Monday, April 15, 2019

Monday Making

I did some more reorganizing which involved going thru those two totes of quilt tops.  OMG - over 40 quilts that need quilting!!  Seriously!!  No more starting and chase those squirrels away.

I made LORNA'S bear pattern and my daughter claimed it right away.  So I made another and it never got finished.  This will not have all those fussy paw prints, maybe some patchwork instead.  It's been 'buried' for two years - so it needs to be finished.   

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Prayers for all in the path of all these horrid storms - we are on tornado watch ourselves right now.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. My, 40 quilts! If you didn't know what to do... ;)) Very pretty Bear quilt!

  2. Stay safe my friend. Love this fun

  3. Mercy, that is a lot of tops made!! The bear quilt is wonderful.

  4. WOW! 40 that need quilting, that should keep you busy, LOL. Love the bearpaw from Lorna's pattern.

  5. I don't even like to think about counting my UFOs. I loved your daughter's Bear Paw quilt.

    Praying for safety with these storms.

  6. Hope you stay safe and no more lives lost or massive damage . Love the quilt and the tally, that gives you a heap of choices where to start.

  7. Oh how I love this quilt. I printed all the instructions. It's on my someday bucket list. The green is gorgeous!