Thursday, November 14, 2019

Baby It's Cold Outside

We lucked out with just getting a dusting of snow where as some got 10"-20", but boy it has been bitter cold the for a number of days.  Hibernating season for us and Moe is taking his job quite seriously!  The new large box was perfect for napping the chills away, although it dampened my work on the commission quilt.  Not to worry, he decided the snuggly blanket on the couch was better and I finished off the rest of the shirt cut-down and prep work.

I took a day away from the shirt quilt and decided to pull one of my P.I.G.S. and get it into a quilt top.  Remember the 'button' blocks?  Another Temecula Quilt Co. quilt along projects.  I had the rows together and even into sets of two.  Just needed to get them all together and the border is cut and ready to go - a lovely grey/blue repro from The Ladies Album Moda line by Barbara Brackman.  The push this morning is to get that border on and then back to finishing off the shirt quilt.  

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  1. I agree it is hibernating weather when it is that cold. Scary when 28 seems nice. Love the button block quilt.

  2. Does it seem early for cold weather this year? We haven’t had much cold...or even much rain. Our fall has been lovely so far, but the rain and gloom will be here soon enough. Love your button quilt.

  3. Our family in eastern Canada is saying the same thing... CoLD...
    Stay warm...xox

  4. Love your button is so cute snuggled brat is too lol

  5. I'm calling this block "wishing ring".
    Love your version!
    Stay warm!