Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sweet Calm

I have a month until my next show - going over inventory, adding inventory, and some clean-up and re-make of the shop.  This show was canceled last year because of the flood - the complex is almost completely restored with lots of outside volunteers (who have been a huge help to our entire community).  It is nice to see a heritage landmark back as we lost so much.  I hope those in the area spread the word and support this show.

I am working on this month's Jelly Roll Quilt.  I have never done a brick quilt, so thought this super JR 'Simple Marks' by Malka Dubrawsky for Moda with Bella light grey would be perfect.  I was going to put this Jelly Roll up for next year, but I really love this, so just had to play with it now.   A few rows done inbetween other projects - keeping it sweet, keeping it calm.

I shared this tip with Sheila - oh you have to visit her at sewcookandtravel and see her lovely Fire and Rain for the Simply Charming Mini with Konda.  All those tiny HSTs can be intimidating, but put two charms right sides together - draw a line from corner to corner and then opposite corners.  Stitch each side of the drawn lines - I am so glad I have my faithful New Home machine back as I know her sweet spots - just a scant 1/4" -with her I know where I am about 2 threads short of a 1/4".  Cut in half, half again and then cut along the drawn lines.  You get eight 2" HST's - I only had to trim just the dog ears on most, but not all charms are created equal, so a little trimming.  

I had one of our Quilt Guild members send me a few photos she had of the Honor Quilter - Susan Reed - for the past quilt show I vended at.  A few of the pincushions she does.

Lovely quilts with wool applique.  There were a number of these around the room.

And Sue has a passion for redwork, too.  This Christmas corner of her room was just tucked full of things.  Wish I had more, but thankful for the few I could share.


"The sweet calm sunshine of October, now
Warms the low spot; upon its grassy mold
The purple oak-leaf falls; the birchen bough
drops its bright spoil like arrow-heads of gold."

Sewingly Yours,


Sheila said...

Oh my Sharon. Thank you for your sweet comment about my mini, Fire and Rain, made with one of Konda's patterns. I WAS intimidated by those small HSTs. You must have read my mind from about 600 miles away. Your tip got me going. It went together easily after that. I love my little Fire and Rain. Thanks so much.

Sheila said...

Oh. Forgot to say that I enjoyed your quilt pics. Nice brick quilt and fabric collection! A brick quilt is on my list for next year.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

keeping it sweet, keeping it calm and then the almost convince me to be calm....grin.

I sure like the brick look on your jelly roll quilt....someday in my next life I'm going to make one too....or I could just use my next life to finish my UFOs........hee hee.

SewCalGal said...

What fun. I so love craft shows. This one looks like the best of the best.


Lesley said...

Oh what a lovely post to read this morning! Love your pictures...your brick quilt is looking wonderful! And don't I wish I lived closer to go to your show! Thanks for starting my day with lots of inspiration and eye candy! I loved your friend's zig zag quilt...gorgeous!

Dana Gaffney said...

Thanks for the tip on making HST's, I've never seen that before and love the thought of making 8 at once, I'm going to experiment with sizes. Good luck at the show, it sounds like a lot of work and fun.

Denise :) said...

Wow, Sue does lovely work -- especially the redwork! I hopped on over to Sheila's blog, too -- her piece is really quite stunning with that array of color! And a great tip for HSTs, too, I might add!! I'm filing that one away for future reference! :)

Sparky said...

If I was could count on my your friends red many sell large size quilts..

Char said...

I'm also getting ready for a craft show. I love that jellyroll quilt.You are so right about charm squares.
Thanks so much for sharing the items from the show. That red and white quilt is gorgeous!

Sheila said...

I'd love to be closer to attend your show , it promises to be well worth attending . Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts .

Snoodles said...

I'd not seen that tip for the HSTs before....I think I'll grab some of my orphan charms and get started!

Cheryll said...

Good luck with the up coming "show" Sharon. I know you put in a lot of work! :)

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Good luck with the craft show next month. Love the quilt you are working on - such pretty colors and interesting prints.