Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Just a Bit

I have just a bit to finish up on commissions, but I took some time to piece the spacer sections of Yankee Diary QAL.  I want this to not be taken over by R/W/B, so the 3.5" blocks are all various color CW prints.  

Some sections I could sew together and others are pinned into placement for later as the other blocks are released.  This month's block just came out, but it will wait for later in October to be worked on.

The furkids have not been allowed near the commission work and have been pretty good about it.  SO...... they took every opportunity to help with this.  The Queen just loves red and was just pleased as punch to roll her furs all over everything.

Moe on the other hand decided the project's tote was a good place to take a bit of a 'preening' break.  He was pulling burdock prickers out of his tail - glad the project wasn't in the tote as I had quite the mess to clean out when he was done.

The next temperature rosette is a lot lighter in color as we have had some very Summer like weather (finally) during the first few days of the official Fall season.
77-78-68(yeah, an odd day)-80-84-87-84

I hope to have the last commission ready for quilting before I head to the 
Bronck Museum for a Heritage Crafters' venue.  Anyone in the Coxsackie, NY area - this is Sunday, Oct 1st, from 12-5pm and is a free event.   This is my furthest travel venue and next to last vending event for the year.  I am honored to be asked to partake in this and I must remember my camera.

Sewingly Yours,


Nancy J said...

I hopped to the Museum web page, what a delightful story of the homes over the years. And now for everyone to enjoy, a gift of memories, hard work, and much love. Enjoy your Sunday.

Barbara said...

Oh wow...I love that museum. Looks like Snow White's Cottage. Your blocks are so cute. I love red, white, and blue together. I can't wait to see your weather hexies all sewn together. Was thinking about it yesterday.

MissPat said...

We had 4 days of 90° or more this week which makes it officially a heat wave. Set new record highs on 3 of the 4 days. But we're back to reality now with Saturday's high projected to be only 60°. Enjoy your trip to the museum.

Lady Jane said...

I am working on the Brackman civil war sampler and it will be a miracle if I get it done, lol... Love the yankee diary. Love the rosette colors. Have fun at your venue. hugs, lj

Susie said...

Have a great weekend and hope the weather is kind. Love the properties. Hugs, Susie xx

Vireya said...

You are still getting hot weather!

The museum looks like a very interesting venue for the craft event. Wish I was in the area!

KaHolly said...

Wow! Your Yankee Diary quilt is moving right along! I sure am loving it!