Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 4th Weekend

Since I am carless, I will be home for the holidays so to speak.  But there is food in the pantry, freezer, fridge - I can make up my own picnic.  And I will be sure to add some extra special treats to the furkids' bowls.

Since July is the RSC15  color - RED, I thought my smaller version of the Sister's Choice blocks would be a fun project for the weekend - like sparklers!

Moe is not impressed with red - Bella's color of choice, but she is out hunting.  I collected a few things that need to be stored (to be replaced with new decor items) in my handy basket for transport up/down stairs.  Not a box, but Moe thought it a good place to nap - he even flipped up the little mailer boxes so he could be on the 'fabric'.

Today is Eleanor Burns birthday - go HERE to send some special wishes and please read the post thorough - you can win some of her fabric.

Since I have no plans now, I thought it would be a good weekend to tackle that string box.  A quilt for the Scrap Challenge - see side button for information.  

This is actually a smaller version I made a few years ago - my plan.  I am using print paper at size so these will be larger blocks for a twin bed size.  The only thing I have to pay attention to is that with rectangle string blocks I have to make half with the lite thru one corner/corner and the other half of the blocks with the lite thru the opposite corner/corner.  Other wise - a no think project for the weekend.  And hopefully this project will clear out that string box.

Safe and Happy 4th,
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July 2015 Goals

Well, the first day of July got off to a horrible start.  Lots of rain, cold and a dead car.  Yup, dead car on a holiday weekend to come.  My Mom (who's car is in the shop for new brakes), SIL and I had gone to do some grocery shopping, pick up scrips, return items, etc....  We got that trip thru nicely even if nasty weather.  I like to get my bread and milk at the local Stewart's Shop in town, so after unloading everyone and supplies put away, off I went - just a 1/4 mile away.

I come out to start the car to head back home - dead.  Well, everything else worked but the engine wouldn't.  So a series of phone calls, my SIL picking me up (she was sewing at my house), and the car is off to the dealer for repair.  Looks like this girl is home for the holidays.

Let's see how things will fare on the sewing front.  This is the book I will be playing in for Let's Book It.  I had wanted to use it last month, but it took me a whole month to locate it - it actually had been borrowed and finally returned home.

There are a lot of great projects in this book, but I specifally wanted to work this one.  I have a lot of neutral scraps that need taming and I remembered this pattern.  It's a big quilt (and triple border, too) and the strattas will take longer to make as I am working out of various sources of scraps, but it's about using that resource and starting - not so much the finish.

 RSC 15                           Slow Sunday Stitching

RSC15's color for July is RED.  I don't have a lot of reds, but I know there is enough to complete my blocks.  And Slow Sunday Stitching to help finish that little embroidery (shame) as well as some hand stitched bindings.

The commission quilt came back from the long armer and I hope the weather is good today so my two furkids spend the day outside so I can get the binding and label on it without chasing them out of the way.  Then she will have it to present to the family this holiday weekend.


I know I have been bad in thanking people for winnings - personally that has been done, but I forget to add that here.  This colorful FQ bundle was what I won from Terri for the Hands2Help Challenge.  I will need a charity quilt for our guild this next term as well as our pillowcase project.  I am sure this pile of fabrics will fit that bill to a "T".

This FQ bundle I selected from Sew Me a Song as my winnings for the Scrap Tuesday challenge.  Two of those are half yard cuts, thank you Rebbecca, as I could pick 2 more FQs to add and I told her to just add what ever.  I was thinking of these for bindings (remind me of old fashion ticking(, but they are perfect to work with my shirtings for another project.

 And I won this from Terry who was doing some book clean  out - she threw in some fabulous fabrics, too.  I love that star flower block and there are some smaller projects in this book using that block that I would love to make for some fall pretties.

So I am keeping my list small, hoping to add a finish (a quilt will be coming back from the long armer), and spend some time petting my new fabrics with plans to be made for the fall and winter.

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Closing out June - 2015

I am so glad to see this month done!  Although it marks half a year gone, it has been a miserable month.  RAIN, tornadoes, RAIN, lightening, tornadoes, RAIN, oops there was a day of sunshine, RAIN -  you get the point.

My SIMPLE list for the month was Let's Book It, RSC15. amd Slow Stitching Sunday.

The Let's Book It project - completed.

RSC15 - light blues - completed.  BUT boy I have a lot of blues left!!

Slow Stitching Sunday - well I failed on this poor little piece.  I got too caught up in my scrap piles.  This will be carried over into July.

Oh, and I was going to clear out this area!  Well, it was cleared out once - and then filled back in.  Empty bins and racks to be put away (rained out vending), a camode (?) which has sat in my hallway for a long time - this needs donating or into the scrap, bags and items for quilt guild that need putting away upstairs (program committee items).  The bins under the hanging bags are my (1) cut batts for the to-be-quilted (2) quilts which I would like to see completed by the end of the year.

I did get a quilt finished for the month - using donated scraps from many resources for a baby quilt.

And there was a second quilt completed, but with all the rain there has been no chance to photo it outside.  BUT here is all the pretty threads that I used on it.  I find it handy to keep my bobbins on my thread stand spindle to keep a certain furkid from playing (and losing) with them.

I spent a few days working on a commission piece.  This should be back tomorrow from the long armer so I will have a binding and special label to add - both of those are made and ready.

And that scrap pile play resulted in lots of blocks.  If I had to chose just one part of the quilting process as the only thing I could do, it would be making blocks - I love making blocks.

Here's wishing for a dryer and warmer and safer July,
Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Monday Making 6/29/15

On my design wall (a.ka. louvered doors to my washer/dryer) is my newest Postage Stamp quilt using 2" squares.  I have a few more rows ready to add and I probably need to make more.  Once I get those on there will be a border of muslin and then a 2" scrappy square border followed by another muslin border.  You all know how I love borders - so this one will be around for a few more play dates.

I have 30 Bonnie Hunter's Grandpa's Stars made  - thought I would lay four of them out so you can see what pattern they make.  I need a total of 80, so I will play with these thru the week, too.  They go fast as I have that box full of ready made scrap HSTs.  The skinny (1.5") braces are coming out of my string tote - cornerstones coming out of the 1.5" barrel.

My thread order arrived (Connecting Thread sale) and notice they are tubing them differently.  I just hope this doesn't cause a problem with my side spindle feed on my machine - and they don't stand to steady on my stand either. We shall see as my last 'piecing' color spool is just about out and I will be using the new spool.

And I had a 'duh' moment with my new lint rollers - must have these for working with scraps that leave threads every where as well as two furkids that shed non-stop.  I removed the cover (same print) and set it down to do the next one.  I looked - now didn't I just remove the cover?  Well howdee!!  Every sewing room needs a fancy sticky lint roller.  Now I have to check next time if there are other patterns.

Speaking of scraps - I sent off my 5" cut downs and a box filled with my 3.5" and 2.5" squares is heading out to a new home.  WHY??  Because I have not been able to keep up with them, used them in 20 plus projects, and I have some new bags of gifted scraps that need moving into my fabric food chain.  Why stuff them into over flowing totes and barrels - clear out and start fresh.  First clear was all the large items to either the drawers or totes.

And there were a lot of skinny strings.  Some of these will get worked into my Grandpa's Stars, but I think some serious string block play needs to be had.
I found some pieces for my July 'Let's Book It' project and pulled some reds for RSC15.  What was left will be cut down into my barrels thru out the week.

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Will you play this week?
Sewingly Yours,