Sunday, January 13, 2019

Monday Making

I thought I would take a day to play before getting back into a quilting marathon again.  I reached into that yellow monster and grabbed a baggy of scraps and dumped right out on the table.  A few strattas and a few larger pieces about FQ size, but mostly tidbits that I will start with first.

This is what I am shooting for - a scrappy double 9-patch.  I'll even be able to use up some of my off-whites and biegy scraps in this.  This will be an awesome quilt and quilted up with the old Baptist Fan motif  - perfect.  Another sub-temp day and I am going to enjoy hunkering down with scrappy stitching.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. That will be a gorgeous quilt. What size will your 9 patches be?

  2. What a pretty pattern. It’s an ambitious undertaking. I have a double Irish chain in my future once I finish up a couple more projects from my oldest UFO list.

  3. the purples and green in the scraps look great, this will be another beauty.

  4. Gorgeous scrap quilt. Dont make me start another project. Ouch thats my arm you are a twisting girl. Ok ok I may do