Friday, January 29, 2016

Blue Serenity

It's the last 'blue' weekend for RSC16 (and someone asked me what RSC meant and they were a no reply commentor - rainbow scrap challange - side bar button).  I haven't gotten to trimming these and they are paper pieced as they are tiny.  There will be more of these to use up the last of the bits of blue.

Some very sweet bloggers got in touch as I went quiet too long.  I actually took some ME time.  Time much needed with my daughter and grandies.  My furkids were miffed with me, too.  As you can see - Moe climbed into the first project tote I pulled once back home and would NOT let me take any fabrics out.  He has HUGE nails and SHARP teeth, so I moved on to something else.

I worked on catching up on the Moda Sampler Block Shuffle.  I didn't like the leaf block, so changed it out with the Ohio Star block instead.  There are just four blocks left and they are available for download, but I am sticking with my every other Friday work schedule on these.  Besides - I am doing a lot of secret sewing behind all this month's posts.

This is a block I designed for the Tim Holtz 'Eclectic Elements' Challenge sponsored by Bernina.  I didn't win nor even get picked as one of the blocks to go into a quilt for display at Spring Quilt Market, but it was fun and I had some lovely comments.  It's all about 'Do More Things That Make You Happy'.

I started to compile and work on another project - again Moe moved out of the tote, but I had him snuggle down into my pile of goods.  I've been testing for the lovely Bea - she has had several magazine publications and has her patterns on Connecting Threads (and one is offered as a kit).  **And it's her Blog-A-Versary**  This is a mix of Marcus fabrics in the blue and pinks for my Pantone 'color of the year' quilt.

I know a lot of people connected the pastel pink and blue with the old diaper pins that had the color platic heads to distinquish 'boy/girl' - they weren't happy with the choice.  These are not my normal working colors or pallette, but I like to try and make something using the color of the year.  And this is the first time they have chosen 2 colors - so I hope what I have planned using Bea's lovely pattern is a sense of 'order and peace'.

Nuts About Blog Hop

And I have something to share during this up and coming Blog Hop.  I will be ready for opening day.  You can find the full schedule HERE.  

Have a lovely weekend,
Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Let's Book It Linky - January 2016

Dust Off Those Books
Welcome to our first linky party for Let's Book It.  If this is new to you, I have a tab at the header.  BUT basically it is to encourage you to dust off those books and magazines on the shelf, look thru those saved computer files, patterns crammed in a drawer - pull one and use it.  It doesn't have to be a finish and if you chose a big project, break it down into steps thru the months - but use those projects you so wanted to make long ago.

My project was a printed off free pattern from Moda Bake shop - Dottie.  I was drawn to it the minute I saw it and then had seen some fellow bloggers use it with the RSC.  Some 2.5" strips bought on sale during Cyber Sales and fabric sitting to long on the shelf was pulled.


I made fewer blocks (which means I have lots of left over strips for another project) and added a small outer border.  This was my goal to at least get this to a flimsy for the month.  Like I said - it is not about the finish, but using that 'have to make' pattern.  I actually am planning to quilt this over the weekend - after I do my SIL's latest finish.  Hey, she finished her's first, so it get's quilted first.

And this year?  Well I fell in love with the 'love bug' charm holder pin.  Who needs a reason to go on a road trip for fabric?  And it is The Pin Peddlers 30th anniversary - a special edition anniversary charm was designed 'Modern Spinning Star'.  A great way to start the Let's Book It linky for 2016.

Now it's your turn to share
 * and I see linky saw book as boot - so have a laugh*   

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching 1/24/16

While I waited for the morning coffee to brew I quick finished up today's circle and stitched up the row (the sewing machine will remain off for the rest of the day).  This is already just pleasing me so!!

I haven't worked on this in a while, so today I am joining Kathy in a day of slow stitching.  I have some bits of housework too, but that can be mixed in.  Come join us in some slow time,

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Scrappy Blues

Remember this baggie of gifted scraps?  That little bit of blue was sorted and the smaller pieces were cut into 2" squares.  The rest will go into this project, too.

