Saturday, December 7, 2019

Back To The Norm

I hadn't taken time to sort thru the 5 bins of fabrics left over from our Guild Swap last month.  Mainly it was due to I had commitments and I knew if I got into those totes, I would play.  They have been sorted down into fashion fabrics, canvas/decor fabrics, and left over scraps (some good yardage) - and I had someone take some of it.  I hope to find a home for these 3 totes ( yeah - 2 empty ones) as I don't need or use them - I have enough scraps thank you.  I did save the 4 large baggies and one was all HSTs, one was various squares that got sorted into my barrel system, one was an unfinished project, and then there was this bag of solids.  

I pulled the batiks (allergic to and will pass on) and the huge pile of hand dyed.  The rest I am using for a bricks and stones which will make a fun, colorful quilt for our Guild charity drive  The Hand dyed bundle will get used for this purpose as well; just have to come up with a good pattern.

I did use some of the larger pieces from the guild totes to make a few pillow cases that we are collecting at our next meeting.  They will be going to Catholic Charities for the community Christmas boxes.

I was late finishing our guild challenge.  A member taught us back in October (a-hem) how to use crayons on fabric and we were to make a small project with it.  I finally - first of all - found it and got it finished up.  A bit late for those pumpkins, but done is good. and I'll take for show & tell at our next meeting.

It's been so long that I've had time to just play, and I am going to enjoy it the rest of the month.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Glad you can play. Nice pumpkin finish and that bricks and stones is gonna be great. Fun quilt

  2. You’re not the only one with pumpkins past their prime. I’m hoping to finish mine off on the road, but it’s been sitting for more than a year. I love watching you go through your bins of fabrics and seeing what you come up with. I like those little black and white four-patches with the color. Very cute.

  3. No one plays better than you do. Looks like someone will be busy for a long time! ;-)