Monday, July 31, 2017

Bag Ladies of the FQ Club - July Linky

Cat Patches

I am enjoying this little venture with BARBARA.  She picks one for the month and you can follow with the same lady or chose the one that tickles your fancy.

I am working on Earlene for this month - and next.  She will work up fast if I dedicate a day.  The quilt over her shoulder might take a little more time and I already know how I want to set her into a mini.  Also, if the group doesn't know - the pattern for the quilt setting for these ladies is in Earlene's packet.

And I was asked to share all my Ladies in their minis so far:






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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Monday Making

Well I didn't get it quilted, but I did get the Two Step Mystery quilt into the flimsy stage.  Happily, this was all from gifted and my scraps married together.  The last border fabric came in the door recently and was perfect for this.  This will be another donation quilt for the Wounded Warrior Winter Games at Windham NY this December.

Now I can start something new.  I love any hue of blue and was digging around for more blues to add to Keven's Mystery when I came across this kit.

I bought this kit 3 years ago at an 80% discount - just for the fabric.  BUT with Sarah's 12 Day's of Christmas and the Trip Around the World quilt (which I cut fabric for) I decided that it was going to become the quilt intended and any left overs will go into the Mystery Quilt.  I can always make the other one another time.

The large pile of blues and other colors for Kevin's Mystery quilt.  Step two has come out so I might leader/ender that as I piece the TATW.  Multi-tasking at it's best!

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, July 28, 2017

Whooping it Up Friday

Some of you were wondering what I was going to do with the Rails and Cabins.  Well this is the layout I am going with.  10 Rails and 10 Cabins are made and will progress over time and in-coming scraps.

The newest Yankee Diary (side bar button) block of the star with heart was very quick to make, but I lapsed on doing the prior block.  It's a rather different looking thing, but has it's own story.  I am needle turning these which doesn't take that long to do. I just have to pick out my fabrics and get it done!

Can you find the kitty in the pile of scraps?  I caught Moe laying down on the job while I was sorting gifted scraps and while sewing those Rails/Cabins.

Miss Bella trying to catch some sun while watching the chippers run from the bird feeder  to their hole by the Apple tree.  Don't let that pudgy, sleepy look fool you.  When she is in 'hunt mode' she can be like a Cheeta.

We are into a cold, rainy few days - thinking I need to pull a quilt top and get a fabric sandwich made for some 'frosting' time so this weekend I can have a cozy quilt in my lap while working a binding.

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

My next Temperature Quilt rosette and these little things are made right from that never ending scrap pile.  I might throw a few small bits in the tote with my papers, punch, scissors and thread, but it is about finding the piece that fits the temp for the day.  And as  you can see, we had quilte a drop in our  weather - right into Fall I think!


Some of the hill towns (you would call them mountains) dropped into the 40's - CRAZY!!!!!  Some heavy rains with winds and severe lightening swept in too.  All a bit scarey, but we are to slowly warm back up - at least that is what they say, we shall see.

I did prep all my background pieces for these - a mix of muslin and off whites and some of those are pieced - using it up and moving it on.  They weren't very exciting in a photo, but I plan to start stitching these rosettes onto their backgrounds with Slow Sunday Stitching.

 Some more scraps are in the house! Another bag arrived after this photo and that one seems to have much larger pieces so I will share with Monday's sewing group.

I dumped one bag with a lot of skinnies and bits and got right to work.  Bonnie Hunter's scrap challenge block - Rail Fence - and I am mixing log cabins with them.  That should use up this bag and maybe some of the others.

I need to make the Temecula Quilt Co Monday Mini's, too.  My geese are all done, but I've got a few more to put into the 2 x 8 settings to make 8.5" blocks.  It will be a fun Scrappy Wednesday and hopefully a bit warmer day. 

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Making

A little bit of a late Monday Making, but as I put things back into the shop and relocated supplies and staples I managed to sew a few rows of the next Postage Stamp quilt in progress.  Not sure how big this one will be, but I have a LOT of 2" squares that need using up.

Today is the last day of the Hop and there has been so many lovely things that I want to make.  SARAH has been such a gracious main host and all the participating hosts have astounded.  Please be sure to visit today"


These little Angel ornaments are in my tutorial tab - a few scraps is all you need.  You can jump to them right HERE.  I have a few other little ornies there, too.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Fine Heritage Day

This is the DAR building and front lawn were I was this weekend.  You can read the history of this lovely place HERE.

We couldn't have asked for a nicer day on the lawn.  It had gotten a little cooler and there was a bit of breeze most of the day.  The Old Oaks and Maples gave us plenty of shade, too.  My little nook amongst the other vendors outside.  I worked on a Hexie project all day.

A good vending friend that I just adore her set up with all the old suitcases.  A lot of lovely sachets with her own dried flowers and herbs, lovely things made with toile, linens, and silks.  And it never fails that we don't buy something from each other (or make a trade).

We have a few different local sheep and wool groups in our area and they were represented here at a few booths.

People could try the drop spindle or one of the sit down (didn't get that part of the tent).  Different pelts on display/sale and represented products of dye processing.

Weavers with different looms which I didn't get to see as they worked later in the day.

