Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Slowing Down

While others get into the sewing Christmas frenzy, I actually get into a slow down mode.  I like no stress thru November and December.  So I have just been playing with some of my long term projects here and there.  I made a few more Goosey blocks to add to the pile.

And I need to work a little more on this - my Let's Book It project.  I had to ditch the needle turn on this as I just struggled.  So now it is being done with my machine's pretty blanket stitch (I have 4 different ones on my Juki).  I may not have this completed by the end of the month, but will hopefull have it to the 'sandwich/quilting' stage.

I don't like to sew clothing, but one of our student's asked if I could make a couple of these with this pattern.  I think I will try one of each.  And we discussed changing the way the 'binkie' is attached as well as switching out the velcro to a button/button hole.  I think this will be my Thanksgiving Day sewing project.

I will be off-line until Saturday, everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, November 20, 2015

Feline Friday 11/20/15

Moe has decided to irk Bella by napping on her favorite blankie, but he doesn't blend into it like she does.

While he napped I pulled my fabrics for the 'Shuffle' sampler quilt along.  I like samplers, but I hate making a block or two at a time even if these do come out two blocks every Friday.  

So I plan to work them every other week - so I have 4 blocks to play with at one sitting.  I can pull four different fabrics (layer cakes and scraps) and make four blocks.

And Bella - she decided to take out her ire with Moe on me and nested into my little box of little blocks so I couldn't get to them.  

How do you get rid of two furkids in twerkie moods?  Pull out the vacuum!  They scattered to higher ground and I got to play in my little box.  I have 200 of these so far.  Where will I go with them?  I have no idea, but they are fun.  

I have no desire to start anything new and/or big, so little things here and there are good play time.  I've been using more energy (I still have this stinkin' virus) to clean and purge.  You know - you pull out one thing and clean that area, which leads to pulling another thing and you have to clean that before you put things back - after all that, you might just as well have moved everything out of the room and done a thorough clean and THEN but things back!

Now the spare bedroom needs a perk up incase it's needed - hope you have a lovely weekend.

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Little Finish

Yes, I shoved that fat cat off and finished up 'Tucker'.  The button is on the side bar and you will have to search for the 3 parts, but this works up so quickly.  And you don't have to use those tiny 1.5" squares, use a 2" or 2.5" and you still get a really cute wallhanging or runner.

This is the back - a Barbara Brackman 'Civil War Jubilee' collection -  this is Lincoln's Legacy. Quilted with a light grey Metler thread top/bottom with my walking foot.  The binding - a scrap we found when cleaning the shop and it kept getting tossed from one chair to the other.  I finally put it in my pocket and gave it a home.

A little finish gave me time to play for a bit.  I was having closing the shoe tote for the HSTs (bonus triangles), so I made up over 30 pinwheels - just enough clean out right now so I can close that tote.  Yes, I'm boxing some of my block play which will head out to Sarah's group once I fill it over the next couple of months.

I hit up another tote that was rather stuffed - my kitty fabrics.  Our quilt guild will be collection pillowcases next meeting for a local charity, so I best get started.  These are a variety of prints from Connecting Threads' "Parlor Pets" and Studio E's "Witty Kitty" - 2010 and 2011 - time to move them on.  I like to use the 'Hot Dog' pillow case pattern which you can find for free all over the internet.

Some little finishes to fit into the day,
Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Monday's Wall 11/16/15

I had all these bonus HSTs from my Heritage Star quilt and I liked this block on the Moda Block Shuffle.  Plus, I'm using up some cut-off muslin backing.  Just some block making play with no plan.

I was sorting thru a bag of scraps my Aunt gifted me and found she had a lot of partial projects she must have gotten tired with or maybe just not enough fabric to continue.  I think this was an attempt at either a Disappearing 9-patch or a Puss-in-the-Corner, but the pieces (and piecing)  weren't consistant and I had to pull things together.

I used what I could find in the bag and added some of my own fabric (you can see the differences in the blacks).  And I went with a new block.

Some of the rows assembled and you can see where the design is going.

And if I can get this fat cat to nap elsewhere, I might get the last bit of quilting done so I can put the binding on and my 'Tucker' will be finished.

Yes, that's my very first cutting matt under the table - well used.  It's purpose now is a pad under my other machine which happens to be put away at the moment.

May your Monday be full of stitches,
Sewingly Yours,