Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Happy 2's Day


Yes, celebrating 2's Day here - 2.22.22 is the phenom which we will never see again.  And it happened on a Tues (2's)day!  Progress on the scraps and it's just two simple blocks.

 I piled them up to sew along with our Monday stitching group and even got not only the rows together, but two halves of a quilt top.

Later I put the two halves together and the top is done.  I was going to go with a scrappy border, but it just made it too jumbled.  So no border.

I decided to use up those scraps for a double 4-patch.  All the patches are done and once all pressed. I'll  cut the white patches.  Two quilts from that zip bag of left overs - gotta love it on a 2'sDay.

Sewingly Yours,



Nancy J said...

yes, the date is a palindrome, and also an ambigram. as it can be read backwards and also upside down. To cap it off, a mother here in New Zealand gave birth to twins, and it was a Tuesday!!!So enjoy your 2/s day!!!

loulee said...

A very successful Toosday.
Love your quilt.