Tuesday, April 26, 2022



It's hard to believe that in a few days we will be flipping the calender again.  Just where did the month of April go?  My goal of working 'three' has taken a hiatis and I need to get back on the horse.  BUT, we had a few nice days after an ugly Spring Snow week.  The Daffs had come out early and the cold and snow took toll on them.

 Then we jumped to a few warm, sunny days and I opted to do some work in the flower beds.  Yes, I have early tulips as well.  All my daffs and tulips are thankful planting of squirrels and chippers.  They are in need of some seperation and new soils.

These have migrated into the lavender, so need moving.  AND the lavender needs a good clean up.

It's turning rainy and cold for a few days, so yard work will wait.  There are 5 quilts that need their binding attached and that will be on my schedule for finishing out April.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, April 18, 2022

Monday Making


All of the pieces are cut for some more stars although I am sure I will need more 2.5" squares, but that's easy cuts.

I'm using the flip corner method for the star points - and I am NOT saving the cut-offs.

I like how these look.  Slow going, but progressing.  I need 28 and have 6 done - yes, slow going.  


The color hop starts today so please visit Carol  for today's hosts.

We had snow squalls all day Easter Sunday and are suppose to get up to 8" tonight - good thing I haven't put that shovel away.  Uggh!!!, but it won't last as the temps are rising.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Monday Making


The diamonds have gotten attached to my Guild's Challenge.  All those little bits of time with prepped work by the machine paid off.  The applique' round looks a little bare, but there are dimensional pieces that will be added once this baby is quilted.

 The next round is 'Stars' and I am repeating that center scrappy star.  Again, I am prepping so many star pieces to have by the machine and grab a little stitching time when I can.

This is one of my Newbies next project.  We were flipping thru some of our magazines and catalogs when this cover quilt caught her eye.  She LOVES color and since she has done a few projects that involved making a few of each type block to complete rows or sections - a row quilt seems like a good fit.  Repetition seems to help her in remembering technique's.

She's made a number of flying geese blocks and units, but these are 'offset' using a different technique' and you can see she is enjoying COLOR.  We're pulling this all together from my scraps right now.  I am glad to see a lot of this get used up.  

She wants to change the pumpkin row and will think about whether to repeat the geese at the bottom or go with a scrappy patchwork instead.  All scraps are being saved for any change of plans.  

At some point we plan a group shopping trip to a LQS they have not been to as part of a learning experience.  Learning fabric lines, designers, and picking out needed sashing and/or border fabrics for projects in progress.  Since this shop is in the Catskill Mountains (and we had snow today), we are waiting for nicer weather.

Joan is hosting the next Blog Hop and who doesn't love to play with color.  Spring is taking it's time to arrive here, so color would so be appreciated in any form.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Diamonds in the Rough


All 54 diamonds - or square in a square - are progressing.  The last corner will be blues and they are all cut and ready once some time comes to chain them thru the machine.  Then they will need a trim, sewn into rows, and then added to the round robin project.

April Fools Day didn't play the trick, but waiting a couple of days to surprise us with this.  It warmed up later in the day to change things to rain and it was all gone by evening.  But it was an 'oh, not again' moment!

Sewingly Yours,