Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Long Weekend Over

I had a 'stay at home' holiday weekend as the shop was open (and everyone else was away) - although we had no one stop by.  I spent most of it cleaning and clearing out the bathroom as I had a plumber coming on Tuesday - so my Tuesday was a stay at home, too.  Since I got a late start I did the Slow Stitching Sunday on Monday.  The large stitch goes so fast, so this Let's Book It project just might get completed in time - although you don't have to have a finish.

I worked on the chambry and denim scraps from my clear-out space.  Half way there with these.

Yeah, this was hiding under those blocks.  I found this in my 'specialty' drawer.  Little scraps of whimsy and interest that are too special to tuck in with the other scrap storage.  The are my applique for...........

this quilt.  Yes, leave me home alone and not having to share my work space and I just go to town!  The green and yellow gingham, plaids, and stripes log cabin blocks got worked into a flimsy.  I'm hoping to get this one finished up on the next weekend.

And the bow ties got sewn together.  I would love to make another round on this, but there is not enough scraps.  SO - borders.  Yeah, I hate borders, but that's the plan.

This week I will be working on the last few star plaid blocks so that will be a flimsy.  Then the left over scraps from all of these projects can be put away or cut down into my fabric food chain - a good start to that clean up project.

Hope you had a lovely Holiday weekend and head into a great week.
Sewingly Yours,
** Kris mailed out all of the Birthday Celebration Gifts Tuesday - enjoy ladies**

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hands 2 Help - Guest Blogger # 7

Please be sure to visit Sarah today for her last guest blogger with help for finishing up those quilts.

I know I should be working on my Slow Stitching today, but I've had company in and out as well as looking after the home shop.  So I am tackling those plaids some more instead.  Lots of bow tie blocks well on their way.
** link up with Oh, Scraps **

And since I will be off-line later today and thru tomorrow - Happy and safe Memorial Day.

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Birthday Week Winners

Thank you all for the sweet Birthday Wishes - you made my May For Me very special.  Now for the winners:


Happy Birthday! So generous of you to give rather than receive, although I'm sure you will receive some wonderful things from your family.
I've been a follower for over a year and am amazed at the quantity of projects you produce, especially since you have "Simplified" this year.
I live in the US (near Rochester NY).
I would pick the "Solstice" jelly roll.
I always enjoy your blog and hope that your Birthday is blessed. I like the Whitewashed Cotton jelly roll. I have been a follower for several years but just started following by email and that helps me keep up with you better.

I have followed for quite a long time, on bloglovin. I like that you update your blog regularly, you're always making something interesting, and you share helpful tips along the way. You always have a positive outlook and I really like that! The etsy store looks fantastic!! I could spend some dollars there! If I win I'd love Red, white and free layer cake :) I'm over-seas
Happy Birthday! I'm a follower in Aberdeen, Scotland. Would love to win Crazy for Red layer cake.
I will be in touch with each winner for prize confirmation and mailing information.

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Clearing Begins

And you thought I was kidding - there is a little light at the end of the day.  The large tubs are still under the board because my 'muscle' didn't come today like planned - hopefully this weekend.  BUT one of the tubs was emptied - all those pieces of scrap batt plus a big box of fabrics went off to the local church group  No, not scraps but a bit of a clear out of yardage.  That seems to sit on the shelf as needed fillers, background, and blenders.  There were things that have sat too long and now I know they will get used up.

This is what was cleared from that spot.  I had two baskets and a small tote and a baggy (or two or three) of all these plaids, stripes, dissected parts of shirts, chambry, and light weight denim scraps.  I see three, maybe four, quilts in this pile.

Of course when a pile of fabric gets dumped on the table, it calls for some serious snoopervising.

Once I got some organized piles to work with, the first project tackled was some log cabin blocks with the greens and yellows.  42 blocks that now need some trimming up to 7.5" square for a gender neutral baby quilt.  There were 20 more 2.5" center squares, but I used all the greens and yellows up so they went into my barrel.  Maybe I can find something to machine applique on this one. (and just noticed - not even a planned RSC15 - green)

I swear, someone waved a magic wand and that cat changed color!!  Somewhere along the way there was a changing of the fabric guard.  Did you notice?  Moe chose the dark pile and Bella chose the reds.

Sorry Miss Bell, I am working those reds - a lot of women's dissected shirt parts and I pulled my shoe box of leftover neutral JR strips for some Sawtooth Stars.  And why waste those geese cut offs - they make perfect smaller blocks.  This one will take a little longer because of the double star making, then I will tackle that dark pile.

Do you dump a pile of fabric and just play?
Sewingly Yours,