Friday, July 28, 2017

Whooping it Up Friday

Some of you were wondering what I was going to do with the Rails and Cabins.  Well this is the layout I am going with.  10 Rails and 10 Cabins are made and will progress over time and in-coming scraps.

The newest Yankee Diary (side bar button) block of the star with heart was very quick to make, but I lapsed on doing the prior block.  It's a rather different looking thing, but has it's own story.  I am needle turning these which doesn't take that long to do. I just have to pick out my fabrics and get it done!

Can you find the kitty in the pile of scraps?  I caught Moe laying down on the job while I was sorting gifted scraps and while sewing those Rails/Cabins.

Miss Bella trying to catch some sun while watching the chippers run from the bird feeder  to their hole by the Apple tree.  Don't let that pudgy, sleepy look fool you.  When she is in 'hunt mode' she can be like a Cheeta.

We are into a cold, rainy few days - thinking I need to pull a quilt top and get a fabric sandwich made for some 'frosting' time so this weekend I can have a cozy quilt in my lap while working a binding.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. There is something about a heap of fabrics, soft, cuddly, and it doesn't matter if they get all messed up.

  2. love your rails and cabins......and Moe and Bella certainly look like they can be great hunters LOL too cute

  3. Love your interesting take on the log cabin enhancing the rail fence blocks! More scraps....nice bed:)

  4. Thanks for the rails and cabins pic, I kept turning them in my head and it wasn't working :)
    That's a beautiful picture of Miss Bella, looking at her eyes I can see she's very aware of what's going on.

  5. Are these rails and cabins for Bonnie's l/e this year or you were already this project? I can't remember. Miss Bella looks quite pretty in repose - don't get to see her face too often. Love the purple gayfeathers - i just bought some myself.

  6. Your kitties are looking pretty chill. I love your rails and cabins. Now that I've finished quilting Mumm's the Word, I was thinking about doing some of the log cabin blocks like the ones in the border. They have stars in the corners.

  7. Great idea for the rail fence challenge! Nothing has captured my attention yet, so I think I'll keep making hourglass blocks from last year's challenge!

  8. I like the layout for the log cabin and rail fence blocks. That's going to be a great project for using up scraps.

  9. love your rails and cabins......and Moe and Bella certainly look like they can be great hunters LOL too cute