Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Scrappy Wednesday


I taught my last travel class for the year on Saturday.  This is Ricky Timms 'Convergence 101'  - a cut, shuffle, and sew technique'.  There was some heavy rains when I drove home and glad it was my last travel as SNOW arrived the next day.

  A lot of batik lovers in this group.  

A very pretty combo here.

Some holiday fun.  This is the final piece, but we discussed ways to add different borders to add to the piece and enhance it's look.

Some border play.   A fun group of quilters that I enjoy going to teach.  I've done a lecture/trunk show and 3 classes now with them. 

I've have spent the last week or so helping my Mom sort thru her unfinished items and get a few of to a long armer.  I made a few pillows with some of her orphan blocks and there are enough for a 'kitchen sink' quilt at some point.  I went thru some of my books looking for an applique' and chose something from this book.

It's for our guild's 'home' round robin challenge.  We've had the center and the first round - scrappy.  The second round is applique' and I am going with the cover project's vine and prim flowers, berries, and leaves.  I am on the last border with the 'vine' and then will add the leaves.

My piece is using up a lot of my scraps of Civil War fabrics.  And I picked up baggies of CW scraps at one of the quilter's estate sales that will go into this as well.

Sewingly Yours,



Darlene S said...

Lovely Convergence quilts. I'll confess I have never made one, but have wanted to. Thanks for the inspiration. With luck, I will make one this coming year. I love scrappy quilts too!

Rosemary said...

I love this convergence quilt as well and would love to make one. Not sure where to start ... lol At 84, I have to just start or I'll never do it. It's lovely!! Thank you for sharing!!

Nancy J said...

Ditto to Rosemary's comment. I am a little way behind at 81 plus, and still see a design and long to make it, but know the reality!!! Love the top photo and those batiks, stay safe on the roads as snow hovers closer.

Jeanna said...

I really like the Christmas version of the Convergence Quilt. Glad you are all done with travel classes for a bit.

kiwikid said...

Love the convergence quilt, our local group had a class and made some a while back.

loulee said...

The convergence quilts look lovely.

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