Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Scrappy Wednesday

The Temecula Quilt Co "Summer Scraps" is now a flimsie!   I love the color and movement in this quilt.  It now joins the many others in that pile of 'to be quilted'.  Did it make a dent in the scraps?  Heck NO!  There were several 'old' pieces in the CW tote that did get used up finally.

Going another route - bright colors.  A guild member brought this little bag of corner cut offs and asked what she could do with them.  I offered some suggestions and was handed the bag - 'have fun' she said.  Our guild is having a Summer Challenge of finding something inspirational and designing our own piece using that inspiration.  Well bright bits of fabric that remind me of some of the flowers that were at the library quilt/flower  show is my inspiration.  I know I have all summer to make this, but hey - they were sitting on the table just begging.

I am home today and the weather is lovely.  I think some time walking the property to see what colors I can spy might be on the agenda as well.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Monday Making

I have today to play all day.  I never completed my OMG piece last month, not the little cross stitch socks.  Since June and July are so booked for me, I am going to sit out OMG those months and catch what fancies me or I have the time for.  I've had the center columns of the Temecula Quilt Co's "Summer Scraps" done for a while and I'd like to progress this more.

The next columns along side the Broken Dishes are lots of 9-patches...

And lots more 9-patches......

And a few more 9-patches.  I made sure to not use any of the fabrics in the Broken Dishes so I don't have to worry about setting two likes next to each other - I have lots of fabric/scraps.  I have more than needed, but the variety gives me fun in the lay out.  The extras will go in the orphan block box for the Kitchen Sink quilt in the fall.

The goal is to at least get the two columns together.  If I can get them attached - plus!  Then I have to decide whether to leave as is or to add a stop border and then larger border - I hate borders.

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It's to be a rainy day, so a good day to spend stitching,
Sewingly Yours,

Bits of Time

We aren't all just lazing around, but we are taking things a bit at a time.  There are several things going on that need attention and it is being tackled  in  scheduled times along with some enjoyment of some lovely weather for a change.  A week ago we had temps in the 30's with snow and now in the 70's with sunshine - have to soak it in.

Bits of time was used to get the light background Chandelier Bead Blocks done in the new RSC19 color.

We hung quilts in the library to prepare for the show.  They will hang for two weeks with a number of flower and quilting activities mixed in.

A little bit of time was taken to get the dark background Chandelier Bead Blocks done in the new RSC19 color.

The garden club came in to the library to set up the little vinettes of flowers with some of the quilts.  These will stay up for a week or as long as the flowers last.

Some of the Button Blocks for the Temecula Quilt Co project.  I did make a few in blue - I have a lot of blue.

I made 80 signature blocks up as well with bits of time for an activity at the library - will show these the day they are used.

One of the library activities - decorate a planter and then plant a flower of choice.  Yes, I donated the fabric and some other bits for this project.

Then I attended the presentation of Betty Fikes Pillsbury on growing roses followed by a lovely tea party on the front porch of the library.

So I have been grabbing bits of time to stitch, enjoy the day, and support a local series of activities.  How do you use your bits of time?

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Scrappy Wednesday

A new month a new color for RSC.  Angela said we are going to be working with a lot of blues and to start with the dark spectrum to begin with.  I don't want to get too dark with the black setting or those blues will be lost.  The piles of Chandelier Bead Blocks are growing  pretty good now.  I'm thinking that next month I might just pick one and lay it out, fill in the colors to get at least one finished and out of the way.  Besides, the other one will need more room in the container.

I haven't worked on the Temecula Quilt Co project for a few weeks due to the commission taking up time.  I was making more each week so I had MORE than the required weekly count, but now I might be a little behind.  I'll double up on the week's count and should be good.  As you can see, I started stitching them into twosies which will help speed up the final piecing - and they had to get moved into a larger container.

Both of these blocks are very quick, so I am hoping to have some afternoon 'me' time for a little outing.

Sewingly Yours,