Monday, November 12, 2018

Monday Making

I can no longer stuff any more into my 2.5" barrels, so some serious stitching needs to be under taken.  This seems to be the most used size when I break down gifted scrap bags, so this barrel fills up rather fast.
And, I do have more to break down.

 The postage stamp is the quickest way to use them up.  I know, I have one going with the 1.5" squares as well.  This size works nicely for when you don't need to have your brain in full focus.  I can stop mid stream and do other things and then come back to it without trying to figure out where you left off.  Plus, they seem to be the most popular selling quilts in the shop right now.

I have to put the finishing touches on my block for the Susan B Anthony Project 2020 - to scroll menu use the 3 bars on the top right corner.  You will find the story, block construction, and registration form should you be interested.  Our guild is submitting a few blocks, as we got interested in this when the Empire Quilt Fest show had the first 40 blocks for one of our special exhibits.  I'll post a photo when it is done.

Cold and rainy day - some stitching, organizing (still), soup in the crock pot, maybe I'll even get a quilt basted - a good day.

Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Secret Santa

Another cold, rainy, snowy day makes for great sewing time.  I want to make the next step of the Temecula Quilt Co mystery - 48 little 4-patches.  These finished steps are looking really scrappy, so I am going to do the 4-patches in just one red (I haven't used yet) and one lite (not used yet).  Sometimes you need a little balance.

I just have to run out for recycling, but I plan on sticking to home as my Mom took another fall and has been getting weaker.  So today the nurse and PT are coming in for another eval and I need to be here.  AND the other day the water main to my brother's little house on the farm broke, so we have someone coming in for an eval of that situation - do we fix, or do we condemn.  

Some more reorganizing, maybe some housework, a crockpot meal - just trying to breath.

Anyone traveling, take care as I see the weather and conditions around the US are a bit of difficulty.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, November 9, 2018

Whooping Feline Friday

I had a lot of help from Moe as I worked on putting things into a more useable order.  A box of NEW things put away on the shelf made for a NEW 'Moe in the Box' experience.  Sarah is planning a special 'kitty' share link up on 11/23/18 that you might to join in on. 

The gingham large quilter's project bag with matching zip bag was finished.

As well as the cute quilting road map print used in this bag.  Happy to have them out of the way and into the shop.

That gave me time to start something new.  Using up the scraps from the Kaffe project is making for a fun miniature (or two).  It was a good day to play as we are having our first major snow storm that will last for a few days.  I didn't get out for photos of the first real 'white', maybe tomorrow.

Sewingly Yours,