Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Shades of Blue

My day for the Shades of Blue was topped with our Valley finally getting some snow from these passing snow storms.  I love taking pictures of the mature apple tree off the corner of my house and everything held such a bluish glow as it was dressed in snow.


I had this magazine bookmarked for the project for this hop.  Actually, I have a few projects I want to make that are in this issue.

A cute embroidery and the hopes of fulfilling the need to hand stitch for a change.   I took the liberty to change it up a little bit as it looks a 'little lost'.

I opted to use fuseable windows in blue and the red door for more 'POP'.   The red is from the left over binding drawer and I had just a 1.5" x 2.5" piece left when done.  The vintage tin was one of my greatgrandmother's button tins and the wooden cutout was made by my Dad (who has been gone for 13yrs. now).

Just so you can see the fun little blue print.  This is a vintage feed sack piece that I have been holding (gifted to me).  You just have to use fabrics!  A pretty soft blue with apples in the lacey flowerets.  I have about a FQ of it left and added it to my 30's tote to be used later.

A cute little 'Welcome Friends' hanger was a fun project to start the New Year with.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Time Flies


It's been a while since the last post.  These short, grey days make time seem to sit still.  I'm not doing a lot of stitching, but I am keeping up with my guild's color challenge.  The next crayon was 'PINK', so I made up my next Doxie with Moxie.

I'm working on my project for the BLUE HOP coming up soon.  I should have this put together and quilted by tomorrow.

I've been using this grey January for cleaning out.  Household clean out that is.  Cabinets gone thru, clean the fridge and freezer.  Then to tackle other places.  AND trying to do the same with Mom's side of the house, but boy those Depression Age folks hang on to everything!!!  And don't want to give it up either.

Another clean up is my binding drawer.  There are some large piecing in here and I want to be sure they were 'meant' for a project first.  I'll go thru the 'to be quilted' totes and if it looks like those bindings match up - they go with the quilt.   Then I will play with some blocks to use up the rest of those scrappy whites in the bag.

We have had much milder weather than usual for January in the Nor'East and little snow here in the Valley, but snow is on it's way for the weekend.  We shall see what we shall see!!

Sewlingly Yours,

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Happy New Year


Happy New Year every one!  A very quiet night here in the valley, I think I heard one firework all night.  I don't follow a lot of the traditions of bringing the New Year, just one - open the door to let the old year out and bring the new year in.  Hey, we are 50 degrees, so some refreshing air into the house was a blessing in itself.  2022 was a rough year for me and I am glad it is over - new hope for 2023.

My big finish for the end of the year, well not a finish but next on our Guild color challenge.  Dark Green was the new 'crayon' color for the month.  The new Doxie with Moxie is done and joined his pals in the project tote.

The top made from the scrappy whites in the bag and color scraps from gifted baggies is ready for it's borders.  I have the scrappy white inner border ready and will pull color scraps for the last border as I reorganize a couple of fabric totes for the year.  It's 50" x 62" right now, so it does need borders to bring up to single bed size.

I need to sort those totes as I want to make a couple of projects in this issue (vol 3 no.11) amd I know there is 'in my stash' useable for them.

I haven't really thought of a 'year's motto' to work 2023 (I did so bad on last year's),  but I know I have a LOT of quilts that need quilting.  So while in the reorg and sorting, I will pull for borders (if needed for a finish), backing, bindings - and get things moved to the finish line.  I will quilt myself, quilt by check, or even pass on tops for someone else to play with, BUT those totes need to be emptied this year.

I, also, have some commission work that will be coming in now so that will be my NEW play.

Blessings for the New Year,