Friday, April 9, 2021

Whooping Friday


It's been a while since I linked up with SARAH , but it's been a good week and needs a Whoop, Whoop Friday.

I have gone thru that drawer of bagged 'bits and parts' , many will hopefully work together for our MOnday sewing group's challenge.  Why cut up fabrics and start from scratch, when there are parts already made?  But a small bag caught my eye and it's got priority play.

One of my all time favorite lines "Little Black Dress" from Moda.  I made three quilts with this line and this precious bag held what bits are left.  The HST's must have been cut offs and tho they were stitched, they were not pressed open and squared up.  A few squares and some strips of the background - we shall see what becomes?

I'm tickled - my favorite line, tiny bits, and a play at mystery.  Got to love it

The furkids had their annual Vet visit.  Bella was over weight and Moe under weight, but they are vaccinated, wormed, new flea collars - good to go for the year.  Thank heavens it is only a once a year event as they hate the carriers, hate to ride in the car, hate the woofies that might be there, etc...

It has been nice to see some 'normal' roll back into life.  The beautiful weather we've had all week has made for some much needed outdoor time.  I've had something scheduled every day this week - I didn't even use my planner all last year!  Even the Vet's office let you inside - only two at a time and opposite sides of the building, but actually in the office.   Mom has an appointment this morning and recycle center drop-off is tomorrow - I'm on an escape roll this week - Whoop, Whoop!

 Sewingly Yours,



  1. We did our recycle centre this week, ours is called a " Transfer Station" , bins for glass, plastic, paper, tins, steel, wire, one big area for garden waste, and a huge concrete pit that gets bulldozed down the slope to the bottom end where it all goes into a huge container truck. I look at some of the things that are dumped, and know many families would be so thankful for items.Old carpet is one of the most discarded. Love your blocks, this will be another bonus quilt.

  2. Love your blocks. So cute.dunkin is due for a vet visit too.he hyperventilates the whole way there poor thing.

  3. Cute blocks!
    It's nice to see life slowly returning to normal and how excited well all are at doing things which we'd have taken for granted in 2019.

  4. I am doing the same thing, Sharon - going through boxes and bins and looking for UFOs and fabric I can use to make something finished!! Whoop Whoop to you!! Little Black Dress is also one of my favorite lines!! That is going to make a great little quilt!!

  5. Using up some scraps is always Whoop worthy, Sharon!!

  6. Here in Western WA we are still park in the lot, the vet tech will come and get your animal, take inside for whatever you're there for, bring animal back to car, Dr talks to you over the phone, pay bill over the phone--so irritating for people and animals

  7. In our small town, rural Oregon, we get to go into the vet office. So nice to chat with a real in person person!

  8. So grateful that everything has opened up in South Carolina! Looking forward to seeing the results of those blocks!