Monday, July 30, 2018

Monday Making

First I wanted to show the finished Broken Dishes mini.  Always amazes me how scraps most would throw out make for such charming little pieces.

I grabbed a shot of the Shoe Fly on the sale rack so it isn't laying flat, but another fun piece from throw aways.

After an exhausting weekend, I need a day to play with more small scraps.  The plan is to work the lozenges section of this Temecula Quilt Co. pattern called 'Summer Scraps'.

The tote of CW skinnies and the larger tote of the bigger scraps of lites to start off with.  Cutting is simple and the piecing can just chain thru the machine without too much thought.  My kind of day!

Sewingly Your,

Friday, July 27, 2018

Feline Friday & Winner

My snoopervisor says my table is too crowded for a good place to nap - "need to make more progess on those projects, Mom".  Also, he reminded me that it is time to announce the winner of the 12 Day of Christmas in July give away.

Such a cool effect of the organza! it really does look like shimmering snow! Love those fabrics and panel...I'm thinking they'd make a great set of holiday placemats.

I will send a private notice for mailing information, but mail out will be on Monday as I am busy.....


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday

This is the back of the Wild & Goosey miniature.  I'm very set in making those seams press nice and flat - pressing the back first and then flipping to finish with the front.

Scrap bits of black for sashing and cut down a 5" square for the tiny corner stones.  A FQ pulled from a tote for backing and the binding  is from the leftover drawer.  These little blocks that lanquished who knows how long in a little container our now in a happier place.

Then it was the hour-glass blocks turn.  Something simple, yet classy.

There's that pretty back!

The binding needs stitching down and label added, but well on it's way to a quick finish.  I'll add a few old shirt buttons down that light panel for a little fun.

I started on the Shoe Fly blocks, but didn't like where I was going, so that will be de-stitched with a new play date.

So I pulled this old salad container that is holding a few different blocks - only 4 Snow Balls, 40 Bow Ties, and 40 red 9-patches.  I'll just cut the Snow Balls down to squares for the barrel system and then play with the Bow-Ties.

Today is the last day for the 12 Days of Christmas in July and don't forget to visit CAROL'S Christmas Hop.

We are on flash flood watch with the Valley Dam full to capacity and many of the streams and creeks to the banks.  Predicting three more days of heavy rains, so there is sure to be some evacuations and I hope nothing too severe in damages.  I was suppose to vend locally this weekend, but that could change under the circumstances.

Stay safe and stitch on,
Sewingly Yours,

Monday, July 23, 2018

Monday Making

It feels good to get back in the groove and I pulled a small container to play along with BETH.

I will use these to make three miniatures.  I need one more Shoe Fly block with that set.  Something to add to the broken dishes.  And there are enough Wild & Goosey blocks (some needing wings) for a cute mini.

Since the W &G's needed the most work to complete, I started on those first.  Now to sash, border and onto a finish.

The best thing - an empty container!
Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, July 22, 2018

It's A Start

I've decided that the only way to end the 'bemuddled' feeling, was to just grab a project and work to a finish.  Or at least to get a handle on where I left off and arrange it into a more workable system.  The first thing was to catch up on the Temecula Quilt Co. summer sampler blocks.  I've been waiting for at least four to be posted before pulling those CW totes as the blocks only use small bits.

I haven't been dedicated to the RSC18 this year, but I noticed the Red tote was overflowing so I grabbed it and of course - dumped out on the table.

My go to block is the Boxed Squares when marrying a lot of same tone scraps.  These go together so quickly and once started they work great as a leader/ender.

I have half the blocks made and the other half pieces cut and laid out on my mini design wall board to set by the machine.  The tote is now much thinner and neater.

Of course, the smaller scraps got cut down into my fabric food chain.  All the size squares into the barrel system - 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3.5", and 5".

I missed the linky to report on Val's Piggy Bank Challenge success.  I moved my change into a smaller 'barrel' as the big one became impossible for me to pick up.  I throw change and bills in and raised a total of $325 (and I know it got dipped into a few times).  Val has started the new year if you would like to join in.  I think I will take this small stuff to the coin machine to start fresh.

I've lost the rhythem of hand stitching at least 15 minutes a day since the temperature quilt was finished.  BUT, I have been babysitting the grands one day a week thru July and have been taking time to work on my hexie diamonds.  Normally I can get one of these totally completed, but we spent time playing out in the yard to enjoy the wonderful weather.

On Friday I had to take some travel time for the Quilters Hall of Fame, so I met up with a friend to travel with me and she took me to this lovely new quilt shop in Margaritville, NY - BloomQuilts.   It's a small store, but packed with wonderful fabrics, patterns, notions, yarn, and art supplies.  A super class room and you need to check her website to see the Retreat area.

Not that I need any more fabric, but this caught my eye (and my friends) -  'Zentagles' by Nancy Smith for Benartex.  You can leave them plain or color them.  The store owner said she had clients that were embroidering on them for a wonderfully striking look.  There is also various cats and woodland creature panels like this.  I want!!!  I didn't get those this trip so I have an excuse to go back and take my SIL with me - she will love this store. 

We are expecting days of heavy rain and we need rain, but I hope it stays just overcast today as I want to check out another new place not far from me.

Take time to enjoy those little side adventures,
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


With not sewing a thing for almost two weeks, it really throws off your rythmn.  Even if I only got that 15 minutes in, I had a flow.  It is taking some time to get things back into a more comfortable working style.  
I have so many projects on the go, but I knew what was what and where - not now.  

Then I added this on top of it to muddle things more.  1000 triangles from my Mom during her big sale.  I do have a plan and you can see I quickly stitched up 170 HSTs.  The problem is there are more dark triangles than light - so I will add to this with gifted scraps.

