Thursday, April 30, 2020

Whooping Friday

Another LONG month has passed and I hope that May brings us lots more to look forward to.  Hopefully drier,warmer weather will bless us.  I look forward to flowers and even the bees.

 I plan to keep working thru that plastic tote.  Small projects with quick finishes.  I'm using up the orphan blocks and block units first.  These few double 4-patch blocks made a nice table topper.

Not sure if this was the original plan for these units, but another quick table topper made.

These units were pinned together  with bits and pieces of left overs - not enough to stretch it so I added just a little bit of my own to finish up a small table runner. 

Two sheets of Civil War samples and I have a plan for them.  AND steady my heart!  1" strips sewn together for a 'little' bit of play.

Moe came to help with (rearranging) layout while I was chaining away.  That's OK as I am giving him lots of extra attention as he is feeling pain.  My poor Bella has been having more severe seizures and in poor health.  We are keeping an eye on her, but Moe senses the possible loss of a dear friend - even if she did show him often that she was the BOSS.

Stay Safe and Healthy,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. Oh, I send you heaps of love as the pets ail, not a good time to be ill for anyone, far less the ones who can only talk with their eyes and tails.XXXX

  2. Oh no. Hugs and kisses to Bella and Moe. Looks like you have some nice projects going on. Small projects get me revved up again to tackle bigger ones.

    1. that is the way I view small projects too, starters for my inactivity!

  3. So sorry your Bella is not doing well, give Moe an extra hug. Small project finishes are good things.

  4. I always look forward to reading about your sweet kitties. It makes me sad to hear that they are ailing physically and emotionally. The tabletoppers look great.

  5. Purrs for Bella. Pets for Moe.

  6. Sorry to hear that Bella is ailing. Isn't it amazing how animals have a sixth sense when storms are brewing, whether meteorological or emotional. Glad you are keeping busy with lots of little projects to clean out the scraps (well some of them anyway).

  7. Is April finally over! It has been a long one. I've been crazy piecing for a week now and haven't even looked up. LOL!! Looks like you have been crazy busy too. Sending my best your your fur babies. HUGS!

  8. Some lovely finishes, and great plans afoot.
    What a sweet kitty to help you like that.
    It's not nice when our pets are ill. (((Hugs)))

  9. Wonderful finishes,,great use of orphan blocks. I hope Bella is ok and Moe obviously likes to help you. 😁

  10. So sorry to hear about your kitty not doing well. I think Moe's arrangement is just fine.

  11. Our pets can sense our moods and our health. Lots of great finishes for you.

  12. I so agree....hoping that this new month will bring lots of nice weather and time outdoors. I'm so sorry that the fur babies are struggling.