Sunday, July 12, 2020

Monday Making


After a long quilt session with the Black Bear Walking, I need some time to play before tackling the next quilt.

I'm digging and pulling the last of my Patrick Loose to use in the 'Ostrich Stretch' pattern by LORNA @ SewFreshQuilts.

The bodies will all be the black which is the Ginko Leave backing trim from the Bear and the ruf  The wings are a muted/mottle Patrick floral that I used long ago for a border (has a little bit of gold fleck thru it).  They are making a fun 'feather' look for these cute birds.  The beak and eyes are another PL fabric that I had just enough of.

It's to be another stormy day with our temps dropping several degrees for a few days - yeah!  Good day to stitch away with a little bit of humor.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, July 10, 2020

Whooping Friday

I'm whooping it up as the Black Bear quilt is finished.  This is Lorna @ SewFreshQuilts 'Bear Paw' pattern and the second quilt I have done with it.  I didn't use the border of small paw prints as it was requested to use RealTree fabrics (manufacturer of hunting appearal fabrics) in the outer borders.

All the bear paw blocks were done in scrappy fall color greens.  The grey sashing representing Birch Trees.  Finished 62" x 68" and glad to have this one crossed off the list.

Share The Spirit

Just a reminder that another inspiring Hop is just around the corner.  Hmmm, Fall and Winter projects - think I am done with extreme hot and humid weather?

I have my 'then' projects selected and I am working on the 'now' project.   I am not fond of working with Christmas fabrics so have selected a white/white Holly and Berry print to go with some seasonal polka dot - gotta love polka dot. 

Posting this off before the next storm takes the power again.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Scrappy Wednesday

I'm a little late to the party.  One I had company and two, I'm not really sewing scraps.  It's quilting marathon time and if I can get Moe to move I can finally get the Black Bear done.  Funny, as much as I moved this quilt around, he always laid back down on the bear.  All the bear paw blocks are scrap greens, so I guess is counts for today.

But my daughter is sewing scraps and I'll share:

Big blocks and big quilts - so not me.  And between her daughter and her - definitely pink lovers which again, is so not me.

We are sweltering waiting for the thunderstorm to hit later tonight.  The  kitties have even been lazing near the AC which they usually avoid.

** AND I really want to thank a number of commentors who are 'no-reply' which makes it impossible for me to respond back to you all.  I do so enjoy and appreciate all your lovely comments **

Stay Safe and Healthy,
Sewingly Yours,

Monday, July 6, 2020

Monday Making

I got a start on Bonnie Hunter's new leader/ender project and a baggy of scraps to go thru to cut up pieces for the next few to have ready by the machine.  I'm trying to stay with bright colors to keep this a happy quilt.

Then to work more 16 patches with the 1.5" squares.  I need 85 of these (and a lot of 2 other blocks) for this long term project.  

These two projects should really eat up the smallest bits that have just grown beyond containment!  Another week of stormy weather makes for good sewing time.

Sewingly Yours,