Monday, December 9, 2019

Monday Making

I let the white and black strips dictate how many blocks I could make for this project.  There are 6 of each pair of color and I have enough color solid to make a piano key border.

Today I hope to get this into a complete flimsy - maybe even sandwiched up for quilting.  Since it is a small quilt, it will need a few borders.  I can easily match the white for a border and then use up the colorful solids in a border.  And I know I have a piece that will work perfect for the back; I'll even use up a cut-off (or might have to piece) of batting - clearing out. 

This is a great scrap eater pattern and one that is very easy to math out.  I have used it a few times with different measurements.  This one was mathed around what size was in that baggy.  The w/b strips were already cut 1.5" so the 4-patches finished 2.5".  So I made the bricks 2.5" x 4.5" and that was good as many of the solids already had strips (wof) cut that size.

This is going to be a great gifting quilt for our guild drive,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. Nice. It's fun to make a quick, cute quilt from stash. But me, I am NOT starting anything for a while!

  2. Well, it turned out very cute. I love all that color.

  3. What a great scrappy design that is!! Leftover pieces and parts make the BEST quilts!!!

  4. Like the Monday Makings. Stay warm. we are getting a cold front today.

  5. Nice. Love when a quilt comes together like that