Sunday, March 31, 2013

March NewFO

March was a a challenge in itself with my computer being knocked down and the scramble to get things working - some things saved and some things lost, but it all marches on (March /marches HA).

I took part in another 12" Mini swap with the theme for St. Patty Day.  Received a great box of scraps from fellow blogger - Selena - and boy that has been fun to play in.  Project Quilt Challenge was using a Publication (page28) for inspiration and that was fun.  And the new 'Forest' QAL started and the first block was the Pilated Woodpecker - which I can relate to as we have one of those odd fellows grace our yard thru Summer and Fall.

There was the Monthly Doll Quilt Swap with the theme - Animals and had a partner who was a new kitty owner.  Another project started with scraps from the 'fun box' - I actually have 6 projects that I am playing with right now from that box!  A cute mini from Konda's book 'Simply Charming-Minis' - Cherry On Top.  A great book for minis and I have another pattern picked out to use for April's Doll Quilt Swap.  And the last Project Quilting Challenge piece - Hurrah Spring theme - and I did up a small cross stitch and fabric framed.  I love our returning early (spring) birds, flowering fruit trees so the obvious choice with this project.

I ,also, finished off two UFO's - Jelly Roll quilts that just needed quilting and binding - but those photos were lost in the computer dilemma and have since gone on to new homes.  And another quilt went off to the longarmer and should return in April for it's binding/label.

** linking up with CatPatches-NewFO and be sure to see how everyone else played thru the month of March **

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Last Orange

It feels so great to be back into the 'norm' of it all - computer and all it's extras finally up and running so play time can continue!  I still have a few quirks to get either used to or learn how to work with.  But made it for all the end of the month updates.  And today is the last Orange Saturday for rainbow blocks.
I did have lots of skinny strips to make up all the blocks needed for the log cabins.  I love how these look and it is going to be fun putting all the rainbow colors together into this quilt.
And the little 'starlet' blocks.  Hey, I had some strange prints in the Sprout blocks, so why not an animal print in a star?  

And I saw this block some where before I went computerless - don't remember where now.  These are 16" blocks - yes, had to make up the purple and pink to go with the orange.  I think this will make a great quilt for my quilt guild charity donation drive next year.

Well the three weakest colors in my stash collection have been pulled for the year - I can't wait to see what next month's color is - I know I will have that color for sure!

Sewingly Yours,

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The World is Flat

I know I have been lost - in space - in a flat world.  I had trouble with my McAfee program and a wonderful 3hr+ phone session with them and an administrator messing in my computer - YIKES - and dead in the waters!!  Several days with 4 geeks and the damaged partition was found, but in recovering my system and files - well, things got lost.  But I'm up and running - or limping.  I can't open pdf's  even though Adobe is loaded and I can't get my camera to load - cannot find a compatible driver for it - geesh!!  It worked before on this system!  And what's a blog without a camera/photos?  My camera has been cracked/casing broke by a sweet furry friend for yrs, but works if you squeeze it just right - think it is time for a new one.

And remember to sign up with Sarah for donating to H2H this year.  She has a lovely page at the top to take you to the H2H info and sign-up page.  There are give aways for sign up commitment and for completed quilts.  And out of staters - Sarah offers finishing to help you out with shipping costs - or donating to a charity in your area instead.  So go visit Confessions of a Fabric Addict now.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hurrah Spring

The last challenge for Project Quilting was an inspiration of the celebration of Spring.  A little hard around here with the recent snow squalls - and more on the way.  But Spring's arrival always means the return of lovely seasonal birds and our orchards flowering.  We have lots of bird houses around the property, but the prime locations are in the orchards.  So I did up a little cross stitch of a 'tweet' couple setting up housekeeping in one of our houses in the orchard in bloom.  And pulled fabrics for framing.

My photos of the process of 'flip-and-sew' are missing - I have a tutorial for that method HERE-Fabric Framing .  With my piece all framed and pinned out - next is the beading  and stitching flower centers for some added bling and to help 'quilt' the center.  And I want to do a large framing hand stitch with floss around the piece.

Once that was done, I could add the set-in corner hangers and attach the binding.

And the finished piece - 'Sing In Spring' - already hanging on the wall above my computer.  And I know you will catch it - so careful to cut that directional fabric and then sewed the side pieces on UPSIDE DOWN - didn't even notice until half way thru the large stitching.  - it stays that way!

Close up of the beads in the blue flower centers and lazy-daisy and french knots with pink floss in the pink flower centers.

And the back - Lori Holt's 'Happy Cottage' - you can see the flip-and-sew method quilts the piece.  Finished size is 12.5" square.

I have really enjoyed playing with the challenges during Project Quilting - and I do have my fabric bundle for the bonus challenge - Tradition Times Three (a traditional block in three sizes).  I'll be cutting into that next week.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Days

I got confirmation that 'the bit o' green' arrived safely in Portugal.  This was my piece for the 12" Mini Swap group and the first time I have shipped to Portugal.  I doubt they celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but I hope it brings luck and fortune to Manuela's household.

