Monday, September 4, 2017

Monday Making

I don't know if my photo skills are getting worse or if it's because my camera battery is low.  However, today I am keeping it simple.  I need to finish the last orange piggie so they can debute Saturday.  I have my pieces cut for Clue #3 for Kevin's 'Sapphire' Mystery and will chain them thru the machine.  AND I have a request from a sweet young lady for one of my little strip bags in pink and purple.

This guy is supervision from the reclined position today.  We have had a couple of nights of heavy frost - YES, frost!  His nightly prowls have had him come in for some extra cuddle time to warm up those toesies and earsies.  I'll be sneaking some of those bits from under him to cut some strips for Kevin's second part of Clue #3.  (do you think he will eventually push that tub of blues off onto the floor?)

Like so many, our communities are actively collecting donations for victims of Harvey.  Several businesses have set up trailers to load specific donations that they will transport later this month.  Our guild is collecting quilts and items which we will mail out to centers delivering directly.  AND we are on watchful alert - Irma!  We certainly don't need another and where she will land ??? - there will be another need.  

Stay safe,
Sewingly Yours,


Sheila said...

My camera skills are the pits. I have no advise.
Looks like your fur baby is very comfortable, indeed.
Looking forward to seeing you Mystery Quilt come together.

Dana Gaffney said...

I'm a little surprised he isn't sleeping in that tub of blues, maybe removing the fabric first :)
I've donated money, then spent the weekend making 15 cage/crate quilts for the homeless animals in Houston, it felt better to be actually doing something, I don't like that helpless feeling from watching it all on the news.

Barbara said...

Frost! Noooooooooooo! I'm hoping it won't get too cold right away and make traveling to your area difficult to impossible. We're worrying about the fires in the Columbia Gorge now...such a tragedy. And now I'm worrying about Dana too. Anyway, Moe has the right idea. When in doubt, take a nap.

Kevin the Quilter said...

I get blurry photos from time to time too.....and I was a photo major in college! Can't wait to see your units come together! I certainly wouldn't mind having your supervisor's looks very relaxing! LOL

MissPat said...

Frost! Yikes. We've been in the low 40's a couple nights, but no frost yet. I'm behind on Kevin's mystery, but I've almost got a flimpsy done for a baby quilt needed within the next month.

Kate said...

No frost here, but jackets are necessary in the mornings.