Sunday, December 9, 2018

Monday Making

This is just part of the 240 blocks completed.  Yes, 80 blocks each quilt - three quilts.  Good thing I love to make blocks!

How do you complete that many quickly?  There are several ways and I used a lot of different strattas that were then sub-cut.  Then a lot of chaining all those pieces one right after another until a block emerged.  Mass production at it's best.  

This is what is left of the pieces I pulled and this.........

all the pieces that weren't used.  See, I said there was enough for 10 quilts.  There are three prints on the very top I haven't used in the fronts that are going to be pieced  for the backs.  That way every single print is going to be used in each quilt - as the client wanted.

 The first quilt is going up on the design wall - a flannel backed table cloth tacked to my louver doors to my washer/dryer.  Now to power sew those flimsies!  I know she said to take my time as there was no hurry, but I would like these out the door before the holiday.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. That's a whole lot of chaining...very pretty quilt coming out...hugs, Julierose

  2. are a power house of ideas and production. I love how you took the mixed assortment and tamed them into wonderful scrappy quilts.

  3. Great pattern to use for that collection of fabric!

  4. Beautiful job, Sharon! I love a bit of power-piecing, when you can just zoom through and get it done. It is so satisfying.

  5. Looks wonderful! You have done an amazing job turning a bin of fabric into a lovely quilt!

  6. Wow! The quilt is amazing, well done you. Very clever to go from having that bin of fabric to a beautiful quilt.

  7. What a great commission!! I really like the chosen pattern. These quilts will make wonderful keepsakes for their recipients!