I played in that lovely scrap box Selina sent me.  There is nothing like running bits thru the old machine to get your juices flowing again.  I pulled a ziplock baggy full of scrappy red 2.5" squares and stacks of black and grey triangles and off I went.  I ended up with 160 of those tri-corner pieces when all was done - now where to take them?

And I am just putting on the finishing touches of the next Project Quilting Challenge - I should have a full post ready on this one Friday or Saturday.  Hey, we have had another snow stormy few days and there was nothing but to wind those 8 bobbins and get down to business!  

And slow going with the piece for the 'April Showers' blog hop.  My bit of stitchery had to keep under wraps - a secret and to keep Mr Moe off it.  I still have a few FQs of Summer Breeze left as well as scraps - and I just think this says "Spring" for this piece.

I struggled with the next paper pieced block for the Forest QAL.  So many tiny pieces and the thing kept splaying.  This is actually my third attempt and I'm sticking with it!.  I left out a portion of the block to keep my Birch trees straight and added the ground/greens pieced strips to each side.  And the block did not print out for a 12.5" unfinished no matter how I played with it - so I added a plain strip across the bottom.  This really looks like the small grove of birch we have along the old logging road.

Please take notice of the new button for Hands2Help on the side bar.  Click on it and it will take you to Sarah's site and all the information about the challenge for 2013.  I know a lot of you have participated in the past, but I have a lot of new followers (WELCOME) and would love for you to join in.
 "It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:  when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade."
- Charles Dickens

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, March 18, 2013

Snowed In

Well, like so many, the tackling of paperwork+books+receipts+inventory+forms=TAX TIME!!  Finally finished and all out the door.  Which was perfect timing as we are in another huge snow storm.  But while I stressed thru the above, lots of wonderful things came to my door to bighten my days.  This lovely 'bit o' the green' came from Wendy-aka StitchDuchess as part of the 12" Mini Swap group.  And a cute FQ and lovely card.

I, also, won with two different random draws with the Project Quilting bi-weekly challenges.  A great one yard piece of hand dyed blue from Chris at Dye Candy Fabrics which will work into the Forest QAL I am sure.  And a Fiber Packet from Pam of For Quilts Sake.  Some lite batiks , various fibers, buttons, and beads.  This I am saving for our Quilt Guild summer challenge.

And lovers of Laurel Birch fabrics - eat your hearts out!  The lovely Erin  aka Vesuviusmama was de-stashing with a first come - first serve for some great pieces.  I lucked out totally.

This was such a large piece that I had to photo it in half.  I just am so in love with this piece of fabric, thank you so much Erin.  This will be my NewFo project maybe in Nov, so I have a great quilt for Dec.  YES, I plan on cutting this apart, don't drop of a heart attack.

I was fortunate to win this magazine from the Quilty Pleasures QM blog during their anniversary and block celebration.  I cannot wait to browse thru this - seen parts on their blog - and I know my 'project list' is going to grow.

I received a box from Joyce of Texas -- get to this later.  As I was laying out the goodies of course the Tuxedo Moe just had to lay claim to this pile! 

This is all the loveliness laid out - minus a cat!  Now I keep a file folder for win notifications so I can check when they come in - AND - so I can send out an appropriate Thank You card.  Do you thank your gift host when you win???  So, I cannot find info anywhere on this one, if someone out there remembers, Kick My Butt!!  I have the address from the box, but the card only had a first name (no blog listed) - I really want to send out a thank you. *** She kicked my own butt - Joyce aka Young By Design, thank you so much for all this goodness***

 I am so ready to SEW - I have those 8 bobbins set to go, machine is cleaned, work surface cleared, new blade in the rotary, and the furries have finally wandered off to nap in the quest bedroom.  Priority projects - the newest Project Quilting challenge and then the April Showers Hop piece (plus set up the draft post).  Then catch up on some blocks and then to play in that great box of scraps Selina sent me.  We are having a three day snow storm - so I am going to be warm and content!!

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quilt Gallery Celebration Hop Winner

Before I announce the winner I would first like to thank all of you for visiting and commenting.  However - I had a LOT of no-reply commentors, more than I have ever had.  A few of you did put your contact info with your comment, but oh my dears.  All that blog hopping and commenting and hoping to win something - if you cannot be contacted, you are missing out.  So please remember to leave your info or an easy fix is:
1. In your, click on Dashboard.
2. Select Edit Profile.
3. Check the box for "Show my Email Address."
4. MOST IMPORTANTLY - Click save changes at the bottom of that page.

I had four people select (however their method) from the comment list - So I could toss those four names in a hat to draw a winner.  Of those four, two were no-reply commentors with no info with their comment.  The other two, well the same person was selected by two people....... SO.....
Congratulations Lisa of In The Boondocks

Lisa said...
I would make different sized blocks for my baby grand daughter. I love the prints they are so happy and bright! Just what you need to draw babys attention! Great giveaway!

