Friday, July 20, 2012

Crafter's Campfire Today

MARSHMALLOWS UP!  I will be UPDATING on this post all day.  I have two crafts and two 'fireside' foods to share with you thru-out the day.  So you will want to come back to catch the update as well as blogger's who will be linking up with us thru the day ** bottom of this page.


Supplies:  Bandanas, pony beads, marbles, scissors (I am camping inside today - so rotary and mat)

**I was able to get my supplies from the Dollar Store

Step #1 - fold your bandana in half - point to point - so you have a triangle.  ** not all bandanas are perfectly square so concentrate on getting your fold on the long edge , corner to corner.

Now  fold your bandana in half again - point to point.  Cut on the fold side - 1.5" - this gives you a 3" wide strip approximately 32" long.  **again, not all bandanas are the same

Step #2 - fold your 3" strip in half the long edge.  Fold in half again bringing the previous fold edge to the two raw edges.  Easy Peasy!

Step #3 - slide two pony beads to the center of your strip - seperate enough to be able to open your folds.  Insert a marble into the strip and re-double fold, slide beads up tight.  Add a bead to each side, slip your marble in and tighten.  Test the look for number of marbles needed - 10 to 12 marbles works well. 

Step #4 - Leave enough non-bead/marble ends so the necklace can be tied around the neck. Add one or two simple overhand knots to keep the strip from raveling.  You can even make a matching bracelet with the same method.

You can cut the remainder of the triangle pieces - now you will simply cut the 3" strip with no folding.  Depending on the size of your bandana, you can get 2-3 strips for necklaces and 1-2 strips for bracelets.  **You could use one of those UGLY fabrics in your stash and cut 3" strips - A WOF cut will give you one necklace and one bracelet**  With everything cut and packaged up - great kids' craft for when they're 'bored' or a rainy day at camp.


                                                         BANDANA CRAFT # 2

Step #1 - Fold your bandana in thirds being sure the points are into the folds.

Step #2 - Stitch a square around the center just along the inside of the bandana edges - you can feel that under edge because they have a roll seam edge.  This is to give some stability to the bottom as well as form pockets - yes, we are making a bag.

Step #3- Fold you bandana in half - you can opt to have the pockets on the outside (shown in photo) or fold it the other way so the pockets are on the inside.  Pin sides and start stitching 2" down from top to the bottom - back stitch start and end so seam won't seperate.

Step #4 - fold your flaps down and mark/pin 1 inch from edge - stitch all the way around to form casing for cording.

Step # 5 - Cut two lengths of cording (option of just using one cord) and run one cord thru one direction and the second cord going the opposite direction - run both cord ends thru a bead and knot around bead. (or just knot end)

This could be done at a camp - hand stitched - or as a pre-camp project to make 'ditty bags'  for camp.  Initial could be embroidered on those flap ends or a decal - anything to personalize - have fun with it.

                                                  IT'S DINNER TIME

Many years of camping with Cub and Boy Scouts, you learn to keep it simple and make it fast!  Now at camp we would have the boys  mix up Bisquick batter for dough, but we are camping inside and my furries are useless at helping - eating - yes.  So I am using crescent rolls for my 'dogs in a blanket'.

At camp we would put those dogs on a stick to cook over low coals, but today we are using the oven - so on a baking sheet (I use my pizza pan for everything) cover with foil and some oil to coat.  Wrap those dogs in a cresent roll and place on pan.  Follow roll baking directions for temp. and time.

In 12-15 minutes you got your 'dogs in a blanket'.  Now if my boys were here, that wouldn't be fast enough!  A kid friendly make,bake,eat meal. 

Be sure to come back for desert!



Long ago we would have made our own bisquits for this, but simple is better - and you don't want me to bake!  Little sponge cakes, frozen fruit (our berries went bad with the heat/drought) of choice and whip cream.

And so I didn't miss out on the Marshmallows, I made a mallow flower with candy center to add to my little yummy cake.

