Saturday, May 19, 2018

Petals, Threads, & Leaves

We went to take a tour of the Library flower/quilt show in the afternoon.  I heard it had been very well received and a lot of visitors.  This is one of the Kandu Jackets made during one of our guild challenges and was set with a beautifully matched arrangement by one of the garden club members.

Another guild challenge of dimensional flowers paired with just the cutest wire basket filled with a simple vase of matching flowers - and some old wooden spools to fill the basket and support the vase.

Another dimensional piece paired so lovely - just so stiking!

I just loved this setting in this little room.  That is a handcarved/painted table top - would love that piece in my house.

The lilac room where the Tea will be held today.  Oh, how you could smell these as you walked up the stairs to the upper rooms.  There are a few pieces in here to coordinate with this lovely setting.

One of our members made this for her Mom who lost her home to the Irene flood - she loved her lilacs out her kitchen window.

Another Kandu Jacket with a beautiful basket display to match.

A sweet postage stamp table topper with a prairie point border set so lovely in this alcove.  I just love a clear vase filled with cut flowers - and I adore doilies!

The meeting room's long plank table set so cute with the water-color flower basket and the floral arrangement made to match.  The quilt draped on the corner chair just adds to the elements.

An antique linen table clothe paired so softely with these two miniatures that a member made to use up scraps from a quilt.

And then my camera decided to freeze up (yes, I need a new one).  There are two very large ornate fireplace mantels in this lovely old home/now library.

There are several more arrangements/displays thru out that I would have loved to share.  At this time the crowd was arriving to make the fabric covered planters (yes, we donated fabrics) and they had lovely pansies to plant, too.  I am anxious to hear the number of people who attend that part of the event as they were dragging more tables and chairs out.

Well, I better get a few things done so I can go attend Tea this afternoon.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, May 18, 2018

Still No Sew

I still haven't touched my sewing machine and my handwork projects have sat idle as I finish up the commission cross stitch piece.  It is in the blocking stage at this point so hopefully we will be back to a regular schedule.

Although -----  our local quilt guild is involved  with a special program this weekend.  We hung and laid out our part of this combined event Friday night and the flowers will be placed Saturday morning. 

I gifted a large bag of fabrics for the tabletop planter crafting - more out of the stash even if I can't sew it.  I hope to visit this crafting and assist if need be.  Of course, I want to attend the tea.  The flowers are up for the weekend, but we are leaving the quilt displays up until Monday evening and I will be back with the crew for take down.

I look forward to my sewing time with my blogging buddies - miss you all!
Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Slow Stitching

I have been missing, but still stitching - mostly hand work.  The next temperature rosette is showing that Spring is trying here.  Trying is the word as we get a warmer tease with some pretty wild weather.  We had our first thunder/lightening storm a couple of nights ago that shook the valley!  The high winds that came with it did more tree damage which will result in plenty of firewood for the next winter season.

82 - 72 - 74 - 64 - 62 - 60 - 68

I haven't touched my sewing machine in days due to concentrating on getting this piece finished.  I have about 300 miles of back stitching to do and if you do cross stitch, you know how tedious that is.  This is worked on 16 count Aida cloth with one, two, and three strands of DMC thread for a lot of dimension.  I can't wait for this to be finished - my eyes will be glad too.

BUT it is Mother's Day and I deserve a little machine time.  I did a presentation on making journal covers at our last quilt guild meeting and those sample pieces are sitting there.  I have three that are designed for my grandkids to cover composition notebooks for their journaling.  Maybe I can get these finished so I can send them on with some other goodies.

Enjoy your day,
Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, May 6, 2018

In The Pink

I was happy to see that the RSC18 month's color was pink as I was already working a project with those.  This is the pattern I used for the class that I taught on Thursday.  You can find it HERE if you would like to play with these.  It had everything we needed to practice our 'pointy' skills on.  Flip corners, matching those pointy seams, HSTs, and geese.

We, also, covered proper use of rulers, proper pressing for better seams and flatter blocks, fabric choices,  and how to math blocks.  A student brought a project that she wanted help on how to set her blocks on point and that was a good lesson too.

I have loved seeing everyone posting 'blooming things' and we have finally jumped into Spring here  I pulled up all my bulbs in the fall and passed them on to my daughter.  BUT look!  I must have missed a few and have never had so many tulips bloom before - the squirrels and chippers eat the bulbs and woodchuck the flowers.  Ah yes, the dandelions are prolific as well.

