Friday, January 25, 2019

Feline Friday & B&W Winner

This is what happens when I put a pile of fabric on the table.  Hey, it needs to be held down tight so the wind doesn't blow it away!  And we have had some pretty good winds - and rain and snow and ice.

I bribed him away with a treat long enough to get a snap.  I received my other partners' fabrics for the 'Stone Soup' challenge, my SIL had tossed some odds on the table, and I had some pieces I pulled from one of the baggies in the Yellow Monster.

Now I was suppose to get 'uglies', but some very nice fabrics were sent.  I think my contribution was the uglies - fishing, camping, wild ducks, Noah's Ark.  AND the cat came back!

I had to wait for Moe to take his daily outside walk to quickly make a lot of 'noodles' for my project.  I cut 1.5", 1.25", and 1" strips from it all - well, some pieces were rather large so they got a slice and the majority saved to piece a back.  The only piece I didn't use was the solo Batik as I am very allergic to them - it will get passed on to a guild member who loves them.

The winner of my B&W Hop give away is:
  1. Your black and white quilt is perfect for out outreach group and I can see this in many variations. Thank you for the opportunity to win the pink "pop" fat quarters.
  2. I'll send her an e-mail for posting information.  Thank you all for such lovely comments on my post day.
  3. I'm hoping Moe will move again - found the pile of noodles comfortable as well.  Then I can start on the next step.
Sewingly Yours,


Char said...

You're right looks like you got some good fabrics, not uglies. I love seeing Moe, he reminds me of my Cali girl who we lost a few years back.
We're having lots of cold here but no snow, yet.

sewyouquilt2 said...

That Moe is a cutie pie helper.
Homemade noodle soup.. hmmmm

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Moe loves your fabric....they look great to me.