Saturday, October 19, 2019

Time To Reflect

I will be taking a little break from the blog as I deal with my Mom's newest health scare.  She took another very bad fall and we shall see what the outcome holds over the next few days.  In God's Hands

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Scrappy Wednesday

During one of my travels, I was gifted this large bundle of scraps.  Most of it looks to be large pieces so an easy process of getting these into the scrap management.  Anything smaller than a FQ will get chopped down into the barrel system. 

This is the last tub of scraps from Lesley's estate of fabrics.  There are mostly small scraps, several zip bags of different size cut squares, and some small projects in progress.  There were several step outs and pieces along with the instruction sheet that she must have used as a teaching class project.  I've sorted it all and got the step outs in order; some small projects quilted and ready to bind.  Maybe my guild would be interested in it as a Saturday class.

And at my last Hall of Fame meeting the lovely Pat (thank you sweetie) gave me this beautiful glass barrel stuffed with scraps.  I spy some lovelies for the Shoo Fly Shoo BH blocks .  I'm, also, starting some tiny log cabin blocks - food for the fill.  (yes, that's one of the step out projects that barrel is sitting on)

I spent a couple of days fighting with Face Book when another guild member was notified that our guild banner was being 'sold' on one of those crap FB sites.    DON'T open or buy from any of those 'fan' shopping sites - total scams.  No worries - our banner resides in my house, but trying to get FB to take this site down - HA!  Reports have been filed just so we hold no reliability.  Geesh!!

We are in a weather 'bomb' for a couple of days  - hope we don't float away again.  I plan to play with scraps right thru the weekend.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Monday Making

I won't actually get to stitch a thing on Monday as I am traveling for the last Hall of Fame meeting of the year.  A two hour drive, but I plan on taking in some leaf peeping by taking one route down and another back while traveling thru the Catskill Mountains.

The aqua blocks got finished and I have been adding sashing and cornerstones on one machine.

I managed to get the two halves of this monster together with the 'help' of this monster on the other machine.  I am stay stitching around the outside to hold all those patchwork edges.  I have to 'shuffle' a cat to keep working around.  This will have to wait it's turn for quilting as I have some commission work that comes first.

AND I need to pull the winner of the Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop give away.

Love the scrappy bats! Will be nice to have in your house this time of year.

Danette was a no-reply, but very nicely put her contact in her response.  I'll e-mail her and get the storage pincushion with bobbin donut and box of pins right out to her.   Thank you to all who left such lovely responses.

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Last Day of BOO!!

I hope you have been enjoying the Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop.  Remember to visit todays participants.

October 11

My black cat prefers cuddling in comfort with teddy bear blankies instead of flying on brooms.