Friday, December 30, 2016

Farewell 2016

I thought I would pan off to the right of my porch - three days of this!  I quess 2016 wants us to wish her a (not so) fond farewell.  That's the 'farm tenent' house that my brother and SIL live in and the red barn is the wood shop.  And you guys wondered why I hibernate - ha!

It was perfect weather though to finish off those last few things for the year.  The Leap Year quilt had it's last circle done and all the sections got sewn together.  360 circles on the front and the last 6 are with the label.  This one is going to take me thru the New Year as I plan to hand quilt this special quilt.

I found the lost backgrounds for my flower baskets!  They were tucked inside my Kona black flat fold -  go figure.  But this project has been totally relocated into it's new tote - ALL THERE - double checked.  Now to make up for lost time.

The last Westering Women block.  I made it with units found in the tote.  This was a project to use up some of those Marcus fabrics (with a mix).  I have the sashing and border fabric pulled from the shelf and now with the blocks ready for a finish in 2017.

And the 2nd Winter Solstice (with Pat Sloan) block got made before the next one comes out in the New Year.

And for the last giggle of the year - how about a butt in a bucket?  He insisted he was going to sleep in that little bucket, but just didn't fit - next best thing I guess.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Review of Scrap Management

Being I am a scrap quilter, I have a LOT of scraps and enjoy playing in them.  I don't ever want to use them up, just tame them from time to time.  I was so glad to join SARAH @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict (this takes you to her end of year review) and really tackle those bits of goodies.

 The 12 Days of Christmas blocks hosted by Marian @ Seams to be Sew and Janeen @ Quilt Art Design

The borders on the Gail Pan stitchery - left over binding bits.

LORNA'S fabulous pattern - Mod Bear Paw - entirely of scraps and left overs from other quilts.  I have to admit this was THE quilt for the year.

The mini key chain purses - free pattern under my tutorial tab.  Between the commission that started the creation for this pattern, those gifted, those sold, and those in the shop - I think I have made 50 of these so far.

Three baby quilts to use up solids, 30 prints and some brights.  

The watercolor large wallhanging using Marti Mitchell's method of using different 'shapes' to acheive the affect.

This cute project with Podunk Pretties was completed with scraps.

Some 'found' pinwheels to use up more solids and left over JR strips.


My 'nifty nines' charity quilt with Sarah's pattern during Hands2Help.

Wovens and plaids for a fun little piece.

The 'Amish Nines' used up some left overs nicely.

Another Amish mini to use up those much valued bits of Marcus fabrics.

And as I scrolled thru the year - a lot of blocks!!!  Yes, Sarah's group got a couple of boxes of those - love sending them on.  I have several BOMs and QALs that used all scraps, too - but those aren't finishes.  Work for next year.

Sarah plans some 'starry' quilt patterns to help us along with Hands2Help 2017 and I will use the Scrap Challenge again to play with these because I have a 32 gallon tote filled with new bags of gifted scraps not even looked at yet!

Go play,
Sewingly  Yours,

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Best of 2016

Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs is again hosting the Best of 2016.  List 5 favorites:  blog posts, finishes, best tutorial, what ever is your favorite.  Since I do way too many projects thru the year to do a 'finale', I thought this would be perfect to wrap up the year.


I was honored to be selected by Henry Glass Fabrics to be a participant in their Desire To Inspire program.  I was sent some lovely fabric that became dear to me and most of the projects made were gifted on to charity and/or fund raising events.

The rest will be about sharing quilting, fabrics, and fiber arts with others because that was a huge part of my year.


Our two local quilt guilds and our County Quilt Barn Trail group were once again asked to participate in a  local fiber arts show.  I represented the Schoharie Valley Piecemakers Guild , our local shop VroomansQuilts, and the Catskill Mountains Quilters Hall of Fame.

Sharon (one the left) represented the Quilt Barn Trail and Steff (on the right) represented the Peacable Day Quilters.  We shared our lovely space with the local Sheep and Wool group and rug hooking class.