Ye Old blacksmith hard at work on a hot day.  I have a few of Brian's pieces.

And I could kick myself as forget his wife's name all the time.  Manning the items table an dorder books.  She loved helping the kids try to find the hidden hearts.  All the vendors were great with the hearts that were hung around the area - making sure that everyone found a home.

I would jump every time some one tryed one of the duck calls.  This man was truely a supior artist in his work.

I so wanted to bring this hansome fella home with me, but I was afraid my furkids would think I was bringing home new 'bait'.

The tin smith had sme wonderful pieces, I do have a couple of his work.

I wanted this guy, but by the time I got back to do some shopping of course - he was gone. 

Some of the wonderful paintings done by the same man who did the painting of our farm - the header on my blog.  He's done a number of the old buildings, homes, and farms thru out the Valley.

You can see a lot more (and better) photos of the event here:

I'm rested up, but still have to put things away.  Maybe I'll get to sew later in the day.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, July 21, 2017

Heritage Day

I will be away today vending and demonstrating quilting.  Well, it's only a 1/4 mile from my house.  Still, it took me most of the day to pack everything up and load the car.  I have the camera charged and hope to share the event with you all.

I made up a few new hearts to hide around the grounds with the project ifoundaquiltedheart.  We, also, have a group in the County that has been painting rocks with quilt designs and leaving them around events to be found.  You can either keep them or paint in another area and hide at another location - fun.

I hope you have been enjoying the Hop.  If this hasn't lengthened your 'to-do' list!  SARAH has announced that due to a family matter, the winners of the give aways will be delayed until August 4th.  Many blessings for her and her family.

I missed yesterday and will post today's list as well as Sunday's as I will need a day of rest - please be sure to visit the following hosts:

Friday, July 21st

Saturday, July 22nd

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Temperature Quilt

Per my temperature chart, my greens or the cooler days and you can see we have gone into a bit of warmer.  Actually, the humidity has been the pits.  That comes from so much RAIN.  Shouldn't complain because other areas are dry and on fire - not something I would want to have to deal with.  I am using the NOON temperature read for our area as we are still experiencing such a difference from evening to mid-afternoon.  
Temps: 82,79,68,75,83,84,78

My rosettes ressemble my flowers.  I don't have a lot this year as I lost a lot of perrenials - I went with herbs this year.  BUT I have a lot of Sunflowers here and there around the house thanks to the chippers stashing seeds in any hole they can find.  Usually they only stalk or just are small floweres, but I have a couple that really took off.  They remind me of my Dad who planted all kinds of sunflowers for the birds and wildlife to enjoy.

I always scatter marigolds thru beds to help as natural pesticide and the munchy critters don't like them either.

You can visit SARAH and see her temp quilt in progress as well as others.  Everyone has a bit of a different color chart they are using, so each will be unique.

Even with the heat (Aussies are into their Winter season), don't forget to visit the other SARAH and today's hosts:

Thursday, July 20th

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

Today Temecula will have you make four more geese, but I made 20 or 40 each week to get them done.  Now I am putting them into 2 x 4 setting with dark geese flying north and light geese flying south which will make them into 8.5"  unfinished blocks.   And I am thinking I will randomly put these into a flimsy rather than sticking to the 'row' thing - we shall see when I lay them all out.

I have a meeting in the afternoon - at an Ice Cream place.  Where better to hold a meeting especially on a nice day?  Our guild's new program committee putting together the next 2 years' meeting activities.

Since I had no post yesterday, please visit both 7/18 & 7/19 hosts: 

Tuesday, July 18th

Wednesday, July 19th

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday Making 7-17-17

It seems it's been a long time since I had a good Monday (and look - three 7's today) and there is a real need to power up that machine.  I will be joining BETH today to catch up on some serious block making.

The Patchwork Sampler QAL(button on side bar) just came out with the next block, so those will be tackled first.  These go together pretty quickly so I have another couple projects lines up.

Temecula Quilt Co just released the next Monday Marvelous Mini block.  Again, they don't take long to make.

I have a few more 'hatchet' block units to finish up for Kevin's Mystery - again, quick.  I have some in-town errands to do this afternoon, so I may finish the day off later with some slow stitching to finish up the Yankee Dairy heart and hands block.

Don't forget to visit today's Hosts

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Piggy Bank Challenge

Click the picture to read more!

I love participating in  VAL'S Piggy Bank Challenge each year.  You can sign up:
  1. All's you have to do is create a post this week sharing your "piggy bank".
  2. Include your goal of what you'd like to purchase with your savings come this time next year.
  3. Include the linky button above to help spread the word to all your followers. 
  4. Return and link your post here anytime this week until August 1st.
  5. Start "penny pinching". (Coins and bills are allowed)
  6. Next year we'll  all empty our piggy banks on July 6th and create a post exclaiming our totals, share what quilty purchase we're going to make and link up here once again to celebrate!

I've been able to save quite well with this method.  It gets dipped into thru the year for some emergency monies (car repair), but has been handy to purchase those quilty items without being sure you 'budgeted' them.

I used this method when my kid's were young - they loved dropping coins in and watching grow.  The money then was for summer vacations and summer camps.

This would help with saving for Christmas presents , too - which leads me to:


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