Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

The third rosette for the temperature quilt is done.  I need to start thinking about what background I want to set these on.  I have a lot of muslin scraps as well as white scraps - maybe a mix.  Temps at noon this week were 77,75,71,75,76,80,77.

I came home Monday with some gifted bags of scraps as well as some were dropped off here.  I need to go thru these and I think a lot is going into Bonnie Hunter's new scrap leader/ender challenge - rail fence blocks.
And I have a few things from my Demo to put away.

A little housework is also scheduled and some furkid time as they are still holding a grudge because I left them for a day.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. I love a mix of muslin and white for the background. I have a bag of tone-on-tones in both and I mix them all the time. I'm never disappointed in the results.

  2. A random mix of those neutrals could be really nice, the whole thing will be nice and light. Yay, for more scraps, Boo for housework :)

  3. I recommend full body pets for the furkids. Always gets mine into purrgiveness mode.

  4. So, what color is for 100 degrees? or, does it change for heat index? It's supposed to be HOT & humid here today. Yuk!

  5. Heaven forbid you abandoned the furkids for an entire day - I hope their grudges pass quickly!

    I'm also doing Bonnie's LE project this year - the one with the B&W 4patches but I'm doing the B&W in just 2 fabrics so I can do them from strips and not silly, little, tiny squares.

    I like a mix of muslins for your weather reports - I'm mixing a lot of neutrals in offwhites since I have white scheduled for below Zero days.

  6. It's a little warmer where I am. I like your colors. I'm using a mix of neutrals for my backgrounds.

  7. It's been fun seeing your temperature blocks each week. It's 96F here today, not fun at all. Hope you had a productive day and got back on the kitties good side (so you can sew lots this weekend).

  8. I'm using a mix of neutrals for my backgrounds. Whatever grabs me each week!