Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Making

A little bit of a late Monday Making, but as I put things back into the shop and relocated supplies and staples I managed to sew a few rows of the next Postage Stamp quilt in progress.  Not sure how big this one will be, but I have a LOT of 2" squares that need using up.

Today is the last day of the Hop and there has been so many lovely things that I want to make.  SARAH has been such a gracious main host and all the participating hosts have astounded.  Please be sure to visit today"


These little Angel ornaments are in my tutorial tab - a few scraps is all you need.  You can jump to them right HERE.  I have a few other little ornies there, too.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. lovely angels, and they look wonderful together. After all,one would be very lonely.

  2. As usual Sarah has done a great job of giving us tons of inspiration. The postage stamp is looking wonderful, what a great way to use up scraps.

  3. The postage stamp quilt is fun and looks great to date!

  4. Very cute ornaments. The postage stamp quilt is looking lovely.

  5. I made a few of your angels two years ago, putting and angel on both sides so when the ornament twists on the ribbon (mine always seem to) you can see the angeleither way.

  6. Such sweet little angels! Those postage stamp quilt's amazing with all those tiny pieces.

  7. I could see some flying geese between those rows of postage stamp squares.

  8. I have always loved a postage stamp quilt. The angels are so cute too.

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