Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Scrappy Wednesday


Going thru some more re-org, I found this baggy of flannel scraps left from a commission a few years ago.  The flannels were yards of various prints that were used to cover hay bales for an out doors  farm wedding (seating).  I made a quilt for the bride/groom (anniversary quilt), one for the bride's mother and one for the groom's mother.  There was a LOT of fabric and was donated to my quilt guild and most was used to make pillowcases for our charity drive.  I saved these incase the family wanted a baby quilt in the future.  Luckily I had tucked the bride's mom's name and number in the bag and called to see if they still would like a quilt.  She said use it as you like.

I'll use this tessalating  design - two very simple blocks thus placed make for an interesting look.  Since the fabric is a 'donation', this will be one of my donations to our guild's charity quilt drive in April.

Using something old, move it along, and it becomes something new - all of my three monthly goals fullfilled.

We are going to have two days of much warmer weather, so I need to get out with the rock salt and chip away at the ice on our walk ways.  Our lane and walks have been sheer ice and we've had to cancel all in-house quilting classes for two weeks.  I'm ready to escape and Mom would like some company!

Sewlingly Yours,




Nancy J said...

The flannels look lovely, our daughter used patterned sheets to cover their hay bales, but fabric is so much neater and more colourful. Love that quilt design. Go carefully on the ice.

sewyouquilt2 said...

That pattern looks like a good one. Be careful on the ice it's no fun

Joyce Carter said...

I really like that quilt design and the fabrics are so pretty. I have been wanting to make a rag quilt out of flannels. It would feel so good with the weather we have been having.
Please be very careful going outside. Ice is tricky and can be very dangerous.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Be safe on that ice! Great quilt design for scrap busting.

Barbara said...

What bright and happy colors! I love that.

KatieQ said...

I love the rich tones of the flannel. They're perfect against the white.

loulee said...

That's going to look very pretty.

Ratana said...

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tink's mom said...

Wonderful quilt, love that pattern. Made great use of your donated fabrics.