Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Ends - Thank You

It was a very long and busy month that I am so glad is over!  Mental note - do not book events on every weekend of a month ever again!!  And I paid the price for it - 10 days of being sick and hopefully on the up swing from it.

I got very little self time and got very little sew time in.  It seems that once the Harvest Moon crest, we went right into full blown Fall season.  We've had a few nights of frost on the pumpkin and days went from HOT to sweat shirt/jacket weather.  I love sweat shirts.

Didn't finish my Let's Book It project

Got started on the Mod Bear Paw QAL, but not as many blocks done as planned.  This one is to enjoy, not rush.


Did get to visit a local shop.

Some scrap play with Bonnie Hunter's HourGlass Block Challenge.

Kept on schedule with the '365' circles - done on my travels.

I laid out all my Circa 2016 blocks - think I am missing a few.  I have more than enough HSTs for that outer border, but they need trimming.

The new Westering Women block came out today, but I will be re-drafting that one so no stress of Y-seams.

And worst of all - I did not get to my Granddaughter's big girl quilt.  And no Birthday kisses for her as I was too contagious for grandie time.

Yes, glad September is over,
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Festival of Quilts - Part Two

The Catskill Mountain Quilters Hall of Fame consists of 11 guilds in the 5 counties of the Catskill region.  This show was open to any member of the 11 guilds, special exhibit of the inductees years 2013 and 2015, and the special memorial exhibit. 

This Feathered Star was made by our Guild inductee - Betsy McComber.  That is a standard plaque size frame (her induction photo) so that gives you the idea of how small these were - and she quilted this herself.

This was our other Guild inductee - Betty Pillsbury - who also was featured with her first book and book signing.

And sweet Debra Steup (whom I bought the used frame from) was an inductee - her show piece.  Those are the tiniest yo-yos I have ever seen!  Not only on the little dresdans, but in the curved border, too.  Debra had a special exhibit set up of her 'Broken Mother' quilt for the 9/11 exhibit - her piece was chosen as a permanent display in the memorial. (the glare on the glass just wouldn't let me photo them)

I had more photos, but such poor quality.  Hope you enjoyed the diversity of these wonderful quilters.  And I was happy that I got to meet several of them, too.

Sewingly Yours,

Let's Book It - September 2016

Dust Off Those Books
Let's Book It is about using those books, magazines, saved files, gotta make patterns, etc.... that we have gathered, but yet to play with.  It doesn't have to be a finish and larger projects are used for monthly progress.

This was a free pattern insert in one of the subscription mailings from AQS.  I tried to attach the pdf once before and it didn't work, but if you do a google search of Rubix by Stacey Day you will find it.

I had a lot of mixed blues and pinks solids scraps and just the right size yardage of solid background for this project.  The 'unit' blocks went together quickly.

Then they are sashed - another easy and quick step.

I had planned to get these into rows and the into at least a flimsy (hopefully a finished quilt), but the I fell ill - life happens with all of us.  But this is well on it's way to a finish for next month.

This month's charm for our Road Trip pin is the Spinning Star


How did you make out this month?  Please Share:

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Festival of Quilts - Part One

I have been busy with our Hall of Fame show - and then I  got horribly ill.  It started with the sniffles the first day and progressed each day of the show, and then I just dropped.  I will post this in two parts and I didn't get photos of all the quilts or displays.

There was a lovely display and tribute to three very talented members of CMQHOF that passed in the last year.

My photos don't do this piece justice - those bits of sparkle or accents are not hot crystals or beads - they are ALL French Knots!

I will have Let's Book It post later today
Sewingly YOurs,