Sunday, July 8, 2018

On The Road

Saturday I had a scheduled event, so had a day away from the big Quilter's Sale.  I was scheduled to help with selling raffle tickets at a town street festival for this beautiful quilt made by many of the the Catskill Mountain Quilters Hall of Fame inductees.  Some made the log cabins blocks, some did the piecing, some did the applique, some did the hand quilting and one finished up the double binding.  A lovely group effort that acheived such a gorgeous quilt - "Flowers in my Catskill Cabin".  The winner will be pulled on our last day of the HOF quilt show in September. 

There was a little parade, lots of small museums with displays, little musical groups on greens, horse drawn wagons thru the town.  Some of the local quilters had a lovely display in one of the churches, so I also got to enjoy a bit of a quilt show as well.

The quilt in the forground fascinated me as it was made by the local school with the 6th grade class making each block one of the counties in New York State with a button marking the county seat.  There were a few blocks that represented some of the counties produce.

The sale is over and a crew is coming to help with the clean up, but  I have a road trip today with the Hall of Fame picnic meeting.  I hope to have some photos to share.  It's not as hot as the past few days - I got a horrible sunburn at the raffle venue - luckily the picnic area is under cover and I really enjoy this 'social' meeting with the group.

Hope you enjoy your day,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. Thanks for the mini quilt show. You have been one busy busy girl

  2. Lits of beautiful quilts there. Hope the sunburn is ok.

  3. Pretty, pretty quilts. Some day I’d like to see one of those church displays. They’re always so pretty in the pictures. I love the raffle quilt. Makes me want to do a red and white log cabin.

  4. A combined beautiful quilt, that is stunning. Hope the sale went as good as you had hoped for.

  5. That log cabin quilt is lovely! I'm sure they will raise lots of $$ with that quilt.

  6. I hope the sale went well. Will you be having another sale with the leftovers/
    The log cabin quilt is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure lots of people would love to win it, myself included.

  7. The raffle quilt is gorgeous.