Monday, October 18, 2021

Monday Making


I think I fell down the rabbit hole and I know it is Tuesday, not Monday !  But I spent last month finishing up 4 quilts and want to keep the 'quilting' process going thru the remainder of the year.  Yeah, this one is upside down, but when I rotate the photo it looks funny.  Since this outside photo was done we've had nothing but rain and it has gotten cold enough that I finally gave in and turned the heat on.

These are the next quilts to be done.  I've pulled all the 'kids' quilts from the tote.  They are smaller and faster to get finished off.  I have the batting cut and backings ready - it's just pedal to the metal. 

Next will be the throw size quilts - which I seem to make a lot of.  They are popular sellers in the shop right now and I need to freshen the supply.

Moe has not been feeling well or maybe he is still in mourning - he misses his outside working buddy (my late brother).  Bella has been in hiding mode, but he has taken to sticking close to me after he spent almost 2 months 'waiting' outside.  The ironing board is set up along side my portable table where I am using my home machine to do up the smaller quilts.  He doesn't want scratches or pats, just some talking to - poor guy.  

I hope to get to freshening up the look of the blog this month as well.  It's been baby steps for me, but at least it is steps.

Sewingly Yours,



loulee said...

Your butterfly quilt is beautiful.
Poor Moe, missing his friend.

sewyouquilt2 said...

Love your butterfly quilt. Hmmmm gives me ideas..... poor Moe.

Barbara said...

The butterfly quilt is very cute. I love all that color. Poor Moe. So sad.

Darlene S said...

What a brilliant Butterfly quilt. Gorgeous. Your plans also sound like great fun. I hope Moe is just feeling the arrival of Fall and weather change triggering the desire for more rest, but I suspect you are correct in that he misses his friend. Cats are full of love and kindness and certainly feel the loss of loved ones and friends. But I'm glad he enjoys your voice and your kindness.

kiwikid said...

Love your butterfly quilt, sounds like you are going to be busy. I always assume cats are kind of aloof but Moe is not like that at all, I hope he is happier soon. Losing a special person is very hard.

MissPat said...

Any move forward is progress, even for a snail. Lovely butterfly.

Jeanna said...

Both quilts are adorable but the butterfly quilt is soooo sweet.