The hexie diamond project has been my carry-along project while I do all this traveling this month.  BUT, I have used up the last JR strip of cheddar and have to hunt up the baggy of gifted cheddars from guild members so I can carry on with this.  I hate having to hunt up things that once were at hand - bemuddled!

Then I made the mistake of dumping that big bag of gifted scraps to look for some lights and other items to add to projects.  Was so tempted to play, but I slapped my hands and put some of the fabrics into the scrap user system and the rest went back into the bag.

I hope you folks can help me with another bemuddled search.  I am looking for a Block a Week that I think was run by Moda (?) some years ago.  Blocks designed by many people, but they were charted for 4 different sizes.  I know I saved the printed pdf's (not saved on the computer), but cannot locate.  So if you know of which BAW I am talking about and how to find it again on-line - thank you if you can help. 

I hope the mud clears soon - I'm far behind the eight ball,
Sewingly Yours,

Monday, July 16, 2018

To Tulle at Yule

I would like to thank SARAH for hosting the 12 Days Hop again this year.  If you haven't had a chance, please visit the prior days and continue to follow along for some wonderful inspiration, idea, and tutorials shared.  AND there are a number of give aways.

When Sarah approached us for sign-ups, I immediately knew I wanted to revisit a project and technique from way back in 2012.  Some improv  with a bit of a twist.  This miniature was made for a swap and now resides in Australia.  Since our seasons are opposits, I went with colorful, modern Christma Trees.  The fun is in the finishing.

First I had to drag out the under the bed tote of Christmas fabrics.  Now this was a challange for me, as I really do not like to work with seasonal frabrics.  Why do I have so much?  Gifted to me and my SIL loves the really sparkly prints for this season.

What did I pull out - just a baggy of squares and a swirly white on white.  Add some organza and scraps of Steam A Seam lite.  Oh, a backing and binding choice from the larger scraps, add a scrap piece of batt as well.  
Simple supplies are what are needed.

I actually reccommend using netting or tulle for this as it is delicate and translucent, yet much easier to work with than organza.

I fused a few of the pre-cut squares with the scraps of Steam A Seam.  Then grabbed my scissors and just made improve cuts.

Just a simple little snowy scene.  This would be a fun kid's project as well.
Once you are happy with your placement, just hot press those piece down good and secure.

 I layered back, batt, and top and using my walking foot, did just a few wiggle lines to hold in place.  As the net,tulle, and organza are not pin friendly - this helped to secure this a bit for the final over-lay quilting part.

I just pinned around the outer most part of the organza.  As you can see, it changes the look of the piece so you may want to take a few fabric swatches to the fabric shop to lay the net or tulle over to see how it plays for your project final look.

It is recommended to use a smaller needle or microtex needle as well as a thinner thread - I used a microtex needle with a poly thread.
I chose to use my walking foot for quilting, but you can FMQ - just know things have a lot of slip.

I used corner hangers and attached the binding to the back.

Then flip binding to the front and machine stitch down.  I like to use the corner hangers and this type of binding method on miniatures.  You can add your favorite type of hanger and use your own method to bind.

The translucient organza was difficult to get a good photo without the super shine, but it gives you an idea of how it gives a little more pop to your piece.  Don't be afraid to play.

I, also, have a give away

A lovely panel

And three half yard cuts of coordinating fabrics.
Just be sure I have way to contact you.
Open until  July 26th.

The Hop List has been updated with some changes:

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Lily Park

This is the historic covered bridge that leads into the Lily Park near the Old Stone Fort in Schoharie.  We are right there on the end (my SIL in the green shirt) and it was shady all day with a light breeze.

It was nice as just to the right of the bridge entrance was my ancestrial home.  The Fort museum led period costumed guided tours thru the bridge down to the house.  Yes, they knew I was 'related' and I met some nice people strolling thru.

Another bridge vendor who lived just up the road from me and does lovely pottery.

Found out a friend from school (oh, that is long ago) now does stain glass and her favorite items to make are birds.  I tried to convince her husband to make bird houses and feeders to go with her wonderful birds - she had several designs and I bought a cardinal.  He was there as part of the bee exhibit - our county has a great group that is saving the bees and helping to relocate them within the area.

This is the local artist that did the painting that is on my header.  He travels the county looking for and painting local historic buildings and places as a way to preserve history.

Once over the bridge it led down into the park itself.  There were so many activities for kids and all was free.  What a great day for families.

A number of little settings along the Lily Path and this one was dedicated for the honoree of the Park.  You may notice that there were vendors set up in the mix of activities, but I am glad we weren't in this area as it sets in a bit of a 'hollow' and there was no air flow at all!  Got totally unbreathable (and buggy) later on.

Another little area that I thought this little dangling pots center piece to be so cute.  You can see those tall lilies - all those walking paths thru the park lined and some where almost as high as me.

The pony rides were a big hit, of course.  There was a dog parade and obiedance area as well - lots of dogs all day.

The local llamas were there and the kids could brush them or lead them down the path.  These two make a lot of appearances and are very good with kids and noise.

There was an area with birds of prey.  I had to visit them all and was about to walk away when a youngster tugged me to not for get this little guy.  OH MY!!  He was smaller than my hand in this tiny box.

There was a lady bug release at one point during the day.  The kids set them out thru-out the different lily pathes - how fun.  There was a number of crafts the kids could participate in, a treasure hunt,face painting and various games thru-out the grounds.  There even was a spot down to the creek with people showing the kids how to catch crayfish.

A very successful, well attended event, super family day that I will surely participate in next year.  AND on the bridge again.  We did discuss with the committee some ways to draw more people up to the bridge, but as a whole all of the vendors said they had a good sale and would love to come back.

I have yet to touch my sewing machine in two weeks, time to sew.
Sewingly Yours,