Monday, July 16, 2018

Lily Park

This is the historic covered bridge that leads into the Lily Park near the Old Stone Fort in Schoharie.  We are right there on the end (my SIL in the green shirt) and it was shady all day with a light breeze.

It was nice as just to the right of the bridge entrance was my ancestrial home.  The Fort museum led period costumed guided tours thru the bridge down to the house.  Yes, they knew I was 'related' and I met some nice people strolling thru.

Another bridge vendor who lived just up the road from me and does lovely pottery.

Found out a friend from school (oh, that is long ago) now does stain glass and her favorite items to make are birds.  I tried to convince her husband to make bird houses and feeders to go with her wonderful birds - she had several designs and I bought a cardinal.  He was there as part of the bee exhibit - our county has a great group that is saving the bees and helping to relocate them within the area.

This is the local artist that did the painting that is on my header.  He travels the county looking for and painting local historic buildings and places as a way to preserve history.

Once over the bridge it led down into the park itself.  There were so many activities for kids and all was free.  What a great day for families.

A number of little settings along the Lily Path and this one was dedicated for the honoree of the Park.  You may notice that there were vendors set up in the mix of activities, but I am glad we weren't in this area as it sets in a bit of a 'hollow' and there was no air flow at all!  Got totally unbreathable (and buggy) later on.

Another little area that I thought this little dangling pots center piece to be so cute.  You can see those tall lilies - all those walking paths thru the park lined and some where almost as high as me.

The pony rides were a big hit, of course.  There was a dog parade and obiedance area as well - lots of dogs all day.

The local llamas were there and the kids could brush them or lead them down the path.  These two make a lot of appearances and are very good with kids and noise.

There was an area with birds of prey.  I had to visit them all and was about to walk away when a youngster tugged me to not for get this little guy.  OH MY!!  He was smaller than my hand in this tiny box.

There was a lady bug release at one point during the day.  The kids set them out thru-out the different lily pathes - how fun.  There was a number of crafts the kids could participate in, a treasure hunt,face painting and various games thru-out the grounds.  There even was a spot down to the creek with people showing the kids how to catch crayfish.

A very successful, well attended event, super family day that I will surely participate in next year.  AND on the bridge again.  We did discuss with the committee some ways to draw more people up to the bridge, but as a whole all of the vendors said they had a good sale and would love to come back.

I have yet to touch my sewing machine in two weeks, time to sew.
Sewingly Yours,


Barbara said...

What a lovely place. And I love craft fairs like that. Hope you get lots of time to sew today. I'm missing my machine too.

Lyndsey said...

I hope you get lots of sewing time over the next few days Sharon. That park looks lovely for a day out and the little owl is so cute.

sewyouquilt2 said...

Wish I lived closer. Looks like a great day.

Kate said...

Looks like a lot of fun for all.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Looks like a great event.

allthingzsewn said...

What a fun time, wish we had a show that nice close by here. Enjoyed all the photos and the lamas were lovely, prettiest ones I have seen. But I like them all. The gentleman artist setup gave me an idea for DH's next show. Their work is similar.