Monday, January 30, 2023

Found Treasure


I have been doing some secret sewing - getting projects done for the next two hops.  But in searching for something to complete my 'finish' for the year's motto, I came across a tote full of these blocks. 100 of them!

I believe this  was a Bonnie Hunter scrap challenge pattern one year.  I'm setting my 100 ten by ten for a 60" square quilt and it will ge used for our guild charity donation.  I have another quilt ready for 'frosting', so the two will get done as soon as I add the last four rows. 

Our snow storm 'mounds' have pretty much melted off as we got a little warmer and had a bit of rain.  BUT we are to have two days of snow/sleet and high winds - good sew days for sure.

Sewingly Yours,



Julie in GA said...

Beautiful blocks! I believe the pattern is Carolina Chain by Bonnie Hunter.

Jeanna said...

Wow, what a find. This will make a very nice charity quilt.

Nancy J said...

That's a lot of blocks, what a great find, and another wonderful quilt for charity, someone's heart will be filled with joy.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

That will be a fun, bright quilt. It's fun to find 'lost' projects.

loulee said...

Beautiful quilt, a great scrapper.

MissPat said...

If that is Carolina Chain by BH as Julie says, I made that one probably 6 years ago, but it turned out fairly small and it hasn't been quilted. I was resitant to making more blocks to enlarge it. Sigh.
We've had a light gentle snow most of the day, not really accumulating much. Much colder by week's end with Friday nght below 0.

kiwikid said...

That is a great find and will make a beautiful quilt.
Take care in the cold and snow.