The apple trees are starting to show some leaf and bloom.  I just hope we don't have a drop of temps when they need those bees pollinating.  I would love to have a year of abundant fruit once again - last year there wasn't a single apple on this tree.

This guy had to follow me around as I checked for flowery appearances of Spring - and storm damage.  He's been a faithful walker with me were as Bella is in a bit of a hiding mood of late.  She's had a grudge with my travels taking me away and terrified by the season's first bad thunderstorms.

My machine stitching will be slow to stand still at times as I am working full time on completing a commissioned cross stitch piece and I have a deadline to meet.

Once the rains let up, I need to run up to the store for some staples - kitty treats, bread, milk, and TP.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday

Spring is really trying to show itself here in the NorEast with a few slip-up days here and there such as the weekend snow.  BUT I do think we are finally heading into the up swing of the Season.  This latest temperature rosette had a bit of aqua thrown in with the greens.  We might even get some brighter greens soon. 

54 - 54 -51 - 60 - 46 - 46 - 62

The diamonds made a lot of progress during the quilt show.  One full and on almost there.  A sweet guild member raided her stash and found a FQ pack she had gotten at a 'porch sale'.  Thank you Steff!

It's been a while since a finish this year.  The little pineapple was just waiting for the binding to be added and sewn down when I had to break for the show.  You can find the pineapple pattern HERE.

With a new month, it was time to pull a block slip from the cup.  Next up is 'Clam Shell' and I probably will do a mini or maybe use it as a trim on a bag.  I'm very busy the month of May, so a small project is on the list.

I am still finding bags and boxes of HSTs and corner cut-offs.  Today I will look to see what is in this bag to play with.

I must have used these blue cut-offs from this donated bag  in another project as some are stitched.  I will pull all the blues in this bag and see what I can do with these 1.5" unfinished HSTs once I have the pile done.

I like to work 10 at a time, finger press, trim and then pin into groups of 10.  A nice day's bit of stitch time.  Also, a walk outside is in order as they say we might (?) hit 80 today.

I, also, have to pack my car as I head out bright and early tomorrow morning to go teach a class on improving techniques' for HSTs, Geese, and all things pointy.  Should be fun.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Monday Making

Well, I survived the weekend EQF show!  We even traveled home both nights in snow storms - yes, still snowing here in NY.  I was surprised by some wins at the show.  The little Temecula Quilt Co miniature took first place.

I didn't get to take a lot of photos as very busy either in our guild booth or helping in areas of the show, but that was a good thing as my camera and I take some horrible pictures.

Example - horrible photo.  Very surprised with this one which not only place in it's catagory but received...

the Judge's Choice Award.  That's back-to-back shows winning this award.  Pressure!! This pattern is one I tested for Bea Lee and it is available on her web site.

The show had two traveling exhibits - Hoffman Challenge and the Susan B Anthony 2020 challenge which facinated me.  This might interest some of you as individuals or even your guild to participate in.  Please check out their web site HERE.'

Of course I bought fabric - there were lots of vendors!  I fell in love with this panel - The Hatters Tea Party!

The Gold and Pink Grunge are to play with the Hatter panel and the homespun is going into another project.

These I bought off a guild's booth table.  The brown is a 6 yrd piece of vintage and I will use for a backing on my Burgoyn Surrounded.  The blue with tiny apples (more apples) is another vintage and 3 yrds!  These were only $1 yrd each - who could pass that up?  The only piece of cheddar I found in the entire show, too.  A FQ from another guild's sale table - 50 cents.

I have to unpack the car today.  Somewhere there is a bag filled with FQs that another guild booth was lowering thruout the day just to empty the table.  I was breaking down our booth and asked them to throw the left overs in a bag and I would take them all - they gave them to me for a $1 for the bag.  I don't know how many are in there or what there even is, but they will definitely get used.

I have my pieces for some of the little border blocks for the Debbie Mumm Sampler by my machine, so maybe I will get a few of those made while I sort out things from the show.   And more snow is predicted for today!

Spring?  Where are you?
Sewingly Yours,

Friday, April 27, 2018

Whoop, Whoop Friday

I am loving how this Debbie Mumm Anniversary Sampler is coming together.  I wanted to get the center finished - missing two filler blocks for that last row.  BUT, I have to make several of that type of block as some go into the one border so it will have to wait.

I wanted this to be at that point because it had to all be picked up as I will be away for a couple of days.

Our local quilt guild is one of the six regional guild's that put this show on.  I will be manning our guild' booth as well as taking some time to work in areas of the show.  If I had a hand-crank machine it would go with me,  but I'm taking my hexie diamonds to work on.

