Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mini Doll Tutorial

I have had so many requests for the pattern of the little dolls that I add with my doll quilts for the Monthly Swap Group (see side bar - always accepting new members) - finally, it is here.  I just had to wait for Barbara to receive her package as I used her little dolly for my tutorial model.

You can download the PDFs for the pattern and instructions here:
Doll Instructions
Doll Pattern



Note: All Doll pattern pieces DO NOT have a seam allowance

DOLL: Use a plain fabric in your choice of color - legs can be same or use a stripe (6“ x 20“ piece of muslin works well). Fold fabric in half. Print pattern PDF (use card stock for durability). Cut out pieces and trace onto wrong side of fabric - leave room for cutting a seam edge. Using trace lines as stitching guides, sew around body, leaving bottom open - around arms and legs, leave tops open. *I use a little shorter stitch-go slow-lift presser foot to maneuver around tight corners rather than pull fabric* **If you don’t want to try the little thumbs-just round off the pattern**

Trim all pieces (recommend clipping any heavy curves and neck area) and turn right side out. Stuff arms and legs HALF way. Stuff body firmly. Match seams of legs so ‘toes‘ are turned up; overlap top of legs (about half width and you can baste them to help hold) and tuck into body opening and stitch across by hand or machine. Hand stitch arms to body sides. *Make sure thumbs and feet face forward*

BLOOMERS: Be sure to place pattern on fold and cut two pieces. With right sides together sew center seams, clip curves. Match seams and stitch entire inseam. Turn right side out and press. Put bloomers on doll - gather waist with heavy thread and tied ends in knot. Do the same with the legs (about ¾” from edge) - pull tight above the stuffed part of the doll leg - knot.


DRESS: Be sure to place bodice pattern on fold and cut two pieces. Place right sides together and sew shoulder seams. Gather top of sleeves and sew to bodice. Sew sleeve seams. Turn right side out and place on doll. Gather sleeve (about ½” from edge) and pull tight above the stuffed part of the doll arm - knot. 


Cut skirt (4”x10”) and sew back seam . Use a running stitch and gather the waist slightly- slip on doll and as you tighten stitch , sew directly to bodice, catching into the doll - knot off.


APRON: Use any fabric, linen, aida cloth, part of a hanky - cut 3.5” square - Can attach with a running stitch or add a bit of ribbon or rick rack to the top for a tie - your choice!
HAIR: Again, your choice. Purchased doll hair, or yarn or skinny fabric strips

I don’t put any facial features on mine - but again, your choice

And this is the little quilt that dolly matched - used the old block pattern 'Darting Birds' with a monochromatic colour fabrics to represent Barbara's sweet kittie "Smittie". 

I hope you enjoy the pattern - if you have difficulty (be sure you have the most current adobe for viewing pdfs) with the pdf - let me know and I will be glad to assist.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Beautiful doll and quilt. You are so generous to share the pattern! I have a feeling there will be little dolls and quilts springing up through out the quilt blog community! Well done!

  2. how lovely are you for sharing Sharon,they are both so cute.xx

  3. wow,wonderful doll and quilt.Great job!

  4. Thanks Sharon for sharing the pattern and tutorial I will make a few of these for gifts for quilter friends .

  5. Thanks so much for sharing!!! I am dropping out of the monthly swaps after the Christmas swap/ I was hoping you would be my partner before I leave just so I could get one of the dollies, lol. Now I can make my own, maybe....

  6. Sharon, thank you for sharing the pattern, and such great photos to help me follow the tutorial. This is such a sweet project....I know that Barbara will love her dollie and quilt!

  7. Oh how fun!! Immediately when I saw you were offering, all I could think was dress matching quilt matching purse matching doll! Thank you *so* much for sharing -- it's so generous of you! :)

  8. Really great tutorial. The doll and her outfit are so cute. But the little quilt is the best.

  9. You make it look so easy! Thanks for sharing the tutorial and pattern!

  10. Wonderful, Sharon! Thank you so much! I LOVE my little dolly.

  11. That is sooo cute and such a wonderful idea. Thanks for the pattern and tutorial.

  12. wow, thank you for this pattern and instructions! i tried downloading the instructions but that link seams not to be not working for me, luckaly the pattern for the doll i could download, so i will use the instruction on your blog and hope to be able to make a few of these adorable dolls for christmas...again: thank you!!!

  13. You are so good with tutorials!! Your work is really cool too!!

  14. Your dolls are absolutely the most adorable things Sharon!!! I saw the one you made Barbara on her blog and just yipped at how cute it was :*) It is very sweet of you to share the pattern - but then you are a very sweet person!

  15. I LOVE your little mini doll tute--I hope to make one for my newest granddaughter as part of her Christmas gift--thank you..Julierose

  16. Okay I love it!!! Thanks so much Sharon V!

  17. Cute and easy to follow directions. I especially love her little bloomers!! Cute to make a doll to match your doll size quilt.