That was also the weekend (Saturday) of our 'Airing of the Quilts' and special drive about day for the Quilt Barn Trail.  Both local quild's members had quilts out thru-out the county.  Yes, Sharon, Steff (these are hers) and I had our lines full that day as well as busy at the venue.


I had the pleasure of assisting my Mother in setting up her honorary show in Arkville, NY as part of the Catskill Mountain Quilters Hall of Fame.  Also, drove her to the reception, final class day, and take down of the display.  Her exhibit brought a request for a lecture and a trunk show and we are hoping to keep her going as another venue wishes to have a one women show.  As many know, my momma is in declining health - we have to give her little things to look forward to.


I was tickled pink that our quilt guild got to host Sarah  (a blogger I follow) for a class and trunk show.  To share a day with an on-line friend in person was special as well as having my guild get to enjoy her 'hexology'.



I was asked by one of the local guilds to design a 'quilter's bag' with their specifications and then teach a class to make them.  I had a lovely time with these ladies and although they were working with the same pattern, their choice of fabrics made each so unique to the quilter.

Thank you Cheryl for hosting and thank you all for visiting,
Sewingly Yours,

Monday, December 26, 2016

I Blame Barbara

Cat Patches

Do so hope not to offend my dear friend, but Barbara @ Cat Patches has led me down the path to 'NEW' far to many times.  This fun stitch along just tickles me and will be great for those Slow Sunday Stitching days, also.  You can click the button on my side bar to read about this project.  One lady, two ladies, or the whole bunch - what fun.  I plan to do all 12, but working them as single mini quilts for Christmas 2017 gifting. 

A simple, but traditional heritage block - the Churn Dash.  The start of the 182 Days of Solstice QAL with Pat Sloan.  Again, Barbara shared this on her blog and I had to join in.  Guess that happens when you've wrapped up your year and waiting for the New Year goodies to come out on the quilty net.

I have had this FQ bundle (Impressions - Clotheswork) for probably 4 years as well as collecting grays and a few yellows for a gray/yellow quilt.  This is perfect to represent our Solstice here in the NorEast - it has been so gray, cold and dismal that we are all wishing for sunny skies and warmth (my yellow). 

Have you joined in any new starts yet?
Sewingly Yours,

Monday Making 12/26/16

Share What You Are Making

I have had my machine and tables picked up for the last few days of Holiday festivities.  We kept things low key due to my Mom's health.  I did some hand stitching while watching various seasonal movies in the evening, it was perfect to keep the de-stress mode going.  But, I am ready to sew.

I had made a number of these bookmarks using this TUTORIAL.  She uses pretty ribbons, but I used up a lot of my scrap bindings to make my own 'ribbon'.  I have some 'boy' color ones that need those cute truck, dino, car buttons sewn on.  I'll do a few inbetween some machine time......

as those bear paw blocks need working on.  I have all of my pieces cut and now set up to assembly line sew by the machine - ready to go!

And just to show I got it done - the panel quilt for my granddaughter got finished.  I ordered this when Hart's fabric did a special print of three 'princess' large panels - blonde, red head, and brunette.  These are 60" x 72" and you just play with thread.  I did some outline and accent quilting on her dress.  The background just has some ribbon quilting thru it.  Backed with a blue plushy (the purple minky wasn't big enough) and no batting.

I hope you all had a lovely and relaxed Holiday,
Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Winter Solstice 2016

I get excited about Winter Solstice as I know from this day on this part of the world begins to have longer days and head into the light.  We have been so bitter cold and gray, there has to be hope for the return of warmth and color.

I am still looking for my hexie project background pieces, but I discoved that I could no longer put any more green into this drawer.  I had a hard time getting the drawer out of the cart!   So maybe I am thinking of trees.  I cannot wait to see the first sprout of leaf bud. Also, I found a bag with about 6 yards of white (Moda Bella?).  Not sure what I got if for, but it is going into the next three projects.

I was planning on waiting until after the Holidays to start the black bear quilt, but as long as I was processing greens I started the bear paw blocks.  I am cutting pieces I need for two other quilts at the same time and kitting them up.  That will make for quick work when I get to those projects.