I hope you have enjoyed the campfire - thank you Sallie for providing that - and I will update tomorrow with the  winner of the Layer Cake.  Thank you ladies for playing along.

**the marshmallow thoughts - our hay bales in their plastic wraps to protect them from the weather - and one of our 'buffalo tanks' for collecting rain water - thank heavens for them as they have been our source of outside watering** 

Sewingly Yours,

Thank you to everyone who participated and for those that stopped in to visit and/or comment on the various blogs. I used Mr Random to pull our winner and for the life of me cannot get that on the blog - SO..... our winner of the Berenstain Bears Layer Cake is Quilter Kathy who offered up some camping photos along with her Beach Bean Dip recipe. I will send her an e-mail for mailing information. Again, thank you ladies and wee gent for playing with us today.


Miss Hillbilly said...

I will be back late tomorrow night to read your updates and check out all the blogs linked up. Love this first craft. My sewing student will too. I am going to show it to her. She had fun doing our Quilters Campfire this year.

Kris said...

Sharon - What a cute project!! I am going to give it to the new director of girl's camp for next summer!!

Sheila said...

I hope the LINKY worked, Sharon.
Your Crafter's Campfire post is an opportunity for me to get some crafty ideas that I could try with my grandchildren when they visit.

Anonymous said...

those marshmallows look good Sharon and thankyou for showing us how to make these necklaces,i have seen them before but did not know how to make them.xx

Sheila said...

Wouldn't the kids have fun making this one ,cute idea!

Mhairi said...

I don't have a blog so I can't link this one up but here is a great idea for the colder months.
Grab a big sheet or a couple and cover the table so that you create a tent. Make a 'fire' using sticks, cellophane and a torch. Make food that is good camping food, like sausages in bread and damper (an Aussie camping tradition), then throw down a couple of mats and sleeping bags and "campout" for the night. To make it more interesting you can add glow in the dark stars to the underside of your table.
Damper recipe:
2cups of Self-Raising flour
pinch of Salt (can be left out but tastes better with it in)
Teaspoons of Sugar
¾ Cup of Water

Add all the dry ingredients together and mix then whisk in the water and kneed by hand. Place the dough in a camp oven and bake until top sounds hollow when knocked on.
Also good wrapped around a stick and held over flames.
You can also wrap them in aluminum foil and place in the coals.
For a winter damper you can place it in the oven at 320F for 40 minutes.

Needled Mom said...

Cute idea. The granddaughters would love making these.

Quilter Kathy said...

Such fun! I have lots of bandanas and want to try this with my niece this week! Thanks!

Angie said...

Love the bandana crafts! I will have to try these with my nieces - thanks for sharing!

Kris said...

I love the blue bag too!! And one of my favorites - dogs in a blanket - right up there with pigs in a blanket!!!

Sallie said...

What's a campfire without a fire? My son and I had fun making an edible campfire using Oreos, pretzel logs and Cheetos.

Sheila said...

Wow Sharon! You have posted more great project and food ideas! These are all great! Thank you.

Sallie said...

Congratulations to Quilter Kathy!

Quilter Kathy said...

Thanks so much! Now I'll have to find just the right pattern to enjoy this prize!

KatieQ said...

We are still out at our summer house so I don't have the supplies to try to make the necklace. It will have to wait until we get home. I was probably not one of the most adept GS leaders, but I made up for it in dedication. The girls in my troop did not like camping, but I did manage to convince them a few times. I liked it way more than they did. Thanks for the recipes.

Miss Hillbilly said...

Cierra will LOVE that bag! I cannot wait to show her this post tomorrow. Only 3 weeks and my summer with her will be over :(. We are going to have to figure out an evening or two to get together.

Those hay bales do look like marshmallows. Fun!

I am going to go visit the others now.

Carrie P. said...

really fun post.
dinner and dessert sure did look yummy!
Boy, we need one of those water tanks to water our garden.