Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pass It On Box -Traveling Stash

The box arrived today from Jen - she was very fast in passing this on and I want to do the same as some of these boxes are sitting 6-8weeks with a needed wake-up call.  This is some of the fabrics.......

And more fabric & bit of thread

Books and Patterns to chose from

This is what I chose from the box - fabric equals to 5.5 yards

These are my replacements ---- Some books and patterns, several fat quarters and half yard cuts( tried to make them in groups to work with a couple of those books), two charm packs, a few zippers of various lengths, pins, snaps and container of fashion buttons (love my buttons).  When I re-pack the box and there are little spaces to tuck more - more will get tucked.

Note with the box:
"The object of this box is to feed it a few things fefore passing it on to the next blogger.  Take what you want, but with every item removed, something must replace it.  No need to be new - just gently used, orphan blocks, patterns and  books that no longer appeal, and especially fabric ."

There is a sheet that is to be filled, documenting where the box has traveled - so update, please.

You must be an active blogger, promise to do a blog post what is in the box when it arrives, show what you are taking and what you are replacing it with.  AND pass the box on quickly to the next person! 
Due to the weight of the box - shipping only within the USA.

I will leave the comments open until Monday, July 30th (midnight EST) and announce promptly with every effort to personnally contact the winner - so this box can quickly go on it's way.  

Sewingly Yours,


  1. I don't think I've had this box yet so I'll play. :D

    Lucky #1? Possibly!


  2. I have not had a chance with any box yet! I hope Im picked!

  3. Would love some of that floral fabric in purple! Count me in....have plenty to share.

  4. Still have yet to see a traveling stash box. Would love to win! I have great goodies to put in :D

  5. I love the dotted fabric you removed. The stash looks interesting, but I've already had a box so I hope someone who hasn't had a chance will win,
    I saw there were heavy thunder storm warnings upstate. I hope they missed your area.

  6. Oh I would like to play! Never done this before, and have some lovelies to contribute! Fun, fun.

  7. Hi Sharon...I would love to play and fill it up with wonderful new stuff from my stash....

  8. Oh pick me, pick me! I have been wanting to participate in these boxes all summer. lol It just sounds like a fun thing to do but I am not a good stalker so I lost track of them for a bit lol :)

  9. I want to play too!!
    would love to have the Paula Vaughan book :)
    and add more goodies to the box!
    Thanks for the change

  10. I would LOVE to play. What a GREAT idea. Hope I win!!

  11. I've been watching that traveling stash, wishing someday it would make a trip to the chicago lang area :)

  12. Count me in. What is it costing to ship the box?

  13. I'd love a chance to play. I am already thinking about what I could add to the box if it comes my way.

  14. Please, I would love to participate!

  15. Wow this is such a wonderful idea that I would like to play along if I may. I'm a new-ish blogger of 4months, so I hope that is okay? Please and thank you for the chance to play along.


  16. I'd love to have this traveling stash box.

  17. I've never done a traveling stash box! Wonder if it will bring luck like the Traveling Pants! Would love to join this.
    My blog is:

  18. I would love to be a part of this! A box of traveling stash is an awesome idea, and I have a ton of things I could put in. Thanks for the opportunity.

  19. what a great box. I see some things that I would like so I will take a chance.