Sunday, December 4, 2022

Scrap Happy


I am in my happy place.  To work those scrappy whites/muslins, I had to dig for something to work with them.  There is always a baggy of scraps - always!  I have found a box of baggy scraps that I haven't touched yet.  Mostly sandwich size baggies.  The fun is in the sorting, most need pressing as they have been squashed for so long, and then we assess for block to maximize the use. 

 I decided these kinds of bits will work with almost any 'cabin' block.  There are a number of style log cabin blocks. so fun play to chose fabric bits to fit the style.  Some scraps are feeding my barrel system.  So far 8 baggies are emptied - the large bag of lites isn't going down very fast, but using the smallest bits up first.  Some of the larger lite pieces are getting set aside for another project down the line.

It is cold, windy, and wet so this is a good project to play with indoors, I have my hibernation projects set up.  Yes, I hibernate thru the winter.

Sewingly Yours,



Kate said...

Looks like a very fun scrappy project in the works.

Barbara said...

Glad you’re having fun. Your blocks are so cute!

Nancy J said...

I could hibernate all year long, and scraps, I recently started re-sorting my batiks into colours. Thought I was finished, then found a huge tub of every colour, where the were thrown after I finished a secret project.Love your blocks, a perfect winter project.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Now, there is a Stashbuster project!!