So, I need to check things off the list as I pack them and get the car loaded today - I have to leave early in the morning.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday

I think Spring has finally arrived here in the Nor'East.  We've moved from dusty blues, a bit of aqua, and then into the greens.

36 - 36 - 34 - 46 - 52 - 58 - 63

Let's hope it is here to stay; although I remember a year we had snow on Mother's Day.

I'll admit that I have been rather slow to work on the 4th hexie diamond.  I want to finish this one up today and then kit up at least two more to take with me while I man the guild's booth at this weekend's quilt show.  I'm hoping I can find some more cheddars while at the show - there's to be lots of venders and I know a few who carry a lot of CW prints.

All of the Sawtooth Stars are done for the Debbie Mumm Sampler.  I could make a whole quilt with these cute small blocks.  Maybe the next baggy of scraps I pull?

The next grouping of the Sampler's blocks are the trees and kitties.  Today I will work the trees and then start to put together as much of some of the rows/sections together as I can.  I'm excited to get this one done.  I have another show in the fall, so maybe that will be incentive.

It is raining cats and dogs today, the furkids have settled on the couch for a nap, music softly playing in the background - time to sew.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Monday Making

I'll be joining BETH today with some play with NEW fabric.  As a scrap quilter it is exciting to open up, pet, and smell new fabric.  It's a whole nother world!

I bought this wonderful bundle of fat 1/8ths at our quilt guild meeting .  I was late getting to the guest presenter's sale table, that I was afraid this lovely would be gone.  The white is a 20 yard piece I've had on the shelf and slowly working thru.  It actually has a white 'burst' circle thru it which doesn't show up in the photo - just a bit of fun.

Don't you just LOVE this selvedge?  Yup, some Cotton & Steel is getting freshly cut - my first time playing with this fabric line.

Spring Project

I've been waiting on some time to play with this .  With my quilt commission work done and being mailed out today, I have a few days before I get busy with the big quilt show on the weekend.  Button is on the side bar if you want to take a peek at this.

These are 10" finished blocks - HUGE for me.  I should  be able to catch up over the next few days as these are rather quick blocks to work up.

We were in the 50's yesterday and should be around those temps for the next few days.  YEAH!  Maybe I can get the furkids out for a walk this afternoon.  We all need to shed some of that winter 'fluff'.

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Feline Friday

I got all of my entries for the upcoming quilt show done, labeled, numbered, and bagged for pick up.  So I dumped some scraps to play with more of the Debbie Mumm Sampler blocks.  BUT, my helper decided this was a good spot to take some personal time.

So I moved to the corner to do some sorting and cutting.  That bag of scraps is working down.

Then himself thought this was a good place to hold things down.  It's very hard to cut small pieces when a big cat is laying on them.

So I resorted to my barrel system as I needed nine 4-patch blocks and this was easier than trying to work around a cat.  I need 11 of the sawtooth stars though and managed one before he settled in.

So I changed gears and put the rows for the Sail-Away quilt that is a commission piece.  I don't have a thing for the back, so will run out early tomorrow and pick up a double fleece for this as I want it quilted and ready for mail out on Monday.  She. also, ordered two of my quilts from the shop so three quilts will go out on Monday.

I picked up a commission for a small cross stitch piece, too.  So I need to pull my books for border designs and my folder of 'fonts' .  I have a rough  draft from discussion with the client so I know what direction I am headed.  I hope for a 3 week (or less) turn around on this so there won't be a lot of sewing while this happens.

We had some sunshine and warmer weather, which was much appreciated with a couple of walks around the property.  I was beginning to feel like a slug!

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday

I managed to get the houses, hearts, and stary moons for the Debbie Mumm Sampler finished before I took a few days away.  I went to house and grandkids sit while my daughter and SIL went to Boston.  My daughter ran in the Boston Marathon in the worse conditions ever!  We had such cold, snow, sleet, rain, cold, rain - well it was like January appeared again.

I took hand work with me and I would have finished the second diamond if I had counted out the right number of papers - geesh.  I even finished up the handquilting on my mini Civil War Sampler and I hope to get the binding, hanger, and label on it as it is entered in a show in 12 days.

An odd week of temperatures for an odd rosette.

39 - 51 -51 -42 -28 -30 - 34

I came across this bag of scraps on the shelf - fallen behind on of my project totes.  I will play with these while I work on that binding.  This should make a cute little piece.

Enjoy a little side project today,

Sewingly Yours,