Monday, April 20, 2020

Monday Making

Half of the quilt is together and I am loving how this looks.  If these were larger blocks and all Civil War prints I would sew them block to block or even on point.  BUT, with this brighter mix I am going with a full sashing setting.  It's a little more time consuming, but I think it sets these found HSTs off so nicely.

Today I will finish up the row sashes and get the other half together and hopefully then, join the two halves.  A skinny light border around and then I have pulled some fabrics to audition for a final larger border.  I will push myself thru those borders as I want to have this completed before I start on anything else.  

And yes, on Wed, Thurs, and Fri. we had snow.  The valley didn't get as much as the mountain communities - BUT IT"S APRIL!  We've warmed up and the sunshine has taken most of this away.

However, the cold did a number on the daffodils.  I was so happy to see large clusters of these (I had all white ones), but for such a short time.

The tulips just starting to come out and I hope they are hardier.  These are rescue or free planted (squirrels and chippers) bulbs.  I have to thank my neighbors for these.

AND the next generation quilter!  With the extended 'pause' for NYS, my daughter is teaching her daughter to quilt.  A new scrap quilter - love it.  This is the little bug I made the Unicorn Quilt for.

Keep Safe and Healthy,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. The concentration cutting with the large scissors , but after this is over, a delight to have a finish right there. Small is wonderful, both the tiny quilt and the curly haired little girl.

  2. Your HSTs look amazing.
    The little quilter is concentrating very hard. She will be an expert in no time, with two lovely ladies to inspire her.

  3. I love how this quilt is coming together--so pretty...
    Oh your little cutie pie is so sweet concentrating on her quilting...
    ~ ~ ~ waves under emerging sun...Julierose

  4. Loving your half square triangles quilt. Wow snow in April, I hope the spring flowers cope ok. Look at the concentration on that young one!! Great to see.

  5. Love your soon to be quilting buddy. Such determination in that picture. Great hst quilt. You always seem to have a magic wand making those quilt parts come together

  6. She is a real cutie! Love the next generation to love scraps. As much as I hate sashing, you setting for these blocks is perfect. Looks great!

  7. These blocks look awesome with the sashing! What a great scrap quilt you are making! And so happy to see youngsters learning about quilting!

  8. I love your found triangles quilt. What a sweet picture of your granddaughter. Also, I love that I can picture your place in my mind. Sorry about the snow and the daffodils. We are gloomy again today, but we had a beautiful day of sunshine yesterday.

  9. Like the sashing! A new quilter is born😊😊😊

  10. The new generation of quilters are always sooo very CuTe...
    Love your quilt and I definitely agree it looks gorgeous with sashing between blocks... xox

  11. Your daffodils look like mine did on Saturday. Love the quilt - HST have so much versatility!

  12. As a new quilter, she will appreciate that unicorn quilt even more.