Sunday, April 7, 2019

Monday Making

I had a very productive weekend.  I guess waiting for that commission work has me set on fire to get as much done as possible.  First I got the next block for the Harry Potter QAL.  The train was a lot of little pieces and even with lots of starch, it is a little 'warped'.  Hopefully it will straighten out once put into it's row.

These four blocks go into that row.  Next we start the 'Harry' lettering.  Getting excited to see this one all together - even if I am unfamiliar with the story and characters, it is making my grandson happy.

Bella is rarely seen as she hates the camera.  Yes, grumpy cat lately (shhh, she goes to the Vet Weds for annual shots).  She seemed rather drawn to the rust colors I'm playing with.  I wanted to catch up on the 'Threadology' blocks.

I really like this star block pattern and could make a whole quilt sometime down the road with it.

You can't go wrong with the classic Churn Dash block.  This is a quick block, easy math block, great scrap buster block, and looks so different when turned on-point.

I even de-constructed the cross stitch piece.  The old sashing will be cut down into my barrel system and the backing went on the shelf.  The batting was tossed - that crappy old extra 'puffy' poly stuff I refuss to use.  More than likely I will hit my homespuns once I get inspired to finish each up into their own minis.

What I need to work on today is this large tote of light scraps.  I will cut what I need for two in-progress projects and for a new project.  Anything not suitable for those or too small will get chopped for the barrels.  I would like to get these down in size to fit into one of the shoe box totes. 

Is this not one bad ass mama?!!  This is my daughter who is playing on a New York Women's tackle football team.  In all my wildest dreams, I would not have expected this.  BUT she has always been head strong, heart strong, physical, and determined.  Heck, she ran the Boston Marathon!.  I wouldn't mess with her.

And this has to be a first!  We are a sponsor and got our Shop as a jersey patch.  My daughter told me they announced the sponsors at the home game (which they won) - must have given them all a laugh. 

Off to grab my rotary, rulers, and tackle some scraps.
Sewingly Yours,


sewyouquilt2 said...

Looks like some fun playing in the scraps at your the cross stitch piece.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Hope she has fun. My father played football, but I can't catch or throw or run.

Barbara said...

That Knockout shirt with Vrooman's Quilts on it is a riot. I think Bella was drawn to those rust fabrics because they look so beautiful with her furs.

KatieQ said...

Of all the places I would expect to see the name of your quilt shop, the front of a football jersey was not on the list. It's amazing! Good luck to your daughter and her team. When life gives you scraps, go play ball.

Needled Mom said...

Love the name on the football jersey! I know that you will do amazing minis with those beautiful stitcheries. What were we thinking using those fat battings way back then?

Calicojoan said...

So...I guess you are a foot ball mama now! :-) I think it's pretty cool that she playing. I've got a friend in Alaska who is a playing hockey. She's a tiny little thing and is the goalie. Even has her girls playing on a kids league. We are woman, hear us roar! LOL!!!

gayle said...

Hurray for your daughter! And I love that your quilt shop is a sponsor!

Quilter Kathy said...

Three cheers for your amazing strong daughter!

kiwikid said...

Well done to your daughter! Well raised by her mother I must say. love what y I ur are doing with the Harry Potter blocks.