Monday, August 10, 2015

I'm Late for a Very Important Date!

Time has gotten away with me, just like the white rabbit.  I had my car inspected in the first wee hours of the morning so I could be on schedule.  BUT, then my Mom got an invite to a luncheon and I had to take her sewing class on - just a baby sitter as those gals know what they are doing.  That threw off my daily 'to-do' list and now I am late for Monday Making and Design Wall.

I managed for Slow Sunday Stitching to complete my two bindings and then I finished up a third this morning.  Hopefull I can get pictures tomorrow (is it suppose to rain?) or the next day.

Of course this furkid was of no help at all!  She suffers seperation anxiety and getting worse with her age.  She was crazy when I did the car and my SIL came down to sew while I was next door - I guess Bella mewed and paced the whole time.  It wiped her right out.  Once she knew I was staying put, she crashed on her favorite blanket for the rest of the day.

My 'Let's Book It' project got a little more piecing.  Just the border to do then it will be sandwiched up for a quick quilting.

After finishing off some pattern writing, I pulled these blocks that have been sitting and waiting for another play date.  They just need the last round of black.

I used all my 'usuable' pieces from the bin and FQ tote, so had to pull some yardage from the shelf.  That's when this guy came to help......

There was no way I was taking that away from him - those nails are brutal!!
So I ignored him and stitched up the strips already cut - he left.

They need trimming/squaring up now, but that's for another day.  I have a couple of items on my 'list' before I call it a day - and should be caught up.  I hate falling behind and then trying to catch up - I so feel like the white rabbit!

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Wow... you accomplished a lot! Lots of binding is done done done!

  2. Okay. Now I see how you are going to use those flying geese! Cute! Love, Love, LOVE those black, white and red blocks.
    Enjoyed the pictures of Bella and Moe : )

  3. poor Bella. my Dunkin is like that. he waits for me on the couch near the door then scolds me when I come home. your fur babies are so adorable and helpful!
    you got a ton accomplished for being behind!

  4. Hi Sharon,wow that's a lot of flying geese,such beautiful work Sharon poor Bella she does look exhausted,enjoy your day my friend xx

  5. The flying geese look beautiful, and I love the log cabins in the red, black and white colors. Cute pics of Bella and Moe.

  6. Oh, I started feeling anxious for you! I love that flying geese piece! And a tried and true log cabin is always fun to put together. It looks great in black and white with red!

  7. Your plate seems to stay full....and you get tons done. Your new project is great!

  8. Poor Bella, that would break my heart. It looks like you got a lot done, maybe you should run late more often, LOL. The log cabins are gorgeous in the black, white and red.

  9. I LOVE those geese!!! The logs are gorgeous too.

    Poor kitty. Glad things are back to normal again for her.

  10. Aw, poor Bella... You might have to start toting her with you wherever you go. 8)
    All your projects look great! You really got a lot done for someone running late.

  11. I hate the feeling of being behind, it seems like once you get to that point there is no recovery. Poor Bella does look plum tuckered out. But it looks like the other one was more than malfunctions enough to make up for it.

  12. I know how that feels. I am so far behind it is crazy. Hopefully I'll get to make some serious progress today.