Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Scrappy Wednesday

This is the most delightful quilt store in Windham , NY - The Patchwork Co.
Run by the sweetest Mom & Pop and now joined by their daughter.  Emily and I were lucky to stop in between the two quilt shows and there wasn't any crowd - when we were leaving, yes!

I picked up this cute panel (I need another panel like a hole in the head).  'Catnip' by Jenelle Penner for Windham Fabrics.

And if you are a cat person, you totally get this one.

At the Windham Quilt Show I pick this lovely piece up off the guild remnant table.  It was marked as 4 yrds, but I think there is closer to six.  I made the 'apple' scrap quilt last fall and I think this will be a great backing for it.  Design by  Joan Kessler for Concord Fabrics.  I know some of the apple store scraps I used were also her design - nice marriage.

And I found this two yrd. piece of Laurel Burch "Christmas Cats".  I'm not fond of seasonal fabrics, but I love LB's kitties.

Are you starting to sense a theme going on here.  These blocks were made by my guild members - blocks for the out-going President to make a 'President Quilt'.  One of the light background blocks is under the machine to get a blanket top stitch - the maker might not have had this capability on their machine.  So today I will square all of these up and assemble the flimsy.  I think it needs a stop border and then wide border to bring it up to size.

I'd like to have this one completed for show & Tell at our next meeting when we return from Summer Break.  I'm the next term sitting President and I told them they didn't need to make another set of blocks - huge sigh of relief! 

Sewingly Yours,

Quilt Show Two

The second quilt show on Saturday was hosted by the Patchworkers of Windham, NY at the local school.  The drive from the first show to the second show was about 20 minutes.  It was a lovely, cooler day and we enjoyed the scenery and wonderful old homes along the way.   We did stop at the Patchwork Co Quilt Shop along the way, but will share that later.

This is the full quilt with those beautiful fussy cut EPP stars.  Very striking with the setting on point.

The two blocks made for a very stunning secondary pattern.  I liked that the guild had finished this quilt for one of their members who had a stroke about the same time my Mom did.  Although Jean is still in re-hab, they wanted one of her quilts in the show.

The only blue/white quilt in the show - and I loved it.  Same block but in reverse color setting makes for another stunner.

A beautiful red-work of vintage baskets .  She said it took her eight years to make all the blocks and another two years with the quilting.

This was my favorite basket and a close up of the quilting.  This was my vote for viewers choice award.  She persisted in completing those blocks and you could see her quilting skills grow to the point at the end of learning ruler work to quilt this herself at the end.

For you lovers of the Lucy Boston block.  I love the look of these, but I don't want to make one.

And another Lucy Boston done in modern fabrics.  They had a special display on the stage of members' quilts what had won awards at the Vermont show this spring.

There were several log cabin quilts, but I loved the scrappiness of this one with the double 9-patches and backgrounds.

This show was a little larger than the other - both small quilds.  There was a nice diplay of miniatures, but by the time I got to that section there was guite the crowd and photos weren't possible.  They had a few local artisan vendors and guild boutique' as well.

I will share the quilt shop and purchases tomorrow (blogger is being boggery).

To be a rainy, stormy day so I might be powering down.  I have a binding to finish up, so hand work will fit the bill.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, August 12, 2019

Monday Making - Quilt Show One

Since I am working on a project that can't be shown until next month, it is a good time to share one of the quilt  shows that I went to on Saturday.  Fellow guild member, Emily, went with me and we hit the Cairo Piecemakers, Cairo, NY first.  A pleasantly much cooler day, but as we drove into the Catskill Mountains we were greeted by a huge formation of Canadian Geese.  Come on - it's early August!

I just adored this little free form wool piece that was set into an old license plate frame.  Of course I got the scoop on how this was made and fastened - just love!!

This was the mother ship of creation.  I would have bought this - if for sale.  Free form piecing and hand quilted with a large stitch.  The light brown was actually a much darker, warmer color - cameras and indoor lighting.  I wish I could have shown the back (I knew it was two sided) - log cabins, rails, stars, mock ladders, random blocks - oh my!  All wool, but I could see using my plaids and homespuns.

Heres another small piece using this method.  Wouldn't this be a fun new technique' for a guild class?  You can tell I was really drawn to this.

This was all chenille, satins, and velors - also, two sided.  Can you say HEAVY!  A 'please do not touch' sign was right next to it, but oh so hard to resist running a hand over all this rich tecture.

I loved this modern piece - the gray was more of a dark slate (again indoor lights).  The member took a class at Amelia's Garden Shop.  They were the speakers/trunk show at our Hall of Fame Picnic.

Emily liked this one.  Fun little frogs and love the extra touch of the large applique' in the corner.

This was another new technique's this guild learned - mosaic collage fuseable piecing an object.  This one is actually a kit (we discovered that when we went to the fabric shop up the road).

But there were a lot of small pieces done that members had taken a picture or silhouette as their quide to collage.  They are having another class later this month and I got invited.

This was a small show of about 14 large quilts and a number of small items scattered about.  Its's an annual show so it showcases the new work and technique's that the members accomplish for the year.  They had a raffle quilt, raffle baskets, and guild boutique.  I hit up the raffles, but refrained from the boutique.

I'll share the second show tomorrow - and things I bought.

Now I need to go quilt,
Sewingly Yours,

Friday, August 9, 2019

Whooping Friday

I wasn't able to attend our local Guild's class on One-Block Wonders back in May, but I had the book and the fabrics .  Sometimes after playing in so many scraps, you have to play with new.  It was time to tackle this.

These are my fabrics -  'Cascade Meadow' by Connecting Threads with a pile of cuttings.  I asked a guild member who had attended the class to come teach me.  Yes I could have just watched U-Tubes or found tutorials on-line, but I wanted to use a better resource.  Thank You Emily for helping out and getting me on to a good start with this project.

Here are some of the blocks so far - you only make them in 'halves' to aid in the arranging/design and the final stitching process.

I have most of the blocks ready, just that small pile to zip thru the machine.  Then the design arranging begins!  I would like to make a good attempt on a flimsy today as I am off to two quilt shows tomorrow.  Yup, two!!  With a stop at a local quilt shop inbetween.  I'll be sure to have my camera charged and share the lovely day.

Sewingly Yours,