Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Making 6/27/16

I had a point in my various projects where I just needed some mindless play.  My scrap barrel storage is right near the little table where I have my Juki set up right now - so grab a barrel that is 'over-stuffed'!

I keep several Kona black, white, and snow JRs on the shelf, too.  So with those 2.5" scrap squares paired with some Kona snow - quick 16-patches that will need pressing and then assembly into a postage stamp quilt today.

And with the circles for the '365' caught up (actually the total to the end of June so ahead), I need to pull the second Zen Chic 'Modern Background-Paper' Jelly Roll and make up the next batch of rails.

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Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching 6/26/16

Slow Sunday Stitching

I will be joining Kathy today and helping her celebrate the 4th Anniversary of Slow Sunday Stitching (and there is a give away).  I think we all need to take that time to just slow down - be it any part of our journey in our life.

I have some catching up on my circles for the '365'.  Once those two stacks of 2-rails are used, I have to make new ones - my Monday schedule.  They remind me that I am half way with this project - I am enjoying this one.

And then I have my bits of Hexie fun.  I am not rushing these even though they don't take long to do.  It will give me the opportunity to slowly collect the 30's fabrics for the setting blocks for this quilt.  Yes, I could buy a FQ bundle, but I want to enjoy the full journey with this.

How do you slow down?
Sewingly Yours,

Friday, June 24, 2016

Fabric Fabulous

I must say that our fabric acquisition trip was just fabulous!  We each filled out list first and then if something really called out - we treated ourselves.  My main goal was to get four extra wide backings.  Three traditional quilts and the lime green - Hillside Houses of course.

The dark print is my setting fabric for the rail/colorwash project and the three 30's 1 yard cuts are going into my tote for the Hexie flower project.  Fabulous buy on those.

And my treat - oh my gosh, I have wanted this since it first came out and I saw an original Palampore quilt.  If you know what the price of these were originally, you know I got a fabulous buy at $22.50  If you are not familiar with Palampore, HERE is the history.  Now to start collecting the special fabric bits for the borders that I want to set this in.  And I better learn to use a thimble, because I am hand quiting this baby.

We had a lovely lunch and then wander thru the quaint little town of Windham, NY.  Lovely weather, lovely trip with some fabulous people.

Have a fabulous weekend,
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Road Trip

I know there are a few gals that travel as Lucy and Ethel - and Laverne and Shirley - and Thelma and Louise BUT there are three of us heading out.  Are we the 3 Amigos?  Or maybe the 3 Stooges?  A road trip is needed........

I need some setting fabric for my rail/watercolor and 4 extra wides for backing.  My SIL needs some fabrics for a new project she wants to start and a backing.  And we tweeted up a travel/quilty buddy if she was interested in joining us - YES!!  So we are off to The Patch Work Co quilt shop in Windham, NY.  We've got our lists, set out limits, and plan a lunch out as well.  A good day is ahead!!

Sewingly Yours,