Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Scrappy Wednesday


The blocks have found themselves set in two halves of a quilt top and I hope to get those stitched together today.  I have to search thru the shelves and totes to see if I have something for a border.  Yeah, one long seam on my OMG for April, but the border may take me the month - hate borders.

One small spot to fix on a commission piece (repairing an old quilt) and then I can play. 

 A drawer full of baggies with left overs from specific projects.  I like to keep the fabrics and parts together until the project is finished - in case there is an oops.  Now this drawer needs some serious clean out.

I pulled a couple of my miniature magazines with the hopes I can find something that will eat up those baggies.

It will be another beautiful, sunshiny day - so a walk outside with the furkids will be fit into the day.

Sewingly Yours,



  1. Your quilt top is looking great. Love those blocks. I always love looking through old magazines for inspiration too especially Miniature Quilts Magazine. Have a great Wednesday.

  2. The month will fly by as spring weather beckons you outdoors. I, too, have some projects that have extra fabric with them, in case I want to add a border ( ignore that word if you prefer not to read it !!) , Here we had sunshine, but darker so early at night now.

  3. I've been spending a lot on time out in the garden, dealing with early blooming weeds (specifically hairy bittercress) before they set seed, bringing thousands more next spring. Inside, I'm sewing down binding on a baby quilt and trying to straighten up some of the clutter in the studio.

  4. I learned to keep my projects together until the binding was finished. I found a few oopses and then had to try to reconstruct the colors I’d used, etc. Lessons learned.

  5. Wow, there are whole magazines on miniature quilts? I had no idea. I agree about hating borders, but at least they're at the very end and once you're done with them, you have a new flimsy!! That usually carries me through.

  6. I loved the Miniature Quilts magazines and was so sad when they quit printing them! i have quite the collection of them myself, stored away! Love your quilt progress