Monday, March 18, 2019

Monday Making

I showed the Basket Blocks from grandma's treasures before - one of the commission pieces.  These were all a tad bit different in size and I trimmed enough to keep points and to get them at least square.  Then I put a sashing around each and trimmed them all to the same 12.5" unfinished size block.

This gave a 'squared' quilt to work on.  The little bits of differences are not that noticeable.  This was the first quilt I worked on and it has sat for the end mainly: 1.  I wasn't sure how I wanted to quilt this and 2. the muslin I ordered (12 yards) was used up with the first three quilts - so not 12 yards!  Honestly two quilts 68" square and one 72" x 82" and I only use an extra 2" each side when laying out for home machine quilting ( my thrifty side).  Please, my math is not off.  I will figure on the high side and say I used 7 yards, but there was just about 10" x WOF (90") left.  I am very disappointed and yes, I let them know.

My two banquet tables side by side - 72" square is a little hard to fit in a photo - no, I don't climb ladders for pictures.  It's been decided to do a very open all over quilting as some of the basket fabrics are a little fragile.

The sun is shining, most of the snow has melted off, and I have my Monday planned,
Sewingly Yours,

Friday, March 15, 2019



If you are new to RSC, you need to check out ANGELA's super great way to use up scraps by color.  Each month she announces a color and usually has a quilt/block idea each year.  This year is tiny blocks and I hope to catch up on those next month.

This month is green with hopes of seeing SPRING - we are all sick of this winter.  I had to clean my machine inbetween quilting, so I quick made up my Chandelier Bead Blocks.

And the ones with the black background.  I have enough green scraps/fabric to make at least three large quilts - this isn't even a dent.

Today is National Quilting Day, so go sew!
Sewingly Yours,

Harry Potter QAL

It's time for a link up with Sew Fresh Quilts to share out progress with our HP blocks.  My grandson has enjoyed watching his quilt grow with each character.

The next four:  Minerva, Snape, Dumbledore, and  Hagrid

Minerva had us using some background fabric and it's nice to see how this plays with the blocks.

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


It's that time of year again.  SARAH has been hosting H2H since 2011 and I have participated each year.  She gathers so many goodies from many resources to offer up 'thank yous' to those who participate.  Each year she selects groups that need quilts to fill their needs.  As the project as grown, she has increased the number of groups and is giving us a chance to get to really meet them and their work.

If you are new to this project, please visit and read up.    Consider a donation.  If mailing is difficult for you, there is the option of working locally.  There are so many in need and we as quilters have this wonderful opportunity to wrap someone in a much needed hug.

Sign up HERE and there is a chance to win some goodies.  If you miss the sign up, you can still participate when the link-up of donated quilts goes live.

I am hosting on the 21st.

Sewingly Yours,