I removed just enough fabric so this guy could squeeze himself into a napping spot.  Geesh!!  It forced me to go clean the bathroom, finish the dishes, and make up my grocery list.  Poor Moe is at a loss with this cold and snow - he can't make his usual 100 miles doing the property line patrol thru the day. Even the neighbors say they miss him visiting while on his stroll.

Today my Mom wants to take a bit of a travel so we  will head off to pick up a script, visit the post office, and stop for a few groceries.  That should be a day for her and then I can go back to my hibernation - and processing greens. 

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching 12/18/16

I will be joining KATHY today with some slow stitching.  I like how she shares the idea of the need to keep ourselves healthy, especially with the stress of the Holidays.  She states Feel free to call this "mandatory preventative medicine"! 

I have the next set of 'three' layer cakes cut for adding to that pile of large rosettes.  And pulled two sets of smaller rosettes for the other project.  I am searching for the white backgrounds.  I don't know why they weren't in the tote with the rest of my hexie fabrics.  I know I cut them all - the left over white is in there (for sashing piecing and setting triangles) - but where are my backgrounds????? 

More cold, snow, ice is predicted for today - good day to stay indoors and hand stitch.

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Oh, Scrap

I enjoyed playing with some scraps to make some of the 12 Days of Christmas blocks hosted by Marian @ Seams to be Sew and Janeen @ Quilt Art Design.  I saved the lovely applique patterns offered by Marian for a different project.  I chose to use just a few of the house blocks and set them in the Attic Window style.  There will be more work on this next year as I gather bits to use as embellishments and applique to dress this up.

Our snowy scene isn't so bright and fun.  Yes, more snow and more COLD!  It is that gray.......

This is not set to gray scale on my camera - this is what it looks like for real.  Someone asked about all the buildings and were they neighbors.  NO, we have a lot of barns and out buildings on our farm.  When it warms up I am going to have to share this part of Vroomans Quilts.

** linking up with Oh, Scrap **

It is bitter cold, snowy, icy in so many places - stay safe,
Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Whooping Up Two Finishes

I am so happy to say that the poor little Gail Pan block (Splendid Sampler) has finally been completed.  This was my last 'Let's Book It' project and the wee thing kept getting pushed to the back of the table for far too long.  I was going to make a scrappy patch border, but when I pulled my scrap binding drawer to look for a possible binding to use - well those scrap bindings went into the border as well as binding.  A Harbinger of Spring!  It is miserably cold here, a little bit of happy for the wall.

And the BIG finish - Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts' Mod Bear Paw pattern has come to life.  I just love this pattern and after the Holidays plan to make another.  The only fabric I bought for this was the gray (which I actually bought for something else and didn't like it for that) - everything else came off the shelf or out of the scrap bins.  Even the extra wide backing was something on the shelf for a very long time.  My long armer (thanks Barb) did a tight, close meander in a honey brown - simple so the pattern could do the 'speaking'.  BEAR will be going to my daughter which is good because I've had a lot of requests that this one appear in a few area shows.

I just have to finish up the last of the quilting and then machine bind my granddaughter's quilt and my list for the year is complete.  WHOOPING it up with Sarah today.

Sewlingly Yours,

Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Making 12/12/16

I'll be joining BETH today for Monday Making.  Perfect day to stay inside and sew as one of those big storms predicted finally did hit our Valley and everything is shut down/closed.  First up is to set my paper pieced blocks into the 'Attic Window' as far as I can.  Since I am only going to use the first and second rows 3 blocks, I am waiting on one last block release.  I will have every thing cut and ready for final piecing - even borders folks.

Then I clean up my table, good cleaning of the machine with new needle, threads pulled - and then my granddaughter's quilt gets sandwiched and thread painted.  Yeah, that is a LARGE panel (needs a pressing) and backed with a double plushy so no need for batting.  This should work up fast - don't know why I put it off so long.

Sewingly Yours,