Marian for that).

I share today with these lovely Bloggers:

When Marian approached me about this Hop, I had just bought a Halloween panel and some seasonal fabrics - now I don't usually buy such things, so it was fate.

This is the center of the panel -  "Jeepers, Creepers"  by Henry Glass.  I thought of my grandkids when I saw this, but to be inspired.........

I had to pull out scraps (I'm a scrap quilter) and possibilities.  Well, I got side tracked when I found this.  And it was also at a time that our sweet Moe went missing ( post of his tale HERE).  So it sent me off in another direction.

I had fun quilting this one, but where will it lead me to?

That quilting doesn't show as nice on this side, but the end result...........

a pillow for the chair.  My two lovely furkids - Bella and Moe - decor for the season.

But............... I still have to ponder on that panel.  These characters crack me up and just happen to be the costumes my grandsons are wearing this year.

I searched some more for inspiration and had that pile of scraps still on the table.  Did it lead me in the right direction?

Heck no!  I found this great pattern at McCall's Quick Quilts Bonus Patterns and made a wallhanging.  Some simple stitch in the ditch and a light spider web stitched thru the 'panes' .

And that panel?  Those cute characters - not spooky at all.

So I kept to my two projects - my furkids being my inspiration along with my scrap pile.

The 'Jeepers, Creepers" panel - well............................................

I'll bundle it with a yard of "Happy 'Howl'-O-Ween" by Deb Strain for Moda.  Maybe you can find some inspiration with it.  Just leave me a comment (and please visit and show your love for the others today) and be sure I have a way to contact you.  Will ship overseas.  Will pull winner Oct 28 10pm(est) 

Sewingly Yours,

Bitty Bits

I think it was those three huge quilts, but I have had the need to work bitty with lots of bits.  I finished off part two of  the TUCKER sew along early this morning.  I pulled out the bits while I had the 1.5" barrel dumped.

And all of the bitty blocks for my 'Let's Book It' project are paper pieced.  Now I have to square them up and find my tweezers to pull all those bitty paper pieces off.  Yes, you are seeing the size per the matt - 3.25" unfinished.

I want to get this center together and the borders on so I can sandwich this up to get the quilting and binding completed tomorrow - the end of the month is closing in - geesh!! 

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, October 23, 2015

Blogaversary Winners

First I want to thank Shannon over at Fabics N Quilts for hosting the Scrap Quilt Challenge and I won this lovely book for my Mosaic Tiles quilt.  OH MY!!  This book has been drooled on, seriously.  Not only does it have such a great variety of quilts, but there is a lot of information on techniques, speed piecing, bias work, borders (I know), settings, and color value.  Fabulous book and thank you so much.

Now my winners:

USA - Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict
   ** I know she is in China right now, but we will catch up **

OOS - Flo of Butterfly Quilting

I've known both of these sweet ladies since the beginning of blogdom (well I've known alot of lovely people from the get-go) and I think this is the first time they have been winners on my blog give aways - or else it was so long ago I don't remember.

Thank you all for leaving such lovely comments and I look forward to 5 more years and 1000 more posts with you.

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Time to Play

I finished up the bindings on those three big quilts.  This is the Lozenges Bonnie Hunter finish challenge.  I'm sure this one will be staying with me as my furkids really love it and it was a great travel companion.

This one I LOVE and used up the last of my sons' flannel shirts. I've set this aside for future donation. I like working with de-boned shirts and will have to keep watching the local thrift shop now that my supply is gone.

The third quilt I can't show because it was a test pattern - the one that ate my finger - but it is bigger than these two.  It will be saved for an up coming Spring wedding gift.

Now it's time to play.  I dug thru my FQ totes and have several of Valerie Wells little wallets ready to assemble.  These make great presents with gift cards tucked inside - yes, that season is upon us.

My furkids found the cuddle blanket on the couch a perfect spot for the day's nap (cold and rainy day) so I had use of the table to dump my 1.5" squares.  I wanted to get started on my 'Let's Book It' project and could also pull/sort some of  these for the Tucker sew along.

I'm changing the 'Let's Book It' pattern up a little, but I managed to get those center rails paper pieced.  I have some skinny strips of white left over fom an old project ready for the next step and then I will have to pull my string tote for finishing the corners.  

And still playing with those tinies - working tiny is fun for me, sorry.  This is a project that has been a travel piece - a scrappy Irish Chain.  I have rows, twosies, parts in a jumble so I want to at least get them into the two blocks - maybe even some more rows.

There are several Hops in progress (see side bar) and I just caught the Fall Blogger's Quilt Festival over at Amy's.  October 23-29 is link up and vote for viewer's choice.  So get those quilts linked up people.  It's our way of getting to participate in Quilt Market (which most of us can't attend).

Find time to play today,
Sewingly Yours,