Then I pulled my 2" barrel and found some more blue squares to add to the mix.

For some reason I had stuffed a 'herd' of yellow squares in the bag of lites.  I keep my lite squares by size in baggies that are then put into one of my barrels.

And the chain piecing began!!!  Cute little 9-patch blocks getting ready for the Hands2Help Challenge (see side buttons).

Then I pulled the two large totes - one with off whites and lite prints - the other with all the white on whites.

I have the center 'sashings' made and will add them after my break (gotta get something to eat and feed the furkids).  Then there will be a scrappy border.  You heard it right, a border.  I want to use up those blues and some more of those whites.

I think I should call this one 'Jonas' as it all is coming together during this storm.  Thankfully, so far Jonas has not reached us - but we still have tomorrow.

** linking up with RSC16 and Oh, Scrap **

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Whoop Whoop Friday 1/22/16

Well DOTTIE is a flimsy!!  The original pattern is much larger, but I went with a smaller setting for a throw and added an outer border.  I know - a border!  Ah, I just thought of it as part of the piecing and could look right past it.  Not sure when this will get quilted, but the purpose was to get it to this stage for the month.

I made one 'reindeer' block using Cindy's pattern for the QAL.  I don't want to make another big Christmas quilt, so plan on making at least one block each month for a wallhanging instead.  He looks a little out of sorts without his face, but button eyes and maybe a yo-yo- nose after the quilting.

And I was gifted another baggy of scraps.  Normally I would tuck this away as I have others waiting, but this one had a lot of blue in it - the color for RSC16.  So I dumped it out and sorted triangles into my Goosey blocks container, strings in the tote, cut down the purples and into the barrels - but the blues.....  I have all of my monthly goals DONE.. SO today I play with blue!

The question remains - do we get dumped on with this snow storm coming?  Everyone stay safe.  I picked up a few supplies/staples yesterday, crockpot meals are planned, and I will sew the weekend away.

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

While the Wind Howls

It has been a bitter day.  We are sub temps and super howling winds making it beastly outside.  I had a door fly open - luckily no broken window panes - and one of my front windows blew open, too.  I can't get that one to close tight enough to lock it (settling old house) - a bit scarey!!

Love it when the back of the block looks as good as the front.

I did get all my blocks finished and with the howling winds still persistant into the night there will be little sleep.  SO - I am putting these  into rows and possibly even into the complete top.

I don't normally get excited about a new ironing board cover, but look what my SIL picked up!  LOVE IT!!  And a new lint roller in the pink zebra stripe pattern.  You would think I was a modern quilter.

Off to give to very nervous furkids a pet and scratch and then back to the machine.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Making 1/19/16

Monday I caught up on the Moda Shuffle Sampler blocks (button on side bar).  I still haven't thought of how I want to set these yet. - better hurry up as this one is coming to a close in a few weeks.

I started on the second half of my Dottie blocks for my Let's Book It project.  This is a free JR pattern on the Moda Bake Shop site.  Strip sets sewn and then sub-cuts made.  These are next to the machine to just chain the block units now.  I'm hoping to have this at the flimsy stage by this weekend.

Today is the chaining of those blocks while I help my SIL lay out a setting for her newest quilt - she finished up all the blocks Monday.  I am finally getting her to dive into her left overs and scraps to clear some things out.  She has a gorgeous new JR that she is dieing to play with and I won't let her until this one is done.

There are a lot of NEW buttons on the side bar that might interest you.
Hands2Help is starting up and I hope you participate in another year.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Slow Stitching Sunday

I will be joining Kathy today with some slow stitching.  I have been sure to at least select a fabric, prep the circle, and then pin to it's background.  As you can see, I have a few to get stitched.  They don't take long to do and then I can get them sewn together and then add to the group.

I liked Angela's idea of sewing them into a larger sub-block, then those can be sewn together, making quicker work of putting this quilt together.  I mathed out my plan and working sub-blocks 6 x 6 will work for me.

