Sunday, March 29, 2020

Monday Making

The plan was to get three more quilts quilted by the end of the month.  These are all baby quilts, so they go fast.  I have two done and the third ready to go.  The bindings are made, ready, and will be completed entirely by machine.  These will be part of my Hands2Help Challenge donations thru my local guild.

In my goal to get as many quilts finished up  this year, I have decided to go thru my 'to-be-quilted' totes and see just what is there.  Some consolidating will happend as you can see they aren't bursting thru the lids any more.

This all comes about now as I am eager to get my front door opened.  I block this off during the winter to cut down on draft - no one can access this door anyway.  BUT with all this confinement and now it's been extended, I feel the need to be able to get out on this porch once in a while.

A tote of 'frankenbatt' to use up (I have two extra long rolls - so won't run out), one tote was actually empty (? - maybe just to help with the draft), one tote holds some Hall of Fame items (and we won't be holding our Spring meeting), a tote full of extra wides to match up with those to-be-quilted tops, and a smaller tote stuffed with plaids, shirtings, and wovens.  The corner is what is left of scrappy scraps that need to used or chopped into my barrel system (and Bonny Hunter is offering a mystery thru our self-isolation period - button on side bar).

And pull out some quilts and you get help!  Moe keeping track of the piles to be sure I am getting things into the proper order.  And look - his eyes match the March RSC20 color - teal!!!

While I'm doing this organizing, I will pull my OMG - April and One Finish A Month projects. 

Keeping Busy,
Sewingly Yours,

Friday, March 27, 2020

Whooping Friday

That surprise shoe box of blocks made for some great block play, but time to set it aside.  I managed 64 tile blocks - as far as that linen (light) would stretch.  A few more 25 patches for a mini and I prepped parts for the floating stars.  Fabrics were pulled for a finish for the teal blocks.  I have my projects for April set up.

The Corona Village is growing - I need a better name.  I'm using a mini charm pack, so I hope this 'in-place' doesn't last past those 42 squares.  Although I have been recieving notice of cancellations for May and June. 

The reason I picked up that collection of blocks - several bobbins (and an empty spool) are ready for a weekend marathon of quilting.  I like to put on an opera and just flow with the music.  That 'to-be-quilted' pile isn't going down very fast - because I keep adding to it!  I'm so glad I got my thread order in (and received) as the day after I got notification that it shipped, I got a message that their warehouse was shutting down.  Timing is everything.
Our communities are trying to help kids' to cope with social distancing by having treasure hunts.  Take a walk or drive and see how many Teddy Bears you can find (homes put items in window or on doorway), or what colors you can find, and recently - how many rainbows. 

And I saw this cute thing on a learning site:

If fingers have finger tips, but toes don't have toe tips - why can you tip-toe but not tip-finger?

Keep Your Smile On
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

OMG - March

It's been working real well for me to use OMG this year to move a project on to it's next phase and not have it sit for any length of time or forgotten.

My March goal was to get some old cross stitch blocks re-tooled and into a flimsy.  This is an alphabet sampler that has been lost for too long.  I have backing and batt ready and it will now wait in line to be quilted.

Please be sure to visit all the link-ups HERE.

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Scrappy Wednesday

All is well here on Quilt Lane, I just took a 'media' break to spend a little more time with my son and Mom.  Also, doing more cleaning up of UFOs and PIGS.  I had all these blocks made along with a lot of strings pieced on old phone book paper.  I had half the top together, so decided to clear that project out.  I used the rest of the strings to add the outside border - one extra 'yellow' block and one extra strip of strings.  To the trash they went.

I found another shoe box tote full of blocks!  I thought I cleared these out for our guild swap meeting.  I get very addicted to making tons of blocks, especially if it is a block I really enjoy making (and that they are fast).

There is about 30 of these made and a baggy of cut CW scraps.  So I will grow this one.  How many blocks get made will depend on how much of the linen I have left - luckily that was still tucked in my 'lites' tote.

Just a couple of these, but a baggy stuffed with 1.5" squares.  I'm using this as my leader/ender while making blocks.

There is a pile of about 100 of these tiny floating stars along with a baggy of pre-cuts for the project.

Twenty of these that I think I started for one of Bonny Hunter's mysteries - that I obviously did not stick with.  I'm sure I can find another use and get them into a quilt rather than hiding in a tote.

And oh crap - more strings.  I hate making string blocks to be honest.  I might just pass these on to someone - just the setting corners need to be added with enough blocks for a small quilt.

A reminder that the Hands2Help Challenge has started.  SARAH has been organizing this for 10 years now.  Now is sign up time (March 22-28), but if you miss it you still  can participate with donations.  Please visit THIS LINK with the charities suggested (or your own) and a calendar list of activities that will be leading up to finalization.

We are all house-bound with plenty of time and fabric.  There is such a need all over at this time.    I know quilters/sewers around the world are making face masks - you can't find elastic any where!!  Shop your stash - a lot of companies are now announcing that they are closing their warehouses - yes, even the fabric and thread warehouses.  Share with a friend if they have a need.  We quilters are a work force to be reckoned with.

Stay safe, be well, please take care of yourselves.  I'm a hugger, and social distancing has had a huge impact on me - so I give you all a virtual HUG!

Sewingly Yours,