Thursday, December 1, 2016


It always amazes us on how fast the year comes to an end.  How did it become December???  It's a month of lights, snow and feasts; time to make amends and tie up loose ends; finish up what you started and hope your wishes come true.

The 'Quilty 365' or my Leap Year (366) quilt will be one of those projects that will be coming to a finish.  This is November's four rows completed.  I have loved this project from the start and Slow Sunday Stitching has been a blessing to keep at all those hand stitches.  The layout will only have 360 circles on the front, but the last 6 (well already made) will be part of the label on the back.

With Barbara Brackman

November's block came out yesterday and the December block won't be until late in the month, so the Westering quilt will be more of a 2017 finish. Barbara announced the new BOM for next year and I added the button.  Yes, this Yankee better make this quilt, too. I look forward to the history of quilting in this region of New York.


This is Debby Kratovil's Adinkra African quilt and I look forward to the last block.  Not sure I will get the alternate blocks done, but everything is kitted and ready when I have time.  AND yes, I am doing borders on this one.


Of course I have the two hexie projects, but they are not a worry in finishing this month or even into next year.  They are my soothing whispers to carry on as long as they take.

I have the Gail Pan stitchery and there was one other Let's Book It mini I didn't finish - maybe........  Then there is the binding on the BEAR quilt and my granddaughter's quilt (not started).  We are expecting snow thru next week and that will be a good time for those.

There is, also, present wrapping to do - with some help - I think.

Sewingly Yours,


Quilting Babcia said...

Great progress on all these projects! I can only wish to have more uninterrupted time to quilt! You're moving right along on Quilty 365. Are you planning to hand or machine quilt yours?

Heidi said...

I sure look forward to seeing those dots all together! Piecing your backgrounds gave such great movement, it looks brilliant!

Hope yours is a wonderful December!

Dana Gaffney said...

I'm feeling the same way, how can it be December? I've really enjoyed watching the circles grow, I'm a little sad to see that one ending too. Wrapping presents with help is a tradition here, sometimes funny and sometimes messy :)

SandraC said...

I, too, have loved doing the Quilty 365....this will be a special quilt of memories for me

Barbara said...

Well, yes, it's going fast, but since we're counting down to retirement, we're happy about the time passing quickly. I'm saving my circle quilt for when we start traveling. Yours is looking great. You've made a lot of progress despite being so busy this past month.

Needled Mom said...

I can't believe it is December either. You've had a great quilty year, Sharon. I have enjoyed following you.

audrey said...

It's Crazy that it's December already! Lot of good stuff you're sharing today!

Julie Fukuda said...

Now, how can you get so much done and them mention what you didn't get done? That snow might keep my inside quilting.

Jeanna said...

December came around rather quickly this year. Seems like time is passing quicker and quicker these days. No matter for you though because you create so many wonderful quilts and projects.

Happy Holidays and keep 'em coming.

MissPat said...

I really like the two fabric backgrounds in your 365 circle blocks. And alternating the seam direction. Adds a lot of interest. I'm going to have to check out the Barbara Brackman BOM if it's about NY. Not that I need another project to start. I knew it was supposed to turn much colder next week, but I guess I blocked out the snow forecast. We already had an 8" snowfall (much higher amounts closer to the lake).

Kate said...

You always manage to get so much done. Looking forward to your 366 reveal, it's been fun to see that project grow this year.