Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday Making

I will be joining BETH today with a little bit of play.  I know I have a lot of projects that need finishing, but after completing a few projects over the weekend I am ready for a little fun.

Our Monday sewing group is having a challenge with a pattern from a Quiltersnewsletter Magazine (2003).  Using the Birds in the Air block and some basic number of sized fussy cuts, it is then up to you laying out your pieces into a flimsy that suits you - so many options!  I decided to pull my box of collected ME fabrics for this one as they have just been sitting for years.

This will be my focus print and will pull pieces that coordinate with it.  It's a 2007 print - I didn't start quilting until 2009.  Most of those fabrics in the box were gifted or 'found' within the baggies of goods I get in the house.  I did purchase a few panels, but it is mostly a collected box of sweet ME's.  It will make a challenge project more of a challenge.

Have some fun today,
Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, January 21, 2018

15 minutes

I am linking up with KATE with my count down.  I am using my 15 minutes to work on on hand stitching projects as I us my machine every day.

Since I have almost a rows worth of hexie temperature rosettes done, I am using those 15 minutes to stitch them to their back grounds.  Each rosettes takes me about 30 minutes to do.  When the last one for the row is done, I will have all of these ready to be machine stitched into the 5th row of this quilt.

I've been on a marathon of doing bindings (by machine) and had some help with this.

It's a little hard to move a quilt while a fat cat is plopped in the middle of it.  But, I got four bindings attached and stitched down - all while spinning a determined furkid.

Hope you got your 15 minutes each day,
Sewingly Yours,

Friday, January 19, 2018

Whoop, Whoop Friday

I've come to the conclusion that  it is my camera as it now is getting tempermental about opening the lens or closing the lens.  As well as the pictures are just so dark no matter what adjustments I make.  BUT, I am happy to say that I am now half way thru the piles of dark/light squares for the Temecula Quilt Co snowball project.

I haven't snipped those flip corners yet and may just wait until I am ready to put the whole thing together.  Or I could just a have a moment that strikes and they are all snipped or I just finish off the rest of the squares.  One never knows once a project gets closer to a finish.

Such a shame a crappy photo as this is such a pretty shade of limey green.  I dug thru both large totes that hold my extra wide and large pieces of yardage for backings.  I think I bought this originally for my Leap Year quilt and then changed my mind.  It was big enough to be cut in two and used for my pink/green scrappy project with the other piece to use for the back of my guild donation quilt (yet to be made).

Moe has decided it will be a good day to keep an eye on what I am doing today.  As it has warmed a little bit  he did go out early and make a partial round of the property (checked all the bird feeders).  Now to cat nap and be out of the way of my quilting yet close enough to get an occassional scratch.

Off to quilt
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday

We are having more of this!  I know it looks pretty, but with the cold, wind and snow for days on end - I am so over Winter!

This is what is left of the found pink and green 2.5" squares and as much fun it would be to finish playing with them to use them up, I need to move on.  So these are going back into the barrel system.

The quilt top just needs that final border of white - borders - ughh!  Then from the drawer of greens, I will see if there is something large enough for a binding or it may be a scrappy binding.  I want this one ready for quilting on the home machine this weekend.

The newest temperature rosette got a peek at some color change as we had a few warm days to thaw out, but we have gone back to cold.

32 - 46 - 55 - 12 -11 - 12 - 24

And a parting with another photo of the snow.  Thank goodness my brother is on seasonal layoff as he has taken such good care of keeping things cleaned up.  Side walks shoveled and now (you can see the tracks) off with the tractor to start the long 'art' of plowing the lane and park ways.  It is an art as you have to plan where that snow gets pushed/dumped when you might have to go out and do it all again - gotta have room.  Also, when things melt off -  you want it to go where it will drain properly.

No furkid photos of late as every time I open the door (or look out the window) they take off and hide.  No way they want to go out in this either.

Stay safe and warm and go play with some scraps,
Sewingly Yours