Thursday, October 30, 2014

October NewFO

2014 NewFO Challenge

 Barbara @ CatPatches is our inspiration for starting something new with no pressure to finish.  I normally have something small, so a finish usually happens.

Again my official NewFO is for the Monthly Doll Quilt Swap Group.  My partner and I agreed on the theme "Farmer's Market".  Naturally a little dollie matches the front along with my signature label for these.  Can you guess what is on the front?

We all go to the Farmer's Market to pick up fruits and vegies for those Canning Days.  And I put my canning jars into a window box setting.  It's a blurry photo, but take a close look at the string beans - Sharon's - couldn't have planned it.  These came from my Mom's scraps and a very old fabric.  There was just enough to cut the nine for the front and one to add into the pieced back.  The bits and pieces were used to dress the dollie and that vintage fabric was gone.

Never too hot to Stitch!

I did get this completed this month after having to roll it over from the previous month.  The EQ was loaded onto the computer, but yet to be played with.  Still studying the manual and going thru some of the lessons.  My SIL wants her next quilt designed a certain way (which I drew on paper), but will use EQ to put it in hard copy -  I hope.

And the years of tutorials are finally on my header - don't know why my extra pages are above my banner, but I am not fiddling with it - might lose my whole blog and then I will have a heart attack! 


And you've seen this already - my Rick Rack Ghastlies quilt.  This was a very quick pattern with such a fun layout that I am planning another with some soft florals for the Spring.

I used Valerie Wells little wallet pattern to make up some gift card purses for the Make Christmas Handmade with SewCalGal.

This month's Simple Small Project was a table topper - there is quite a mix of fabric lines in this one, but I like the blend.

The last row for Quilt Doodle Row Quilt was a string of lights.  I'll add the 'wiring' when this is quilted.

My blocks for the RSC14 were done up and sent on to Sarah and I am already seeing them in some lovely quilts.  And my Marcus Brother QAL is actually a quilt finish, but it has been so rainy I haven't been able to take outside for a good photo.

The Country Corners blocks are coming along.  I have yet to make the setting blocks - maybe in November.

The Charming Stars.  I think I am going with 9 blocks (sashed) and then a piano border for a couch throw size.  So this should be a flimsy next month.

And finally taking a day to slow stitch with Slow Stitch Sunday, I got this little project finished and fabric framed.

Of course the Little Letters QAL is still on-going, trying to finish up the lozenges quilt, and like the scrap idiot I am - started on the OMG quilt.

But I'm not insane - I'm using 1.5" strips and my pre-cut barrels to work this one instead of those tiny 1".

I'm surprised I got this much done with my Mom's surgery and care, a three-day Quilt Show, and a broken machine.  Yes, the new machine I ordered came and was a total lemon.  I think I got a factory re-built (not fully rebuilt) instead of brand new - it went back.  I pulled my old Brother that has sat for 2 years 'frozen' to clean up - had a friend who was going to 'play' with it to see if they could get it working again.  Well, I cleaned it up, plugged it in to see if it even was alive - IT WORKS!!  So this is my piecing machine.

Thanks for sticking with me, now to push Bella off that quilt again so I can finish quilting it.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Feline Friday - 10/30/14

OK - I know you are totally confused, but then so am I.  I am usually missing a day or two some weeks, but this week I have been a day ahead.  Do you get that way?  I so totally missed that Oct 29th (yesterday) was National Cat Day.  My furries told me not to worry as they are special every day.  **My NewFO post goes up Friday - so Feline Friday is a day early**

We have had a number of days of rain which has made for some kitty 'in your face' time requiring some harsh NOs from MOM.  So they sulk.

I had to sneak up and photo this from above to catch Mr. Sulk hiding behind the sewing machine on the side table - thinking out of sight, out of mind.

Bella, on the other hand, can hold a grudge.  She has been chased off this quilt so many times!!!

And why - she is the fastest 'un-pin-baster' in the world - caught at it AGAIN!!

And because I am ahead (or behind), here is the last three days of the Black Cat Crossing Hop schedule:

Wednesday, October 29
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Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Let's Book It - October Link Up


Have you been looking a little more at your book shelf?  Are those dusty books, patterns, and magazines been calling more loudly?  I admit that I have been pulling mine out more frequently to browse and bookmark (again).

This was my pick for October - Pick Four by Sue Abrey.  Now I know Sue only thru blogging as she hosted a few Christmas QALs and surprised us during one of these with the announcement of her book - and I one a copy in one of her give aways.  Sue blogs over at Quilt Times.

This is the pattern that I chose from the book and I used it double duty so to speak - for a blog hop if you remember.

Yes, it was for my Black Cat Crossing project.  The perfect pattern for the end of the Ghastlies.  This pattern worked up so quickly - I had the flimsy done in a day.

And then it took me a day to piece the back and sandwich up the quilt.  And then the next day to quilt and bind it.  I rarely go from cutting fabric to a finish with complete sittings, but this one worked up this way.

This month's Quilt Barn Pin and Charm is the Bear Paw:


Now its' your turn to show off your Let's Book It project.  Link will be open until November 4, 10 pm(EST) and I will contact the winner immediately - I do ship overseas.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, October 27, 2014

Successful Quilt Show

Our Quilt Guild President - Matt, Treasure - Kathy (in pink), and representative from Library - Terry with the presentation of proceeds from our show.  It will help the Middleburgh Library and Dr. Best House Museum, Middleburgh.

Remember to visit these lovely ladies today for Black Cat Crossing

Sewingly Yours,