Then I will have time to finish this - with resident quilt keeper.  It's hard enought to home machine quilt a quilt, but with this butter ball in the way - HARDER.  She was thrilled when that table went up - a quilt is coming out for some snuggling!.  It's quilted and I hope to get the binding on so I can hand stitch it to it's finish.

Pick up some hand stitching and join us,

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, January 15, 2016

Being Blue

No, I'm not blue - just playing with blue scraps.  Those two large tubs I thought were so full of scraps - weren't.  I forgot I have my flannels, minky, and extra wides packed in them with some scrap bags on top.  I really had to dig for some blues.  I want to make Angela's RSC16 Column Sampler so I really needed some larger pieces.  Thus the FQ tote came out to play along with my tote of larger pieces of white.  AND there's Moe - ready to help.

Some of my FQs aren't really FQs, so I tried to use those smaller pieces and then threw the left overs in the baggy of odd pieces I found.  I made two of each color way - all of them have the same dark textured center.

I'm making the smaller version, so only needed 6 blocks.  I love this block so much!!

And I finished up all the spool blocks as leader/enders while doing those sparkler stars. I use Kona Black a LOT and have so many pieces, cut-offs, left over bindings - hopefully this project will use those up.

As I was clearing and putting things away - Moe had to change napping spots.  I pulled some skinnies and bits from the 'white' tote to play with the baggy of blues at some point (log cabin blocks) - they must have looked like they needed holding down.

I know you want to see what I bought at that sale.  Neutrals!  Three one yard cuts and a three yard extra wide backing.  The JR is EBI Fabrics which I have not heard of or bought before, but at $18 and I like the mix of black/grey/lime green (it looks yellow in photo).  And the cute 'Cat Stack' wool/felt wall hanging kit was half price and had to come home with me.

And I got this really cool bag (free) to carry all my goodies home.  It was a beautiful weather day - I think we had more snow in the Valley than the Catskill Mountains did.  Lovely drive with some sweet people - lunch out, lively talk, lots of laughs - perfect day.

I have to drag out and set up my big tables to layer and baste out a quilt - then quilt it.  My weekend project - what's yours?

**linking to RSC16 - Oh,Scrap - January's Scraptastic Tuesday - Whoop-Whoop Friday - Feline Friday**

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Well, we finally have winter here .  Not a huge blizzard, but snow with winds that caused white outs and sub temps.  Great for staying inside and sewing.  And I think I needed that to get some things done.

My first finish for 2016!  It's hard to see the stitching because it's black on black and in the ditch - HA.  Yeah, hard on the eyes at times, but my Ott light is a huge help.

And as much at the front is scraps, so is batt and binding and backing - that fabric is all used up!  Well, I think a couple of squares went into the barrel.

Not sure why this one came out so orange because it's the same fabrics as the little one.  But my 2nd finish for 2016.  This one I did just machine stitching with 'in the ditch' and some lined quilting in the black border.

The backing again was a piece just large enough  (had to piece the hanging sleeve) and used up!  After I saw this photo, I so changed that label as it looked too much like a diaper to me.

I cut some scraps for leader/ender spool blocks.  I'll use the RSC16 to work these.

Here's the few I managed to get done while working on my Let's Book It blocks.

And when you been away from the machine for a while, you make mistakes.  Even though I laid these right out in order, I still put a few together wrong - geesh!!

Eventually I managed to get half the blocks sewn together.  The original pattern sets them 6 x 6 (no border) for a 72" quilt, but I am setting them 4 x 5 blocks and will add a border for a lap size.

And Bella has decided that it is OK to sleep on the 'half' couch that has been moved. She is scared by winds and just kind of collapses after a nervous breakdown.  Moe has been brave and done his property patrols in these storms.  Where he has been napping when he comes in - don't know - you never know where you will find him.

BUT they will have to fend for themselves today because it is going to be nicer weather, so my SIL and I are heading out with a friend  ................

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