I will be contacting her for personal mailing info.  I will be hosting another giveaway with the SewWeQuilt 'April Showers' Blog Hop.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


This is the Monthly Doll Quilt Swap piece that I sent off to Janet.  The theme for March was 'Animals' and it seemed we are both cat lovers.  These bow tie kitties are from an adaptation of a pattern found in the book "Christmas Cats & Dogs' by Janet Kime with Martingale co.

And the signature little dollie to go with the doll quilt.

My inspiration - Thing #1.......

and Thing #2...................

And we will be taking a real pause from the blog for a few days - I have lots to get finished up here while my helpers nap. **I will post the winner of the Hop give away Friday morning**


Today (14th) is the last day of the Quilt Gallery Blog Hop 

Viewers' Voting open for Project Quilting at PersimmonDreams - theme Publication Inspiration

Nancy Drew Hop will end Friday (15th)

(Inter)National Quilting Day is Saturday (16th) - if you click on the button it will bring you to the Nat'l Quilting Asso. site and a free pattern

And go give Teresa over at Fabric Therapy a huge cyber-hug - her "All Around Town" won third place at Lancaster!!  You can see the winners on this

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, March 11, 2013

Design Wall Monday 3-11-13

I received this wonderful box, just stuffed to the brim (with a mailer also) from the lovely Selina and I wanted this to be my  weekend of play.  She had things so nicely sorted, labeled, and bagged.

There were lots of brown and lite triangles, so I pulled all these (and there were alot more on the table with the machine) - they just kind of spoke to me - there was really lots of pretties, but these just had to come out and play.  I wound 8 bobbins again, which emptied my cone.  That's 5,000 yrds of thread used since the beginning of the year.  Well actually more has been used, as this is my piecing thread.

I only trimmed down the HSTs as I used them into a block - I would get bored with the project if I did all of them at once.  Here are16 stars I managed to get completed.  I have two other star settings I want to use for the rest of those and then I can think sashing, borders, quilting.  Reminds me of chocolate!

And I finally got to the first block for the Wildlife QAL.  The Pilated Woodpecker.  They are really large birds and usually are shy and stay within the cover of heavily forested areas.  However....

we have one (male) that comes down into our yard for his favorite tree along our lane.  They make huge holes and eventually kill the tree - but probably all the insects would kill it anyway.  You can see where a portion of the sub-branch broke off above all those holes - he just drilled it away!  Maybe this summer I can get a photo of him - he doesn't go too far, just makes a huge racket at us.

I will be linking up with Patchwork Times - check out what others are working on.

Did you get an 8 bobbin weekend?
There are some new buttons on the side bar and I have a couple of more I will be adding - the net is never quiet!

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, March 8, 2013

Project Quilting Challenge #5

I just thought this challenge the coolest!  PRINT PUBLICATIONS - we had to chose at random and without peeking - a publication to use page #28.  The only thing I get in my house is the weekly community flyer - and that only went to page 21.  So I asked my SIL to grab any magazine she had sitting around and bring it down - without any hint as to what I needed it for.

Oh, I lucked out as page 28 had all this to chose inspiration from.  I could have been trying to be inspired by hearing aids!  I love the horse, but not inspired.  The waterfall was interesting, but lacked color.  So the flowering trees spoke - besides, I really crave SPRING!

So I pulled all the usual suspects that might work into a plan.  Fabrics were easy.  Just to narrow down all the play items and get to action.

I pieced my background and fused some branches - totally forgot to photo the three drawers of thread I pulled out next.  Yes, three!

I used one layer of Quilter's Dream Select batting to quilt the back ground. Then I added a second layer of the same batt and did the branches.  I hand quilted in the ditch across the plains - adding a lot of dimension and texture.

I made tiny pink flowers from baby rick-rack and sewed them with a bead attached in the center.  Smaller blossoms are beads tied on with pink DMC floss.  And bound with a mini border  brown fabric to add to the 'tree' look.  The hardest part of the project - threading my beading needle!

This is the back - using the same mini border fabric and some scrap 3.5" squares to set in the corners for a dowel hanger.

I look forward to see what publications others have used for inspiration and their resulting project.
You can see all the challenges and projects at PersimonDreams.

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beat The Winter Blues Blog Hop Party


It has been a long, cold, snowy winter here in the NorthEast USA and I can certainly enjoy a 'Beat the Winter Blues' party.  And for you in the other Hemisphere, looking for relief from the heat - join in too as I will be shipping international. You can click HERE to go to the Quilt Gallery party site.  There are over 125 registered blogs from 11 different countries registered.  The complete list will be available sometime in the afternoon on Friday, March 8th . 

I am offering a Jelly Roll of 'Apple Jack' by Tim & Beck for Moda.  I opened the one I bought for myself, so you can see the roll.  I  just enjoyed their 'Bungle Jungle' so much that I had to buy a roll for me to play with -  and one for the giveaway.

Here's a better picture of the cute prints and bright colors in this line.  Just leave me a comment - What would you make with this Jelly Roll?  I will ship international, be sure I have a way to contact you as I will make every effort to notify the winner.  I do not accept ANON due to spammers.  Comments will be open thru the Blog Hop Party - closing midnight (est) on the 14th.

Happy Hopping,
Sewingly Yours,