Friday, November 23, 2018

Special Feline Friday

Today SARAH is hosting a special link-up for us to honor all those wonderful furkids that have blessed our lives.  I unfortunately have no photos of past furballs (before blogging), but I do have fond memories.

Growing up on a large working farm, we had a LOT of cats thru the years.  They got their morning and night 'milk' ration when the cows were tended to, but then they had to do their duty and catch vermine as another food source.  When we poured that milk, it was the only time we knew how many were on the farm! 

The patriarch was a Huge (size of a dog I swear) dirt brown cat with all white paws - Boots.  He was ferocious in caring for his property, but always there for a skritch behind the ear.  He loved to sleep in my one sister's old baby carriage on the porch right next to the door.  If he didn't like someone, they didn't get in the house.  He, also, loved to swim in our pool.

The matriarch was an odd 'mustard' color gal - Mustard (of course).  Barn cats were not allowed in the house, but she got snuck in from time to time.  She had fur like a rabbit - so soft; and the loudest purr I have ever heard on a cat.  One day she met at us at the door on our way out for school with a large hole between her eyes.  Someone had shot her, but that didn't stop her - she lived another 10 yrs after with that 'third' eye.

When the cows went, so did the cats.  It wasn't until I had my kids that kitties came back on the scene.  Two all black brother/sister act.  My kids loved them.  Before they turned one, we lost the brother and the sister never got over it.  She turned mean toward the kids so she was given to a new home and long story short - became the first cat for the new SHEBA cat food.

Many years later, I adopted my son's cat as he would be gone for some time.  Bubba was another dog size cat and just like Boots so long ago - took his task of protecting/patroling the property rather seriously.  As tough and rough as he was, when we had someone dump off their very sick and very pregnate cat - he tended her.  She died with birthing, but Bubba helped in raising those six kittens and I think the softy missed them as each went off to a new home.  He tempted all his nine lives with his daring (I watched him chase off a herd of dear from the yard once and the bear from the bird feeders) and was laid to rest on the farm.

Now I have my rescue kitties which show up on the the blog from time to time.  Like all quilter's cats, they take their job helping and supervising quite seriously.

Bella was rescued from a poor situation with her twin sister - whom we lost.  She's also been thru two floods and a tornado, so can we say stress?  She's been by my side thru many of my health recoveries, so doesn't like it when I am gone too long from her.

Moe was rescued at the same time by my daughter - just up the road from Bella, so possibly they are 'related'.  Moe became rather agressive to the new baby at the time and came to live with me.  It took time for Bella to accept him and she will from time to time remind him who is the Queen around here.  My 'Moe-in-a-Box' is my clown and the most laid back cat.

They are going into their 'winter' years and I promise them a forever home until they cross the rainbow bridge. 

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  1. What memorable kitties! Your kitty stories reminded me of some of my mother's kitty tales. I'm unfortunately severely allergic to cats, so can't keep my own, but I enjoy petting Mom's when I'm home (only manageable with regular doses of Benadryl during the visit).

  2. Wonderful memories of your kitties.

  3. I have always had a cat or two or five in my life. Tuppence, a farm cat, from when I was about 1 year old, until about 14 or so. Now we have Felicity, almost 20, she is sleeping on our bed in the caravan, no trouble at all, and ginger Boris at the cattery, he is too active to try and manage while here. They make a house into a home and add so much love, and are missed so much when they go. Your story of yours over the years is so full of love. XXX from NZ.

  4. That was a sweet post, Sharon. I do adore Moe's laid backness! How funny that Bella keeps him in his place! Gwenevere did that with Merlin, too! :)