Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday

Ha!  Even with the new camera I can take blurry pictures.  The plaid scraps are now a flimsy baby quilt.  AND no, I did  not use up all of the plaids (stripes, yes), wovens, and shirting.  It' s something that just needed taming and I'm sure will get added to over time.

Then another baggy was pulled from the shelf.  Flannel pieces to use up for another baby quilt.  Hmm, lots of bits from 'The Cow Jumped Over the Moon' - fun.  The pink with cute bears in it was not a flannel and popped off to another tote.

Just something really quick, patchwork with larger patches.  And used the last bits to make a pillow.  I have some quilter's flannel that should be enough for the back of the quilt and to envelope the pillow top. Those flannels are now gone!

I have some commission work (quilting) coming Thursday, so I have another day to play rather than try and squeeze another large quilt from the quilt que.  I don't buy juvenile prints, but I have been tucking pieces as they come in all those gifted bags.  I don't get a lot of them either, so this has taken a long time to fill a tote.  I actually see three quilts amongst all of this, but one more baby quilt will do for now.

A piece of a border fabric was in this goodness and I don't even remember receiving this.  Maybe something I might have even used back with a swap at one time?  If I can't remember, it has sat for too long.

Some coordinates in this line as well as some other school print fabric scraps.  Now to check size of bits and come up with a plan.  This should go quickly so maybe I can get all these baby quilts sandwiched and ready for quilting.

I totally have not made the last temperature rosette.  I have a record of all the temps for the week, but not one hexie was made.  I was focused on quilting and then I had the 'squirrel' moment of some scrap play.  It will get done, but the finished top - not until after the new commission work now.  SOmetimes the best laid plans..........

Take time to play,
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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Monday Making

After the long haul of getting some quilts quilted, I needed to play.  I dumped the tote of my CW small bits and strings to catch up on the Temecula Quilt Co Sampler.

Friday's post was to make 5 crazy quilt style blocks, but I used those bits to make these to add to that growing pile of 4.5" blocks.

As long as I had those bits out, I started the Kim Diehl 'Snowball Blossoms' mini - that print out has been hanging on the wall for a very long time.  This is a free Henry Glass pattern found HERE.  This is the center that needs some very tiny applique leaves and berries added before the rest of the pieced borders.  Maybe I will use up those bits from the tote?

After that bit of stitching, I took a walk in this lovely weather we are having.  This is our 100+ yr old rose bush in full bloom.  It's the only plant left from the original flower garden on this old farm.

And I am thrilled that the apple tree is full of little green orbs!  I think we might just get a bumper crop this year.

The two 'kids' followed me around, but they were more interested in the chipmonks running back and forth to the bird feeder on the side of the house.

Today I will play with these stripes, plaids, and shirting from that tote.  Just a random patch work baby quilt should use most of this up.

I've had this vintage piece of John Deere on the shelf for a couple of years - time to use it and it will be the backing for this patch work quilt.

Of course, I have bindings to work on now.  I'll work a length of thread and then chain some patches - rinse and repeat.  It's to be very hot and humid, so the AC may just run today while I stay indoors to play.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, June 15, 2018

Scrap It

I've been missing due to some travel and some family issues.  I plan to catch up on blogs and hops tonight.  I miss a regular routine.  I have three weeks 'at home', but there are home things to take care of.  A little late for the temperature report, but this was last weeks (wed-tues) rosette.  We had a week of a slip back into cooler weather.

57 - 61 - 71 - 67 - 71 - 72 -74

One More Rosette To Go!

I put together the "Step Down" quilt.  I know, large blocks and a large quilt - what have I been thinking?  I may just piece all my oranges for the backing as I have to clear that tote more than this top did.

I'm in guilting mode right now as I can get to the machine.  Three minis done, two small wallhangings, and two large wallhangings have bit the dust so far.  Now I am moving into the big stuff.

And in my travels (lectures at various groups/guilds), my reputation precedes me as I have been greeted each time with various size bags of scraps that I have this huge pile to sort thru.  I'm afraid once I start looking and touching, I'll want to start playing.  FOCUS has to be on the quilting!  So I have to scrap the scraps for a little while.

Today is the Finale

Wednesday, June 13th

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Spring and Summer Flowers

What a better time to enjoy some fresh flowers and thank you CARLA for hosting this Blog Hop.  Spring brought Lilies, Lilacs, Crocus, Tulips, and Daffodils.  With the wake of Summer comes Pansies, Petunias, Roses, Glads, and all sorts of sweetness.

I used this as a sample for a class on how to make flip corners on squares and rectangles to creat many different blocks.  The flowers and leaves were examples of a single corner and what they could become.  The planter was an example of doing the same technique on rectangles and what wonders your could creat with them.  

Just some simple line quilting and pop of buttons and there is now a cute wallhanging to enjoy the Summer days with.

I have had this little EPP piece hanging on the wall since a class a few years ago and thought it was a good time to make it into a useable piece.  Some insulbright scrap and even a bit of leftover binding made for a pretty new hot pad on the table

This was another class piece for a dimensional bit of play and is on my TUTORIAL page.

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