Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

My next Temperature Quilt rosette and these little things are made right from that never ending scrap pile.  I might throw a few small bits in the tote with my papers, punch, scissors and thread, but it is about finding the piece that fits the temp for the day.  And as  you can see, we had quilte a drop in our  weather - right into Fall I think!


Some of the hill towns (you would call them mountains) dropped into the 40's - CRAZY!!!!!  Some heavy rains with winds and severe lightening swept in too.  All a bit scarey, but we are to slowly warm back up - at least that is what they say, we shall see.

I did prep all my background pieces for these - a mix of muslin and off whites and some of those are pieced - using it up and moving it on.  They weren't very exciting in a photo, but I plan to start stitching these rosettes onto their backgrounds with Slow Sunday Stitching.

 Some more scraps are in the house! Another bag arrived after this photo and that one seems to have much larger pieces so I will share with Monday's sewing group.

I dumped one bag with a lot of skinnies and bits and got right to work.  Bonnie Hunter's scrap challenge block - Rail Fence - and I am mixing log cabins with them.  That should use up this bag and maybe some of the others.

I need to make the Temecula Quilt Co Monday Mini's, too.  My geese are all done, but I've got a few more to put into the 2 x 8 settings to make 8.5" blocks.  It will be a fun Scrappy Wednesday and hopefully a bit warmer day. 

Sewingly Yours,


  1. This all sounds like very busy days, but donated scraps, who could resist?.

  2. It looks like you have a marvelous sewing day planned!! I had a sweater on yesterday from the same storm. Sunday there were 2 funnel clouds in the town where I work - luckily they didn't touch down, and luckily it was an hour before I drove thru on my way home from vacation.

  3. Your rosette looked so different this time I had to check your temps, those blues really popped out. Is that challenge going to go on for a full year?
    I like the idea of blending rails with log cabins, I'm looking forward to seeing that one.

  4. Cooler air....how wonderful to know it still exists! We had a 100 degree day yesterday and everything is drying up. So I appreciate your temperature rosettes...lovely. And all those scrap bags....you have a lot to wade thru and share. Rail Fence is perfect plan.

  5. I've sure enjoyed this brief cool snap! Even with the rain...
    Those scraps look like bags of riches. Looking forward to seeing what they end up as!

  6. We only had one day in the sixties which was a good thing as the grands are visiting from Houston. We went to Niagara Falls on Monday and fortunately whike it was cloudy and threatening all day, the rain held off until dinnertime.
    Those temperature rosettes will be interesting when the temps start bouncing up and down through the fall.

  7. Those hexies look great. Do they reflect a week of high temperatures?

  8. I'm loving the temperature quilt. And I think the lastest mini from Temecula is downright cruel.

  9. I'm behind on the Temecula blocks too (don't tell anyone that I caved in and started doing them). You certainly have enough scraps to make lots of fun projects! I think the weather this summer has been crazy for everyone--I'm okay with cooler temps as long as it isn't snow--lol!

  10. You can have my warm day, and I'll take your chilly days. My sewing room is the hottest room in the house (usually 5-8 degrees warmer than the rest of the house). I could use those cool temps.

  11. Boy I sure wish we had some cooler air. It's 97 and feels like 100 something. I love your hexie rose
    You do stay busy

  12. That is a big temperature drop! Your colours are starting to look like my winter ones.

  13. I'm loving the temperature quilt. And I think the lastest mini from Temecula is downright cruel.