Friday, November 10, 2017

Whoop-Whoop Friday

I am pleased to say that the landscape is ready for quilting and binding.  It did change some from the mess I brought home.  Not a top notch job, but I am proud that I stayed with it.

All those geese got sewn together, too.  Now a good pressing and I can make my sets of four which will make putting the top together much easier than each individual goose.  That will wait --  MY JUKI IS FIXED!
I pick it up tomorrow morning and since the shop is close to my daughter, maybe a little Nanna time.

Lovely pictures, but the way life is here.  I spent the first hours of the morning winterizing my front door - it's a no entry/access door anyway.  Covered with heavy plastic, then two old flannel back table clothes - I have a design wall!  A lot of the 'extra' stuff will be moved upstairs into proper storage in the NEW sewing room over the next couple of weeks.  For now - a play ground for curious kitties and an extra blockage of cold air.  We dipped to 18 degrees last night with some furious winds which continued into the day.

To settle the rambunctious felines, a bit of cat nip mixed in some tuna and off to slumper land.  Bella in my project box - next things to get 'finished'.

And Moe didn't get very far (you can see we didn't finish all the laced tuna) and settled in one of the kitchen chairs.  This cat sleeps so soundly, I have to check to be sure he is alive!  BUT, they both snore like a boxer!!!!!

Back to the landscape,
Sewingly Yours,


Sarah said...

ha! I didn't realize your landscape wasn't a panel until I read the caption. Excellent job!! Gotta love the kittens when they are as high as a kite and zonked out. Nothing matters, beauty wise, when it's time to insulate the old wooden door. The bonus is the design wall...except your new sewing room is upstairs.

Nancy J said...

A design wall and double use as well. Lovely geese, and good news for your Juki, and that pick-up will have double use too.

Kate said...

Your landscape project turned out beautifully! It hasn't gotten that cold here yet. Looks like you are prepared for the worst.

Debbie said...

JUst turned out so pretty...great job. Love your winter fix!

Barbara said...

Well, I love how your landscape turned out. Good seeing the kitties too. Looks nice and warm in this cold weather.

kiwikid said...

Had a laugh about your cats, they know the best place to have a slumber don't they!! Your landscape looks wonderful, well done with perservering with it. Hope you can keep the cold out ok.