Monday, July 30, 2018

Monday Making

First I wanted to show the finished Broken Dishes mini.  Always amazes me how scraps most would throw out make for such charming little pieces.

I grabbed a shot of the Shoe Fly on the sale rack so it isn't laying flat, but another fun piece from throw aways.

After an exhausting weekend, I need a day to play with more small scraps.  The plan is to work the lozenges section of this Temecula Quilt Co. pattern called 'Summer Scraps'.

The tote of CW skinnies and the larger tote of the bigger scraps of lites to start off with.  Cutting is simple and the piecing can just chain thru the machine without too much thought.  My kind of day!

Sewingly Your,


  1. Scraps, I have so many, love the shoe fly, what a great pattern with the alternating colours.

  2. Adorable minis!
    Enjoy your day of relaxing sewing of the scraps!

  3. sounds like a fun day. great looking projects.

  4. Beautiful mini quilts, love that big quilt you are making. Enjoy your scrap sewing.

  5. I do love that broken dishes mini. Nice to get a day to play. I had my play day yesterday, but mine was taken up with slow-stitching.

  6. Just lovely minis, Sharon! that Temecula QC pattern quilt is gorgeous..great colors hugs, Julierose

  7. Love your scrappy pieces, always such fun.