Friday, April 24, 2020

Whooping Friday

All of the Sawtooth Stars are now done.  A mix of black, blue, brown, purple, and pink.

I used the red and green in the ladder blocks.  Now there is no stress in laying out these blocks and not getting 'like' blocks next to each other.

The messy shelf got cleaned up as well.  As I was looking at all this I just wasn't feeling the bow tie block.  I may make some bags and wristlets or some table runners.  A few small projects work into the schedule at this time and give some much needed gratification as well.

I admire all you people out there sharing you bread baking.  I LOVE fresh bread, but I will leave it to the folks that are good at making it.  Supporting our local shops is very important at this time.  BUT for FUN......

Stay Safe and Healthy,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. Lol love the cat fun.
    Your blocks are nice. Cant wait to see what you make. I too stop every now and then for a project like bags or runners. It seems to rejuvenate me.

  2. Thanks for the laugh with the purebread cat. I need to find a busy work project to occupy me today while the refrigerator repairman is here.

  3. Your blocks look great. Hubby has been our bread maker, he uses a machine to mix the dough, then pops it into a loaf tin to bake.

  4. Wonderful blocks, love the bread!!