Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Shadow - Yes Or No


I love the hype of Punxy Phil - will he or won't he see his shadow.  A loved tradition that seems to thrill so many.  Hey, winter will stay as long as it likes no matter what Phil says.  But I love all the ceremony around it!

 As our guild's winter meetings approach, I keep a close eye on the weather just incase an early cancel has to go out.  Look Phil - boy it's going to be a COLD few days.  Out next meeting is that WARM Tuesday (and clear).  We'
ll get heat stroke!

In my rumaging in drawers, totes and shelves I found some items to put together.  Not enough for a quilt, but I'm thinking a bag to make up while I hibernate that cold spell away.

Sewingly Yours,


6 comments: said...

I hadn't even realized it was Ground Hog Day! Hoping heat is coming- at least enough so that I can walk the dog!

Jeanna said...

I never paid attention to Ground Hog Day because we lived in Florida. Now we are in the mountains of North Carolina, but like you said, the weather will be what it will be no matter what Phil says. I look forward to seeing what you do with those nice fabrics.

Mary said...

Yes, I think the weather is colder this week, hope I can pile on the Quilts. Keeping warm in the PNW. Nice fabrics for a bag

Nancy J said...

When I subtract 30, and divide the answer in half, it is VERY cold. We are in Celsius down here, so a little maths gives me our temp numbers that you have.!!! Lovely colours in the bag fabrics, they all go so well together.

MissPat said...

Fortunately, this cold snap is going to last very long. Stay warm and have fun playing with your scraps.

Kate said...

We've had the cold snap the last couple of days, but now get a warm up. Have fun with your bag. Stay warm and well.